The Making of Moly Barons ~Darkness Becomes Her

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Chapter 3

My mind was foggy once again, and it felt like I was floating, as I started to come out from the deep sleep that the monster had put me under. My eyes drifted up to glance at my captor, one of the most gorgeous men I had ever seen, and the same eyes I’d seen when I was brought here. In my shock, I realized I was being carried and tried to scream for help, but my hands and feet where bound, and mouth was gagged, but I struggled to get free anyways.

“It is useless to fight me.” He said is a deep English accent as his grip tightened to the point that it hurt.

I grunted at the pain and stopped my fight, which made him crack a grin. This wasn’t the type of man I ever would have thought to be a kidnapper. He looked rich, elegant, with nice cloths, styled dark hair that had gray in the temples, and a goatee that matched. But as I looked up at his chiseled jaw, there was something off about his man, and just like the black expensive suit he was wearing, his soul seemed to match.

“It would’ve been more convenient for you to sleep through the ceremony, but now that you’re awake... would you prefer for me to make you sleep again?” He smirked.

I shook my head and he chuckled. “Very well then. Tell me, did you know about your royal blood line?” He asked. But I had know idea what the hell he was talking about, or what difference what that made right now.

“So you didn’t. No matter, to say I’m impressed is enough to tell you just how grand it is. You have blood ties to almost all the royalty of the world, and that make your blood strong enough for the transformation,” he said, but I wasn’t sure if he was assuring me of something, or himself.

see you’re awake; that is a nuisance. It would have been convenient if you’d slept through the ceremony,” he informed me.

A strange woman who was ghostly white stood at the end of the hall holding a massive door open for us. When we walked into the dimly lit room all I saw were books that under the glow of the candles. As walked in further, there was an open space in the middle of this library was an enormous oak table in the center of the room, and that’s where I was being taken.

As we passed this woman I got a good look at her. She seemed young, and was very pretty, except she looked like she had been drained of color, and of life itself. Her long straight hair was stark white and pulled back with a white ribbon. Her eyes were white and there was a silver circle in the center of them, making her irises white; the pupils glowed like you see in an photo, making her look supernatural.

My heart started to beat out of control as I saw a the ghostly woman put a red velvet cloth on the center of the table and smooth it out. Then my mind raced to the obvious conclusion…I was going to be sacrificed.

I screamed kicked and struggled with my captor, even pounded my head on his chin making him grunt and put me on the table. He took my chin in his hand and held it firmly as his eyes bore into mine. “You will be still and quite now!” He growled.

My body stiffened, my voice, gone as I had no control of my body anymore. That seemed to please him as he picked me back up and laid me onto the velvet cloth. He pulled it down to the edge of the table and his eyes roamed over me and his fingers traced the out line of my jaw, and I was unable to do anything about it but flinch.

“Ann, go tell my guest that I’ll be out in a moment. And when you come back, I wanted her cleaned up to perfection Ann.” He informed her.

“As you wish, Marcus,” she acknowledged with a curtsy. Her eyes fell upon me one last time with a look of disgust before she left the room.

When he was sure Ann was gone, this Marcus, leaned over me on the table his hands on either side of my head. His stare was so intense it was terrifying and thought he was going to kill me right then. He scrutinizing me for a minute more, then pulled out a knife. My eyes went wide and my heart started racing once again as I tried to inch away.

He grabbed my calf with his hand and I looked up into his eyes. He shook his head slightly as if he were dealing with a disobedient child and his dark brown turned into an inky black pools, and I couldn’t look away from them. “You will remain calm, and do as you’re told,” He command, and that order rung threw my head.

Unlike the words he had ordered before, my body immediately obeyed his command. My pounding heart started to slow, my body was listening to his demands, even as my mind didn’t want to cooperate. When I tried to move or fight his order a searing pain shot through my head, making it unbearable to think and impossible to move.

“Excellent. Now bird, I’m going to unbind you. You are not to make a single sound, and shall remain in place. Do you understand me?”

I nodded, unable to disobey, and a small smile came to his face as he freed me hands and feet. He looked over my clothing and stripped me of those too. As I lay there on the table in only a bra and panties, his eyes went to normal, and then took in his fill.

He reached out and gently ran his fingers down my arm, then moved over to my bare stomach, where he stopped and glanced up at me with some strange emotion in his eyes. But while his caressed my skin, Anna walked in the room.

