The Making of Moly Barons ~Darkness Becomes Her

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Chapter 4

As Marcus made his way to the door of the great hall, he smoothed back his hair and straightened his dress shirt. No sense in not looking put together, especially for all the bloody questions that were going to be tossed at him.

When he stepped into his large study, three sets of eyes turned in his direction. Nicolas sat forward at Marcus’s desk. “Ah, so the man of the hour decided to join us. Don’t you think him admirable for his appearance?” He asked at the others.

“Sarcasm does not become you, Nick. Now why don’t we get these nagging questions out of the way, so we can move on to better topics?” Marcus said, as he strolled in.

“Oh sod off! What the hell have you gotten us into this time, Marcus? You can say any ol’ thing you want. But we know when you’re giving us a bloody scam. There was something more to this, and by damn we want to know what it is,” Nicolas fumed.

“Well, truth be told, I did this for you. That’s what I told you and that was the truth. Did I have my own motives in this little game? Would I be me, if I didn’t?” Marcus answered lighting a cigarette.

Ryklin stood with his arms crossed and shook his head at Marcus answer. “My entire kingdom hung in the balance of ever decision I make. So tell me, were the other changings so fast and unorganized? Or was that purely for our ‘pleasure,’ seeing this woman get brutally raped, and then you kill her?” He growled.

“No, that was a first for even me.” Marcus admitted taking a seat.

“None of this was what we discussed. A woman who volunteered herself for our purposes is what I expected. What I saw tonight was a woman who was forced into this life. This was an immense risk for me, Marcus.” Ryklin argued.

“There was something more to it then that, something was off, I can feel it. You told us, if I am correct, that she would bond only to us. That these human women would want to be part of our world, and they would be ours... Oui?” Philip clarified.

“But that’s not what happened tonight, is it. When her heart started to beat again, I felt pulled to her. The way Alexander’s scent was hardly on her anymore. Now is the time to tell us the whole truth, Marcus.” Ryklin growled sitting in a chair with his arms crossed.

Marcus remained quite to the accusations, and that told Nicolas all that he needed to know... all the observations that they had, they had been correct.


I woke from a deep sleep with sweat pouring from my body. I could see the outline of the unfamiliar bed where I’d slept in and then my hand quickly went to my chest to make sure I still had a heart beat.

The covers slipped down as I sat up, and I realized that I was naked. It felt like some of my strength had come back so I pulled the sheet free and wrapped myself in it. Taking a deep breath, I put my feet on the floor and tried to stand. My legs felt pretty stable as I took small steps, not wanting to stray too far from the bed for support.

My vision on the other hand completely out of whack, almost like I had on children’s play glasses that distorted the world around me. I could make out a dresser, and hoped that those monsters at least left me some damn cloths to wear.

I Made my way over my sight changed again, and the distortion was gone, now everything was completely blurry. I rubbed my palms into them, hoping it rub the problem away, but when I opened them again, I couldn’t see.

Panic hit as I dropped to the floor. I wanted to scream out for help, but was to afraid to. The last thing I wanted was anybody knowing that I was awake. So I bit my lip and sat there in blindness, contemplating my next move. Slowly my vision came back to me, but even then, it was different.

What was once dark, was now bright and clear. There was total clarity as my eye gathered light from every nook of the dark room letting me see. I got up from the floor, and went to the dresser that and went through every damn drawer there was, but there was nothing. “Damn it, am I supposed to just walk around naked!” I hissed, slamming the drawer braking it.

“What the hell is happening to me?” I whispered as I looked down at my hand in shock.

On the opposite was I saw drapes and thought maybe there was some way to find an escape, I walked over and opened them. Thinking it was still night out, I was surprised to see the sun shining. I pushed back the drapes and leaned on the window frame, soaking it up the sunshine, when I could hear footsteps coming my way.

The door opened and I was rushed by a new sensation of smells, making me close my eyes and get my nerves in check. “I see you’re up, that’s very good. You’ve been asleep for over a week now and I was becoming concerned. How are you feeling?” Asked the man.