Her shoulders tightened and I could see that she was angry that Marcus didn’t stop, or acknowledged her presence. She stood quietly and waited for him to address her, then cleared her throat when he didn’t. “Yes..” He growled at the interruption.

“Marcus, All your guest are here and awaiting your invitation,” she said with a slight bow.

“Even Nicolas?” He questioned.

“Yes. Mr. Fuqua has brought him.” She advised him.

“Perfect. Then I’ll be off to bring them in. That should give you enough time to get her ready to meet their perfect bride.” he chuckled.

She bowed her head as he started to pass, but then took Anna face in his hand and kissed her. “I‘ll be back in three minutes with our guests. Make sure she is ready, my wife,” Marcus ordered, letting go of her face and left.

Anna came to the table and looked down at me with those ghostly white eyes of hers. She had a washcloth and brush in her hands along with some silky white material, and worked quickly to do what was asked.

I wanted to ask her for help, to at least untie me to give me a fighting chance to escape but I still couldn’t talk. But as she brushed out my hair, I knew where I stood with her.

“I’m glad Marcus didn’t want you for his. I won’t share him with anyone else. I already have to deal with that damn Georgie! And if you survive the turning, you’re going to be just like her,” she sneered.

All I took from her was, who was Georgie, and could I get her to help me? With a nod at her finished work, she placed the silken sheet on top of my body, and then a scarf over my eyes terrifying me on what I was going to see next.

Footsteps made their way into the room; that much I could hear. And even though my body on the outside was calm, the inside of me was quaking to the core.

“Come, brothers, she is this way,” Marcus told his company. There were many footsteps now, and a single tear rolled down the side of my face at the horrors that raced through my head of what was going to happen. “That is all, Anna, you may go now,” he dismissed her.

“I’m glad you all came, ” He started. “For we have gathered here tonight to meet the woman that will be your nourishment as well the mother of your children. Now my dear, let’s meet your new masters,” he proclaimed taking the blind from my eyes.

“As you may have already have guessed, my name is Marcus, Duke Marcus Lindsey, of England. And the first of your husbands.

“The one to your left is Ryklin, King of the Elves of Autumn. The one standing next to him is Sir Philip Fuqua from France. A very famous knight who fought with your grandfather on the crusades. Over on the other side of the table is Alexander Calhoun, King of the Scottish Wolf clan. He is a very powerful warrior who knew all of your grandfathers from Scotland.” The man’s eyes squinted at Marcus at that declaration, but Marcus laughed softly. “Yes, all the Kings of Scotland, my friend,” he assured him.

“Last but not least, Earl and Knight, Nicolas Baskerville of England, and my brother in arms. You wouldn’t know it to look at him now but he was once one of the most powerful knights in all of England. He and I knew your great-grandmother, many generations ago: Elizabeth Fitzhenry.” He laughed as he looked at Nicolas’s face. “Yes my friend, this is her granddaughter,” he chuckled.

To my left I saw a tall slender man with long auburn-colored hair that flowed down his back and over his right shoulder like silk. At his temples his hair was braided to keep his long hair out of his face; that’s when I noticed his ears. They were not human, but had a point at the top of them like some of the pictures I’ve seen of fairies or elves.

His skin looked soft and flawless; he shimmered gold from the light in the room. His eyes started out a Kelly green around the outside, then went lighter till they were gold, the gold darker at his iris. It reminded me of the leaves in fall changing their color. He was dressed formally in a dark green velvet jacket with a golden shirt underneath, and a tie the same color as the jacket. On his right hand was a large gold ring with a large ruby. He was utterly beautiful and completely terrifying at the same time.

The man Philip was looking at me intensely with large hazel eyes. He was not as tall as Ryklin, maybe six two, but he was lean and well built. His golden-brown hair was shorter in the back and longer on top, making the brown color more dominant underneath and giving him honey-colored streaks.

His skin was pale and perfect with dimples in his cheeks that you could see even though he wasn’t smiling. He reached out and ran his fingers over my hand, and I flinched. His eyes shot to mine with a startled expression. “She can still move after you tranced her?” he asked.

Marcus shrugged off the question. “Well, she seems to have a strong spirit. Could you expect anything less from the granddaughter of the kings and queens we knew? Besides, didn’t I promise you the best?” he smiled. But the frown remained on Philip’s face.