“Do you really want to know the answer to that?” I snapped. Then turned to see the elf, Ryklin, stand there seeming unable to speak at the sight of me. “What am I that disgusting now?” I growled, and I mean growled, literally.

“No, there is absolutely nothing disgusting about you. In fact, it’s the exact opposite.” He assured me.

“I need clothing.”

“Yes, I’ll have some brought to you immediately. ” He answered, but didn’t leave.

“What?” I hissed, trying to keep this anger and aggression in check. I heard him take a step towards me and my head snapped in his direction.

“Nothing, I wanted to only tell you that there is a bathroom with everything that you require for a shower, if you’d like. So, I’ll leave you in peace to get clean up and there will be fresh garments for you to wear when you’re out.” He grinned with a small bow. When he looked back up his stare become predatorily and a strong aroma drifted into the room. His eyes went wide for some reason, and he took a step back, then he left room.

It felt like I was walking on pillows and a shower sounded really good at the moment. I wanted to get the sent of the man who raped me off of my body. I walked into a enormous bathroom and the elf was right; there was everything that I could possibly want in there.

I picked dropped the sheet and picked up a bar of soap, when I turned around and scream at what I saw in the mirror. Teal-blue eyes gazed back at me, but they were no longer mine. I didn’t know whose they were, but they were so teal, so blue; they glowed.

I took a step closer staring at what should have been my face, but now someone different looked back at me. My skin was milky white, but had a rosy glow to my pale skin, my bones were sharper, more defined; even my ears had a a slight point to them. My lips were redder, fuller, and my hair was my thicker and waved down my back with a mixture of colors. Thick golden-honey bands, stark white, and ebony strands mixed into my once chestnut color.

My body was leaner; I wasn’t muscular but firm. Anything that had a little meat on it was now tight. I opened up my towel and saw ripples on my stomach. Then I saw the gashed on my thigh, it was deep, the skin had been gray and cartelized. That’s when I saw the bite on my neck.

My hand trembled as I felt the uneven skin of the bite. I looked so unearthly that it frightened me. I could feel this anger burning deep in the pit of me, something was not right, and the metal tether that was helping me keep control of my emotions... that was about to break.

I grabbed onto the counter, breathing through the absolute furry that coursed through my body. I needed to pull myself together, I need to understand what was happening to me, and how this was even possible.

I walked out of the bathroom and saw fresh clothes on the bed, but no food. Damn it, I was so hungry... but wasn’t hunger or thirst? Yes, I was thirsty, but there was more to it then that, it was a thirst that was beyond a painfulness I couldn’t even put into words.

That ghostly woman Anna, came into the room with a trade of food. She glared over at me before placing the tray on the bed. I rushed over to the bed and ate everything that was on the tray with gusto, and drank the bottle of water in two gulps, but it didn’t satisfy my thirst; if anything it made it worse. “Can I have something else to drink, please?” I panted.

“Well, aren’t you properly. What would you like?” she asked.

“I don’t know. But I’m so thirsty, and it seemed like the water made it worse. Maybe a Coke?”

“What do you mean, by thirsty? Do you feel like you need something more then a drink?” she questioned.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m thirsty. The water wasn’t satisfying. I thought a soda would help, you know, the carbonation for the stomach,” I offered, trying again to hold in my temper.

She didn’t move, just stood there staring at me. “I don’t think it’s going to help you, but I’ll bring you one just the same.” She smirked.

“Thanks,” I said as she left the room.

I got dressed and about five minutes later she was back with a soda in her hands. She held out the can to me, and I went over and took it from her. As thirsty as I was, I just popped it open and downed it in four gulps.

“I don’t think you should drink it so fast...” She warned.

My stomach turned sharply and I clutched it in pain. “Oh lord,” I moaned as I ran for the bathroom, barely making it before I threw up everything that I had just eaten.