On the right of me was a man about six six and very muscular. He had a wild look about him, yet he was very clean-cut. His hair was such a dark brown it was almost black. He had it cut very short and it really didn’t fit him at all. The eyes that bore down at me were bicolored, one an electric blue, the other a golden brown. They seemed to glow as he gazed at me, but then I noticed that he also wore a wedding band.

His eyes never left me as his big hand rested on my lower stomach. “Ay canna smell her fertility now, but what happens after the change? Can ye guarantee her fertility then, Marcus?” he questioned.

Marcuse looked up with impatience at his friend. “Alexander, this is one of the main reasons for coming up with this mixture this time. So she can bear your children easily. Believe me when I tell you she is the last of her kind. She has everything that we need for her to be the perfect specimen for all of us. And most importantly, I think she will bond with you easily, my friend. ” This seemed to appease the big man, and he gave a nod as he then took his hand from my stomach.

I had a hard time seeing the last man because he was standing just out of my sight. “Nicolas, please join us,” Marcus sighed.

The man stepped forward, revealing what he looked like. He was about the same size as Philip, but his appearance was more disheveled than his companions’. His jet-black hair looked dull and brittle, neither short nor long but in between with messy waves. When he came to the table I heard him take a deep breath as he gathered his composure. He ran his fingers through his hair, pushing it back from his face and revealing shocking crystal-blue eyes outlined with long black eyelashes.

He had a long scar that went from under his right ear sideways to his collarbone on that side. He wore nothing expensive like the other, just a white t-shirt and an old worn-looking navy blue pea coat, which hung open and off the frame of his thin body. He was very pale and his smooth skin looked gaunt, like he hadn’t eaten in a while or had been very sick. He looked at the table and did not pay any attention to me like the others had.

Marcus was content as the four joined him. “For a millennium now we have been there for one another, five friends that never should have been. The last hundred and fifty years have been difficult for all of our races, and yet we are still here for one another. We are here today to move forward into a new world, a world where we can once again feed on clean strong blood, have children of our own to carry our names as well as our races into the future. I know that some here think this is ungodly territory that we venture down, but this is how we will survive.” He stated as he looked around the table, and then continued to speak.

“The woman I have brought us today is the last one of her kind. Her blood is very clean, but the reason why she is the last is because of her lineage. I have worked on many humans and for reasons unknown to me, humans that have some royal lineage seem to survive the process of the changing better than those who do not. Her forefathers were the king and queens of England, France, Scotland, and Sweden; for this reason she is perfect for what we need.

“But before we take this journey together, I want to make sure that you all understand that she will be ours and ours alone. Also understand that she will not only belong to each of us, but to the five of us. As long as you can accept that we can move forward with our plans.” He looked around the table for objections.

When no one objected he proceeded. “Now, making a blood wife needs to be done in a particular way. In saying that, please follow the way I instruct you and everything will work out perfectly. Remember, Philip, Nicolas and I are first; when her blood is just about gone I want Alexander to give her his bite on the inner thigh. I’ve found the saliva of werewolves gets into her blood stream quicker from there.

“When Nicolas, Philip and I are done draining her, Ryklin, you need to get your blood in her mouth and into her system immediately. While you’re doing that I will combine our vampire blood into a syringe to be immediately injected into her heart. This way all the toxins from us will start the changing process.” Marcus finished.

“I don’t want to force a woman to bear my child, Marcus. I am desperate, but I won’t go that far. I was under the impression the women you gathered volunteered for this,” Ryklin asked with a shake of his head.

“You needn’t worry about that, Ryklin. When her transformation is complete we will be her masters and she’ll crave to be with us, to make us happy. Bearing your child is what she’ll want to do,” Marcus assured him.

“A mindless creature that will just be a toy to us. So we take her life and turn her into our personal incubator and a vein on tap?” Nicolas demanded.

Marcus seemed used to Nicolas’s objections as he sighed. “My dear friend, you’re always so dramatic. She wont be a toy, more like a pet. We’ll treat her well and she’ll give us what we need and want.”

I couldn’t believe what these monsters had planed for me. But if they thought I was going to be a submissive little wife they can fondle and screw, so I could give birth to their offspring like a dog in heat? They could kiss my American ass!

I tried with all my might to move, to get off the table, ignoring the pain that was shooting through my head and tried to focus. I could move two of my fingers on my right hand and that was good. If they wanted to make me into some mindless twit, I was going to do my damnedest to escape and I didn’t care if they killed me in the process.