She stood at the bathroom door. I glanced over at her, gathering my breath. “I told you it wouldn’t work.”

“I’m still thirsty,” I mumbled.

“Get yourself ready. The master is coming. He wants to bring everyone to meet their new bride,” she hissed.

I looked up from the toilet, not wanting to move too much because my stomach was still turning. “You have a problem with me?” I hissed.

“Yes I do. You’re not supposed to be here. You were meant for the others, not Marcus, he’s mine!” She screamed.

“Well, you can have him. I sure in hell don’t want him, or any of them for that matter!” I shouted back, making the porcelain started to crack under my grip. I lifted up my hands and looked at the rim of the toilet.

“I told him you would be like her. That you would be nothing but trouble. But I really didn’t care what you were as long as you weren’t his problem,” she snarled.

“What do you mean by that? Who am I like? And what am I exactly?” I snarled getting up from the ground and staled towards her.

“It’s not my place to say. I just wanted to make sure we were clear on the boundaries with Marcus. I will not share him with you too,” she stammered as she backed away.

I was out of the bathroom now and she was halfway to the door. “So tell me, Anna, who is the other woman you have to share him with?” I asked as she backed away from me.

Anna stopped right next to the door, ready to exit. “I am his number one. You are nobody to him!” she screamed, and then ran to the door.

“Well, it seems that now I’m the important one, wouldn’tcha think? I mean the way he held me last night, it was like he couldn’t get close enough,” I grinned, making sure I hit the soar spot I was aiming for.

She gasped at my words. “You bitch.”

“I never said I wasn’t” I chuckled.

“Marcus will be up shortly… So be ready,” she seethed, and slammed the door behind her.

My body felt so different it was unnerving. I fell back on the bed and sighed. “Who the hell would want to have that British devil in the first place?”

“I think the same thing to myself every single day.” A high pitched voice informed me.

I bolted up and saw a petite woman with pale porcelain skin, and long blond hair bouncing on her tip toes at the edge of the bed. “Who are you?” I asked.

“Who me, I’m Georgie. I’m, well, kind of like your cousin in a way.” She smiled coming to sit next to me on the bed.


“Yup, we share some ancestry on the English side. Say, you sure have a unique look about you. Your hair is so pretty with all those colors in it. And I didn’t think eyes could glow…but yours do. What did Marcus use on you? Vampire of course, that’s what he is, but what else?” She asked with a tilt of her head.

“Um, I think an elf, and werewolf.”

“Ah, that would explain it,” she giggled.

“What about you?”

“Marcus thought it would be fun for him and two dragons to make me. But let me tell you what…they’re not having fun with me anymore,” she whispered, then started laughing out loud. I chuckled, not crazy like she was, but a little chuckle to appease her.

“I knew I was going to like you. When I heard he found another one like me I just had to wait for them to find you, and I’m so glad I did,” she grinned.

“How long have you been here?” I asked her, thinking of my own situation as well.

“Well, they made me two years ago, and about a year ago I understood the full potential I had with my new body and mind, so I was going to leave this place,” she explained with a shrug.

“Why didn’t you leave then?”

“Marcus likes to show off his work… because that’s what we are to him. We’re his creations, brought to life to make their world better.

“I was brought to many places when he was selling what we are to other vampire and things, when I met people. People who were willing to help me escape. But I told them that Marcus scout found you, and they found he was making a third wife. So they asked me if I’d wait... so I did.”

“What, you’re Marcus wife too?” I stammered.

“Yup, me you, and Anna. She’s a complete bitch by the way.” She giggled.

“Yeah, I already gathered that. But you stayed, for me?”

“Of course I did. You’re the only family I have left. Marcus hates me because I can still think for myself; he’s says he’s broken our bond already. So I’m really just the dragons now.”

“And Anna?”

“Well she’s different then us. She was made earlier, I think she was his first experiment with what we are.” She explained.


“But now that you’re here, I’ll get a message to some friends of mine and then I’ll give you the scoop when we can leave.” She told me jumping from the be. “Oh, one other thing. You need to be an obedient little pet. I know it’s going to be hard to let these guys have their way with you...”

“What!” I gasped.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.”

“Why in the hell would I do that?” I growled.

“Because we’re different from the others that Marcus and his friends have made. We can still think for ourselves, most of us have powers like our makers. The others, They have no mind of their own. They follow their ‘husbands’ around like little lost puppies, doing whatever they’re told. It’s disgusting, I’m telling you.” She snapped.

“Then what do you want me to do?” I asked.

“Nothing. Just be a good little wife and give no lip or any reason for them not to trust you. You know Marcus found out about some of the things I can do with my gifts, and let’s just say that that scared the shit out of him. I think that might help you too.” She winked wearing a devious smile.

“I don’t know if I just let strangers touch me. And when their around, I get this anger inside of me, it feels like I’m going out of control when it hits. I’m afraid, well, I’m afraid I could hurt somebody.”

“That’s good, it means your gifts are coming. Just keep it in check and keep me up dated on it.” She winked. She opened he door peaking out into the hallway then gave me a quick wave before he shut the door and was gone.

“I’m in a deranged, madder then shit, Alice in Wonderland book! This is crazy, totally, crazy!” I ranted, falling back onto the bed with my arm going over my eyes.

How could I play a mindless twit and make it seem real, especially after this morning? Marcus already had some clue that I was different than what he expected, so I couldn’t go all lovey with them all of a sudden. So how could I swing this to make it work to my benefit?

“Maybe acting scared at everything they do and say would work.” I murmured. I was about to prepare the acting performance of my life... I just hoped it wasn’t going to be my last.

It had been hours since I’d seen anything or anyone when Anna walked in, giving me a look of contempt. “Marcus wanted you to wear this.” She hissed throwing a silk purple dress on the bed.


“Just put it on, I need to do your hair and makeup before he comes up to get you.”

I swallowed the smart-ass remark that almost came out, took the dress into bathroom. It had a deep v-neck in front that exposed a lot of cleavage. It hugged my waist and hips, then fell to the floor with a slit that ran up the left side, reaching the top of my thigh. Wow, he gave me a slut dress; I guess I knew my place now.

When I was done, I went and sat down so she could do her work. Neither of us spoke, and when she finished, she abruptly left without a single word. I think me acting scared, and vulnerable was going to be easer then I thought it was going to be.

I stood looking out the window my mind running wild with thought and planes, that I didn’t even hear the door open. “Well, don’t you look lovely this evening,” A deep voice said from behind.

I quickly turned to see his eyes wonder over, my now covered, body and chuckled. “But I don’t recall the dress that I told Anna to bring being a sheet. But if you prefer to give me the impression that you’re ready for bed, well that’s fine bird.” he said with hand his under with a radiant smile.

How can you hate someone and find him attractive all at the same time? I don’t know, but it is possible, believe me. But I needed to play this right if I was going to get into his good graces...

“You look very nice as well,” I forced a smiled.

With that statement, his eyebrow lifted up and he chuckled at me. “It seems that you plan to play nice this evening, bird. Can it may be you’ve made some sort of decision to be reasonable?”


He walked around me, took the sheet in his hands and gently loosened it from my clutching fingers. It fell to the floor as he moved feeling his tux on my exposed back causing me to shiver.

He quickly clasped my wrists and pulled me to him, wrapping my arms around my body and holding me close. “What game are you playing, Molly? I know you’re not like the others. Please tell me you don’t think me that incompetent to tell the difference between a woman who has her senses, and one who doesn’t?” he whispered in my ear. But I could still hear the threat in it. I shook my head to answer his question. “Good, then what are you about?”

“Nothing, I’m hoping if I cooperate you’ll at least keep me safe from the man who raped me. I know my situation now, I’ve seen myself in the mirror; I look different. That means I can never go home to my family,” I let slip out.

“Are you planning an escape, bird?” He growled, as his grip tightened.