“Pardon me but, is she supposed to be able to move her fingers is such a state?” Ryklin asked, staring down at my hand. Three heads shot up and looked to my moving fingers, then to me.

Marcus started to bark orders as I fought for control of my body. “Bugger to hell, Philip, soothe her now! Nicolas, get up here and get ready to start. Alexander, get to the bottom of the table and get ready to bite her when I tell you. Ryklin, when we back away, immediately have the blood ready to go, I don’t care how you do it, just get her to drink it!” he yelled at them.

I was willing myself to move, telling myself I could move. “Ma chérie, stay still, don’t move. Do you understand, don’t move,” Philip told me in a magical voice. When he saw that wasn’t working, and his hazel green eyes darkened, creating the black glossy pools.

But I fought him; I was not going to do what they wanted me to do. Philip looked up amazed. “She’s fighting me. Fils de pute! How’s that even possible?” he asked running his hands through his hair in frustration.

Then Nicolas came into my sight and placed his hand on my cheek. My head flinched at his cool contact, and I heard Alexander swear at my movement. This gaunt sickly man with his piercing blue eyes put his face in front of mine, speaking very calmly to me. “I know you’re frightened, luv, we’re not going to hurt you. But you need to relax,” he soothed.

As I looked into his blue eyes the irises started flowing out, covering them in hypnotic black pools. He was so quiet and calm I didn’t even realize what was happening. He looked to Ryklin, then Marcus. “I’d say we have at most, four minutes.”

Philip stood to my right and Nicolas on the left side of the table. Marcus moved the silk drape as he made his way in between my legs reading himself, as Alexander stood to the left of him waiting for his turn.

“We need to hurry; we need her relaxed for the blood to flow through her properly. Remember after the blood is just about drained, Ryklin, give her your blood and Alexander, your bite,” said Marcus to the men around me while I tried to struggle from the unseen bonds that kept me in place.

“We need to hurry. Nicolas, Philip, are you ready?” Marcus asked in a rushed voice.

“Oui.” Philip positioned himself.

“Nicolas, we’ve gone through this time and time again. We’re here, let’s get this done with,” he told him, then he sighed. “You’re starving, man. Isn’t it frustrating to drink and never have your thirst be quenched? Aren’t you tired of starving every day?” Marcus asked.

Nicolas looked at his friend, and after a moment’s pause answered him. “Yes, I’m ready.”

Tears went rolling down my cheeks as I looked at this sickly man who looked like he wanted to be no part of this. He stared down at me with sorrow on his face and pleaded with him with my eyes. But then, he shook his head no, ever so slightly.

“Excellent!” Marcus exclaimed.

Philip took my wrist, and then placed his other hand near the top of my head. His soft hair fell along the side of my cheek. Cool lips went to the side of my throat, when something sharp touching my skin, waiting for the command.

Nicolas grabbed my wrist and followed suit with Philip. But before he put his lips on my neck he whispered softly in my ear, “I’m so sorry. Please forgive me for what I’m about to do.” Then I felt the same sharp points.

“Gentlemen, get ready,” Marcus told them and took my leg in his hands. Tears started falling rapidly down the side of my face, and I closed my eyes when Marcus yelled, “Begin!”

Sharp pain shot through both sides of my neck and my thigh and I tried to scream out in pain. I could feel the pull of them taking my blood and hear the sound of them swallowing it as well. My head became fuzzy as they kept up their assault.

I wanted them off me now! My right hand balled into a fist, causing Philip to pause only for a second and tightened his hold. They were so strong, there was no way for me to move let alone fight. I could feel my life draining away from me with every pull of blood they took. My vision now was faltering, as the black tunnel engulfed me.

Marcus removed his fangs from my thigh and shouted “Now!” to the other two.

Nicolas and Philip released my neck, but Philip kept a tight hold on my wrist. “Keep hold of her wrist, Nicolas!” he instructed.

Nicolas nodded, but I got that hand into a fist and tried to break free. “Bloody hell, we’re on two minutes mates!” he growled.

Ryklin jumped on the table and straddled me, and pinning my arms down with his knees. He sliced open his wrist with a strange wooden dagger and the sucked his blood into his mouth. With his free hand he open my mouth he leaned down and put his lips on mine, pushing the blood into me.

When I refused to swallow, the knife dropped from his hand and he pinched my nose. The liquid poured down the back of my throat as he made sure he gave me all of his blood.