“No, what I’m saying is, I know I can never go home, that’s why I’m not going to bother to try. I’m petrified of the big man, but the one with the blue eyes, Nicolas, he said none of you wanted to hurt me, just tell me that he was telling the truth,” I whispered, revealing more of my fear than I wanted to.

He let go of me and turned me around so our body’s were close. His chocolate brown hair had been combed back, giving him a sophisticated look, but those eyes, deep dark brown eyes, when they down into mine, it was passionate. “None of us will ever harm you again. Which includes Alexander, or I will kill him myself. That much I can promise you.”

He took my chin in his hand just like when I first meet him, While his other arm was wrapped around my waist. “I can’t believe how much you changed. You look almost elvish, and your eyes are beautiful and, hypnotizing. There Like the Caribbean Sea set on fire.” He whispered as he gazed.

He let go of me and stepped back, taking in the view.“ At least you’re a woman with some sense. That in and of itself is such a rare find among your gender. Since you’re going to cooperate freely I don’t have to take other measures to produce the same effect. I can’t tell you how pleased I am about that. But let me make myself very clear. Even when I tell you that we won’t hurt you, and believe me, we won’t--if you pull a stunt tonight, especially after what you just told me, I will make sure your stay is very unpleasant. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes, very clear,” I whispered with a slight nod.

“Brilliant, let’s be off to dinner then.” He grinned.

He wrapped my arm around his and lead me from my prison. We walked down a long mahogany hallway with ancient portraits on the walls. Each one I passed and I tried to remember. It could come in very hand for Georgie and mine escape.

Once again I was brought to a massive room, but this time instead of books that surrounded a massive table, it was food with three men watching me carefully. I released Marcus’s arm and took a step back not sure I could play this game that I’d been thrown into.

“Come now, Molly, I thought you said you were going to be gracious tonight? They’re not going to bite, you know. Well, not all of them will bite you.” He chuckled as he stopped my departure and pulled me forward again.

The sheer power was what I felt coming off the men who sat quietly waiting for me. How I could feel such a thing I wasn’t sure, maybe it was just a gut reaction. My chair was pulled out, and as Marcus helped me to my seat, while all three stood.

“Come, gentlemen, let’s sit and enjoy each other’s company. You’re going to frighten her if you just keep standing there staring,” Marcus chuckled.

A woman walked by me as she served dinner and I turned my head to make sure of what I just saw. She was red, ruby red with long black hair pulled into a ponytail. She had black lips, pointy ears, and bright yellow eyes in a beautiful face. Her voluptuous body looked to have been stuffed into her maid uniform.

“Thank you, Olive, that is all for now,” Marcus said, making her bowed before she left the room.

“You know it’s not polite to stare, madame,” Philip chuckled.

I tore my eyes away from the door and looked at him. “Is she real?” I asked.

“Well, she what is referred to as a demon in this world. You’ll have to use some manners and not stare at what you do not understand.” Ryklin scolded, which pissed her off.

“She is not used to this world yet. These are not her normal kin. But I’m sure she’ll grow accustomed to them in time.” Nicolas winked at me.

“Oiu, we will need to work with her so she can properly function in our world,” Philip confirmed.

“So I’m going to be a pet that is going to be let out every once in a while on a leash, then?” I seethed, trying like hell to hold back that new found aggression.

Ryklin leaned over the table and made a steeple with his hands, placing his chin on it while glaring at Marcus. “Pliable and obedient, was it?”

Marcus gave me a stern look and I backed down. “Why don’t you tell your masters what you told me before coming down to dinner? Come now, we’re all waiting.”

“Please just keep me safe from the big man, then I promise to behave. I understand my situation now,” I mumbled as I fought back tears.

“Bloody hell, Marcus! It was not supposed to be like this, this is so wrong” Nicolas fumed. He stood from his place running his hands through his hair. I glanced over at the other two men and they had the same look of dismay in their faces.