While this was happening, Alexander got in between my legs and pushed up the silk drape. He bent his head down to my innermost thigh and kissed the tender spot.

“Bloody hell Alexander, don’t fondle her, bite her!” Marcus roared.

He growled at Marcus, then bit into my thigh. The three vampires were to my left with Marcus, where he had a vial with a long syringe on it in his hand. Each vampire used his fangs to cut open his wrist and bled into the vial.

When I thought it could get any worse… that’s where I was wrong.

When Alexander bit into my thigh he let his hands start drifting into my private places. He skimmed over the silken fabric, caressing my feminine area and making me wet even though I didn’t want to be. His thumb found the rim of my panties and moved them out of his way. I could feel his tongue licking me where his mouth had clamped down upon my thigh.

His fingers drifted under the fabric and started teasing my nub right before he slipped his fingers inside me. My eyes went wide with shock, and I started choking on the blood being forced down my throat as he stroked me.

I started coughing and Ryklin sat up, trying to let me catch my breath, but not aware of what was going on. There was a howl and Ryklin was yanked backwards. But as he was pulled off me, his fingers changed into ashy gray color with crystals, and dug deeply in to my inner thigh down to my knee. The gash crackled and smoked as I screamed at the top of my lungs.

The pain was so much more intense than the pain in my head, it broke the invisible bindings that kept me in place. I got myself to sit up to try to escape, only to witness one of the most terrifying sights I’d ever seen.

Alexander was no longer a man, but a werewolf, and staring at me. A shiver ran down my spine as I tried to inch my way back, but I was so weak from the loss of blood that I knew deep down I was at his mercy.

He grabbed my leg, pulling me down the table to where he could easily get to me. He had already taken out his manhood and I realized that he had further intentions for me. My panties were torn from my body as he grabbed the backs of my knees, pulling me down.

His tip was right at my opening as our eyes met, mine full of terror and his out of control, and then he surged inside of me. He took me with such force it felt like he was going to break me in half. I screamed in pain, while a moan escaped him.

“Get off me! Get him off me! Get off me! God no! Please!” I cried out, trying to push him off with what little strength I had left. I clawed at his face, but he grabbed my hands and held them over my head as he kept penetrating me.

There was a rush of Ryklin, Philip, and Nicolas as they tried to pull him off me, but he was mad with lust. Ryklin tried to reason with the beast. “We need to put the blood in her heart! Snap out of it, Alexander!” he roared.

Without stopping, Alexander grabbed Ryklin’s face with his big pawed hand and shoved him so hard he went flying across the room and into a wall. Marcus swore, grabbed something I couldn’t see and went charging towards him.

Alexander looked down at me with his bicolored eyes that were now glowing. “Mine!” he roared, as he bit the curve of my neck.

“No!” shouted Nicolas as I screamed, clawing anywhere I could get my hands on, then he came inside me.

Marcus slammed something into the back of Alexander’s head with such force it knocked him unconscious. His big body fell on top of me, knocking the air out of my lungs.

“Get him off her,” I heard someone say.

When they picked him up the air came rushing back. But I was feeling so sleepy that I could barely keep my eyes open. All I wanted was to sleep this nightmare away.

“Stay awake, luv! Come on now, we’re almost there, just hold on now. Damn it, Marcus, do something,” Nicolas yelled.

Marcus ran and grabbed the vial and syringe with the their blood and pushed Nicolas out of the way. He raised his hands over his head, and slammed it into my heart.

The impact woke me up and reached to pull out whatever was causing the pain in my chest. Nicolas and Philip grabbed my hands and pinned them down and I squirmed under their grip. “Hold her still Damn it. I need to get this into her or all will be lost,” Marcus growled.

Someone came and held down my legs as Nicolas and Philip held my arms in place. Then all I felt a heavy pressure in my heart when he started pushing the blood into me.

I slammed my head against the table to get their attention and Three sets of eyes looked at me. “You better hope I die, because I’m going to make you pay for what you’re doing to me,” I seethed at them with all the malice I felt.

Marcus stopped only for a second, then continued pushing every last bit of blood into me. My chest felt cold, the bite on my thigh burned, and my stomach tossed and turned; the feeling of nausea was overwhelming. Then my body was taking over by the feeling of pins and needles.

“Let her go, gentlemen, we’ll know in about an hour if she’ll survive the change or not.” Marcus told them as he pulled the needle from my chest.

They let go of me, and I gathered myself into a ball but the pain was unbearable. I laid there for a long time gasping for breath while swirling mixture of fire and ice ran up and down my body, scorching me one minute, then razor-sharp cold searing me the next. My heartbeat was slow but steady; thump…thump…thump could still be heard.

Philip walked up to me, putting his hand on my sweaty forehead and wiping something off my face. He bent down and looked into my eyes while petting me. I didn’t blink or flinch from his touch like I had earlier because I couldn’t, the pain was to bad . “She hasn’t moved in a while. Should we be worried?” he asked, glancing over at Marcus.

“We only need to be worried if she isn’t breathing.” He mused. He sat far back in a dark corner, but I could see him.

Philip moved as Nicolas bent down so we were eye to eye. He looked like a totally different man. His sickly gaunt face was now filled out, and his skin, though still pale, looked healthy; even his raven-black hair had a shine to it. This man in front of me was so beautiful it hurt to look at him.

“He marked her. Now wherever she goes everyone will know what he’s done. This puts her life at great risk,” he told the others.

“Oui…we’re going to have to hide her now,” Philip agreed.

“Alexander sends his apologies. He doesn’t know what came over him, but something about her made him lose control. It’s best if he stays away for a while,” Ryklin said as he walked in and glanced at Nicolas. “You look like a new man,” He chuckled, then felt him touch my neck. “He did mark her harshly, didn’t he? But I’ve never seen Alexander act that way, ever. There is something so different about her, isn’t there,” Ryklin mused.

“Did you notice how strong her scent was all over Alexander, but I barely smell him on her now? If I didn’t see the mating bite on her neck, I would never know that he claimed her.” Nicolas replied.

“Marcus, is that normal? I mean, she is supposed to keep her human qualities, c’est vrai?” Philip questioned.

Marcus got up from his seat and walked over to run his hand over my head and tilted my face to his. “Well, there have been oddities that have happened with some of the women. But nothing that I couldn’t handle, or help the masters of these particular women to handle.” he informed them.

“And what precisely does that mean?” Nicolas asked.

“To put it mildly, some women absorbed some of their master’s abilities and became not as…complacent as I hoped they would be. Losing some of the human qualities we hope for.” He answered running his thumb over my lips.

“Bloody hell, man. What have you got us into?” Nicolas accused.

“What have I gotten you into? Look at you; you’re well. You don’t look like a bloody zombie anymore. Let me ask you this: are you thirsty since you drank from her? Are any of us thirsty?” Marcuse asked looked around to his friends.

The four of them glared at Marcus knowing that his vagueness was always the lead up to a catastrophe.


Nicolas, Philip, and Ryklin never moved from my side, while Marcus seemed bored with the whole procedure. I turned my head to stare at him, wishing him to hell with every shallow breath I took. When our eyes met, the boredom that he was portraying to the others I could tell right away was false. He was worried, and that made me crack a small smile, causing his eyebrows to rise in surprise.

Ryklin sat back, looking at something on my thigh. Nicolas had his head on the table, his hand near mine; Philip was on the other side of me. He smiled down at me, moving the sweat-soaked bangs on my forehead with his hand once again. “Something’s happening,” Philip announced as his hand went over my heart.

My heart thumped a weak beat, then one more, after that last one I felt it struggle to beat, then collapse. With its last shudder all the breath I had in my lungs escaped me, as I stared at the man who’d brought me into this nightmare. His dark eyes stared intensely back at me, never moving from his position. Then my body gave its last shudder, and my eyes closed.

I thought when you died there would be angels, or the tunnel with a bright white light everyone talks about, maybe an out of body experience. But this was not how it was going to be for me. Because this wasn’t going to be my death, it was my rebirth.

A warmth spread throughout my chest and into my heart. It grew and became immense, like an infection had taken intensifying, pulling at my heart until the pain grew so strong I could feel my back lifting up off the table and the pain crashing down upon me like a sword piercing my heart. I collapsed back on the table, sucking air into my lungs and my eyes snapped open as my body shuddered violently.

“Well, gentlemen, I think our girl here is going to make it,” Marcus said easily.

He got up from his chair and walked over to where everyone was standing. Ryklin walked over and leaned against the table next to him, folding his arms over his chest. “What precisely just happened? And why are you worried? Do not tell me you’re not, I know you all too well for that, Marcus,” he asked him, skepticism dripping from his voice.