“Nicolas, take your seat please. Let’s all of us discuss this and I’m sure we’ll come up with some solutions,” Marcus replied.

Nicolas sat down, looking terribly uncomfortable, when we all heard a blood-curling scream. Marcus got up from the table quickly and started to leave. “If you’ll excuse me,” was all he said as he vanished with inhuman speed.

“So, Molly, tell me some of your interests?” Philip asked with a smile.

“I was a wife and mother,” I whispered, as my head stayed down, not interested in conversation.

“Oui I see. But what I meant was, what do you do for fun?” He asked as his smile faltered and his eyes darted to the door.

Something was different and my head slowly came up. I tried to figure out what was happening but a sudden scent made my mind “I took care of my children and husband…” I murmured lost in the aroma.

“Molly.” Ryklin inquired.

There was something so sweet that my mouth began to water, and then instinctively knew what it was, and I very much…liked it.

“I smell blood.” I breathed, closing my eyes and taking in it’s delicious sent.

“You smell the blood, Molly?” Nicolas asked, but I couldn’t answer.

Then someone cleared his throat to get my attention. “Molly, Nicolas is asking you a question. Can you smell the blood?” Ryklin asked.

“It smells so…sweet, I want some” My voice mumbled.

“I’m going to find Marcus and see what the hell is going on here,” Ryklin growled, pushing himself from the table.

Nicolas walked over to where I sat, and he leaned on the table in front of me, but I couldn’t pay attention. My eyes closed again and in my mind I could see where to go to reach that delicious smell, what turn I needed to make, and what door to open to take me to what I craved.

My eyes flew opened as I stared down the empty hallway, when something was happened; There was something deep inside me hat wanted to be known, I could feel it coming. But at that moment, Nicolas took my chair and shook it, snapping me from my trance. My lip went up in irritation as a growl escaped from deep in my chest.

“Well, you’re not quite the tame kitten you were supposed to be, are you?” His chuckled, but his eyes wandered over me with amusement.

Philip walked over to stand next to his friend and his eyes twinkled with laughter as well. “I don’t think a tame kitten is what we have here. Maybe more of a wolf, I’d say.” He leaned forward, taking a long curious look at me. “Looks like we might just have our work cut out for us, mon ami,” he chuckled with a shake of his head.

“You know I think you might be right, my friend. Much work to be done here. Now luv, tell me about the blood,” Nicolas commanded, crossing his arms over a very muscular chest.

Philip sat right next to him, pushing his hair away from his hazel eyes, and looked like he was enjoy himself way too much at my expense.

“I don’t understand what you mean?” I lied trying to take hold of my anger.

“Oh madame, you must become better at hiding your fibs, if you insist on telling them,” Philip laughed.

“I just thought I smelled blood, that’s all,” I explained.

“No, you said you smelled the blood. Then told us it was sweet to you.” Philip stated with a knowing grin.

“Did I?”

“Yes you did. Now do you have any idea why you can smell the blood? ” Nicolas asked.

“You made me. How about you tell me how the hell I can smell blood?” I sneered.

“Oh merde, she’s going to be a handful! You know I always did like my women on the feisty side. Do you not agree, Nick?” Philip howled.

But before he could answer, Ryklin walked back into the room. He looked at the men sitting in front of me. “Marcus will be in shortly. In the meantime let’s continue with our dinner.” He looked very unhappy as he walked by. “By the way, what are you two up to anyway?” he asked as he took his seat.

“We were just getting to know each other a little better.” Nicolas answered taking his chair.

“Oh, bien sûr! We definitely are getting to know our chérie better. Quite the pistol, is she not.” Philip smiled and winked at me as he walked to his seat.

“Yes, from what I gathered I’m sure that she could indeed become quite the pistol,” Ryklin said, pouring himself some wine and looking a little vexed.

“I apologize I was so long.” He walked taking a seat next to mine.

He had new clothes on, and looked to have taken a shower, but there was something else different about him. I tilted my head, pondering what was so different, when the smell of something rancid hit me.