“Why do you always think the worst of me? Every time this is done, the outcome is different. I looked very hard for this one for us, and for the briefest moment I thought she might be lost. So yes, I was worried, but that is the only reason,” he shrugged, then sighed as no one spoke. “Come, let’s celebrate. We should really let her rest. Let me bring her into her room, then we can discuss who is going to have her first, lads,” he laughed, slapping Nicolas’s back.

Marcus’s arm was next to me and latched onto it and pulled him to me. “I told you, you better hope I died. Because now you will pay,” I whispered to him, then collapsed back to the table, releasing my grip.

Marcus stumbled away as I let go of his arm. He was staring at me in utter amazement, while the others looked at me in shock when someone entered the room.

“Anna, have Archie show my friends to the dinner hall, would you please. Then accompany me to take Molly to her room. Thank you.”

“This way if you please.” Anna smiled, but glance over at Marcus with concern.

“Gentlemen, please, I’ll be down in just a moment. Please don’t hesitate to start without me,” Marcus offered, and they did as he wished without a word.

When everyone left he let out a sigh of relief. I turned my head to look at him. His hands were on the table as he hunched over right next to my head, gazing at the floor, then looked at me and frowned.

“You cannot be like her, I won’t accept that! I’ve waited too bloody long for you!” he growled angrily. When his eyes met mine they went quickly to black pools. “You are mine, do you hear me? I made you. I own you. You will be submissive to me and do whatever you’re told to do, and like it! Do you hear me?!” he growled. But this time the black pools didn’t work, and I turned my head away.

“Bloody, buggering to hell!” he screamed out, running his hands over his face in frustration.

“Marcus, what is going on?” Anna asked as she walked back into the room.

He picked me up from the table, settling me into his arms, and headed out of the library and into a massive hall, with Anna trailing behind him.

“Where’s Georgie?” he asked her, walking fast with long strides.

“She’s still in her room. Why, what has happened?” she asked, trying to keep up with his pace. Anna grabbed his arm, making him stop in the hall. “Why are you so worried? You’re frazzled, I can see it, so please tell me why.”

“I was a part of the ceremony tonight, and everything that could go wrong, did. Her change was like Georgie’s, in fact I would dare say she is Georgie’s twin. If these two get together it could become very messy for me,” He explained hugging me closer to him.

“How could you do that to me? I give you everything that I am, and now you make yourself a new bride? Why?” She asked looking hurt and betrayed.

Marcus walked closer until he was right upon her. “Do not forget who is the master here, Anna. I don’t need to seek your permission for anything. I have two women now that won’t listen to me; I won’t tolerate such behavior from you!” he warned.

She stood looking at him, then nodded in acceptance. “Good, then follow me.” He rushed down the hall until we stood by a massive white door. She opened it with a large key she had in her pocket, and turned on the light.

The room was decorated in feminine colors. The whole thing was cream colored, from the carpets and draperies to the lush furnishings. A huge bed sat in the center of the room. It was lined with frothy cream fabrics, silk pillows and an enormous billowy canopy going over the top. This apparently was supposed to be my new home, a bedroom, and then I knew what Marcus had in mind for me.

My head fell against his shoulder as sleep began to overtake me. “Get me a washcloth and some cool water,” he ordered. Anna paused, then did as she was asked. When she placed the bowl down on the nightstand then turned down the cover and then waited.

“You may go now,” he said to her dismissively. She ignored him and stayed next to the bed. “I said you may go, Anna,” he ordered coldly. “Do I need to clarify your position again? Or do I need to do something about it?”

Tears welled in her white eyes and spilled over. “As you wish, Marcus,” she whispered. She brushed by him and walked towards the door.

“Oh, Anna. Tell my guests I will only be a minute more.” He grinned placing me on the bed. He pulled the covers, and with the washcloth in hand started to wash off my face.

“Don’t try to speak. To die and be reborn in a night is a lot for anybody to go through.” He soothed.

When his task was finished he gazed down at me with his dark penetrating eyes. A hand trailed down my neck, then he leaned in and kissed me. He deepened the kiss but growled when I lay there unresponsive to his touch.

He stopped the kiss and chuckled. “No matter you'll get used to my touch soon enough. But for now need your rest and I need to deal with my friends. Sleep well bird.” he whispered. He kissed my lips one last time before he stood and the door shut behind him while I fell into a deep dark sleep.

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