My hand went over my mouth, as the smell of garbage left in the summer sun made my stomach turn. I reached out pushing the vile green soup away from me.

“Our soup has grown cold; let’s just have our main course, shall we,” he said with an aggravated smile as he rang a little bell next to him.

Olive came out in her tight maid’s uniform showing all of her womanly glory, along with another demon, but this one was a male. He was just as red, with short black hair slicked back to show off his golden yellow eyes.

If I thought she was beautiful, he was just as stunning as the woman he was serving next to. His tall lean body looked good in his black serving uniform. And he smelled…good. So good, in fact, his scent killed Marcus’s stench.

He placed the plate down and as I looked up, he smiled. I couldn’t help but smile back. An angry voice boomed from the table, causing me to jump. “That is all, Lynen. Thank you,” Marcus growled.

Lynen looked to Marcus and his smile faded instantly. He gave a bow and headed towards the servant’s door where Olive stood; she had a very pissed-off look on her face. Maybe they were lovers, or brother and sister, but whatever they were, now she didn’t like me, either. Lovely.

“So who would you like to be with tonight, Molly?” Marcus asked abruptly.

“What?!” I asked in complete horror. The fear made my stomach turn even worse, and I pushed the plate of food away again.

“Mon coeur, you need to eat something.” Philip tsked me,

“Marcus, you’re going to frighten her with your crudeness. Please excuse him, Molly. This is only for us to get to know one another better. He’s not implying anything more, so don’t be frightened.” Ryklin soothed

I glanced up and he seemed very sincere. The others seemed to agree with him, that is, all but Marcus. The way he looked at me… It was right then I knew exactly what Georgie was talking about.

“Molly, you are positively green, what is going on with you?” Nicolas asked, but I shook my head and placed my hand over my mouth.

“Please tell Marcus to move away from me. I don’t know what he did, but the smell of him is making me sick,” I gasped.


“Because what ever he’s been rolling around in is making me sick.” I groaned.

“Marcus, what is this?” Ryklin questioned.

“I assure I don’t know.”

“You don’t know much of anything now do you?!” Ryklin growled... and then they all started arguing.

My head hurt, my stomach turned, and the thirst was madding, but all I really wanted was at the moment was for Marcus away from me. I downed the glass of water in front of me and slammed it down on the table, getting everyone’s attention.

“Stop! My head is killing me. So please bring me a Motrin, a glass of water, and all of you shut the fuck up! And if you don’t move Marcus soon, I’m going to throw up all over the place!” I screamed as my hands went over my face.

Marcus growled, but got up from his seat and sat next to Philip. Nicolas and Ryklin came over and stood next to me just, watching me. “Okay luv, the man’s moved, do you feel better now?” asked Nicolas.

“No, not yet, my head hurts to bad to think,” I whispered. My hands were still over my face and my head felt like it was going to split apart.

“My darling woman, I don’t think you can get headaches anymore,” Ryklin explained to me in a soothing voice. But he stopped to look at Marcus. “She can’t…can she?”

“No, of course not.” Marcus sighed.

He rang one of the bells on the table, and Olive made her appearance. “Get your mistress a large glass of water, quickly,” he ordered.

She came out a minute later with my cup and handed it to me. I chugged it all down and didn't feel any better. Ryklin took a napkin and wiped beads of sweat from my forehead. “I have to return to the Four Kingdoms, I will be back so we can become, friends. I will not push myself on you Molly. I just wanted to know that.

“Marcus, before I leave, I want to continue the conversation we started upstairs.” His hands held my face in his hands as he gave me the slightest of grins. “I belive she’s been pushed enough tonight. We should really let her rest. I’ll be back sometime this week, and I would like to sit and talk to you for a while. That is, if that’s all right with you?”

As I looked into his amazing green and gold eyes, and nodded. His beautiful face bent down and kiss my forehead. “That is very pleasing to hear. Until then, milady.”

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