The Making of Moly Barons ~Darkness Becomes Her

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Chapter 7

I think that day was the longest of my life.I took a shower, brushed my teeth, and combed my hair, pulling it back into a ponytail. I made sure I had everything ready to go and out of sight. Then the rest of the day...I paced the room.

I did a lot of pacing, thinking about all the things that could happen if we got caught and they separated me and Georgie. I knew one thing for sure, if things didn’t go write... I would find Georgie again.

It was right around dinner time when Anna came in with dinner. There was a big smile on her pasty face as she put my dinner on the bed. That bitch knew what was going on, and she was happy about it. “Make sure you eat everything. You’re going to need your strength tonight.”

But I just ignored her and went to the food.

“Did you hear what I said?” she asked.

“Yes, but are you hoping that I’m going to be scared or something? I’m sorry to disappoint you, because I don’t give a rat’s ass what’s going on.” I grinned.

A smile spread on her face that gave me the chills. “Fine, suit yourself. Marcus will be here in an hour, so be ready,” she said with a smile on her face that gave me the chills.

When Anna left Georgie came in. “Are you ready?”

“I’ve been ready since this morning.”

“Good, then lets go. We have a long way to run to get to the meeting point. I want to be at the meeting point and in the car before Marcus finds out were gone.” She whispered, as we snuck out the door.

We ran down a hall that I’d never seen before, but we heard voices coming up the stairs. “This way--I have an alternate route,” Georgie whispered.

We went into a bedroom where she pushed a wooden panel and it popped open. We traveled down long stone halls that were pitch black. Even with my new eyes I had trouble seeing, but I could smell food. We moved quickly and my guess was right: the hallway led into the massive kitchen.

Georgie popped her head out to make sure no one was there, but then pushed me back as an old cook came by. We heard her humming and then it got quiet. “Now.”

I followed her down a small hall that I think was for the servants. As we ran by a door I heard a girl kicking at the door and screaming in a strong Irish accent. I stopped.

“What the hell are you doing?” Georgie hissed.

“I know that voice.”

Georgie ran over and grabbed my hand. “We don’t have time for this. They could be looking for us right now!” she said in an urgent whisper.

“I know, but I can’t leave this girl with these monsters,” I growled, going for the knob.

“Hello, who’s out there?” the girl called out.

“Stand back, we’re coming in!”

“Blimey, I never thought I would see you again,” Calista sobbed, running up to hug me.

“Where’s Eddie?” I asked.

“He took her the first night that vampire Andric. Hey, who’s your friend? And how did she get here?”

Georgie looked disgustedly at Calista, then flipped her long blonde hair out of the way and started pulling on me to leave. I started dragging Calista out of the room. “Listen, if you don’t stop asking stupid questions and get your ass running, I‘m leaving you here!” I whispered.

“The door is this way,” Georgie whispered.

In the very back of the hall was an old service door. Checking to make sure the coast was clear, she opened the door all the way and Calista and I went out with her. “Which way, George?” I whispered.

She pointed towards the stables. “We go west. Just follow me and run!” She hissed glancing over at Calista.

We reached the barn doors and was about to take off when I heard something. I listened for clues. The normal sounds came: crickets, wind, and--people talking? I stopped and listened. Oh my God, they knew we were gone, and they were bringing in dogs to find us…wait--not dogs, wolves...coming up from the right, hard and fast.

“Shit, Run!” I commanded.

We ran out of the barn and I went to the left, away from the wolves in hopes that we were far enough away to give us a head start. From the corner of my eye I saw Alexander standing at the castle wall, looking around. I was sure he saw me, so I sped up with Calista and Georgie right on my heels.

When we reached the thick woods Georgie went to the right, but I continued to the left, Calista right behind me. I stopped and tried to get my bearings.

“Where did your friend go?” Calista asked, trying to catch her breath.

“I don’t know. I think she thought we should split up,” I huffed.

Out of nowhere we heard a wolf cry. And in unison there were many howls in answer. Calista and I looked at each other. “We’ve been made,” she said, all the color draining from her already pale face.

“Run! And don’t stop for anything!” I shouted.

We ran through the woods, dodging trees and slipping on the moss-covered ground. They were getting close; I could hear their panting as they ran after us.

I grabbed Calista’s hand so I could keep her close. I could smell one to the left of us so I went right, but then one came up on the right side. They’re herding us.

The next instant, Calista was torn from my hand. She went screaming into the night. Before I could turn around to see where she had gone, a wolf-like creature came at me, catching me by the waist and pulling me backwards, knocking the wind out of me.

He traveled deeper into the woods and then dropped me at the feet of a man. I looked up at copper eyes full of hatred. This man was huge, at least six foot six and full of muscle; dirty blond hair hung around his face and a full beard concealed his appearance. His kilt rustled in the evening breeze as he crossed his powerful arms over his muscular chest.

“Very good, Andrew, go get the rest of the clan.” Then commanded, then turned to me. “So you’re the little harlot that my brother-in-law marked.” He knelt down and grabbed my face, turning my neck to reveal the bite.

“Let go of her, you effin’ eejit!” Calista scream out.

“James, take care of that,” he told someone behind me, and I heard Calista’s muffled scream.

“Please don’t hurt her, she’s just a young girl.” I pleaded. The hold on my face grew tighter, to the point I thought he might break my jaw.

“You donna get to ask for any favors, whore,” he growled, and men started gathering around us. “Well done, brothers. This is the lass that has taken our sister’s mate from her. Look, she bears his mark.” He tilted my head again to let every man look at the bite mark. “Tonight she is ours for the taking, lads. Her punishment begin now.”

He took both my wrists into his hands and threw me on my back on the ground, hard. I tried to get my hands free and kicked at anyone who came near me. “Take her britches off,” yelled the big man.

Men came at me and I swore and kicked at them, but it was in vain, for in a matter of minutes I was lying in the dirt exposed for all of them to see, and them laughing all around me.

A man came towards me who looked just like the man holding my wrists, except that his hair was red. He had a smile on his face as he pushed his kilt out of the way and stroked himself a couple of times, getting himself ready. I looked at him, horrified at what he was planning to do to me. He tried to get in between my legs but I kicked him right in his manhood. He doubled over in pain to the ground, but it didn’t stop him.

Now he was angry, and when he got up again two men grabbed my legs to hold them in place as he settled between them. “No, no, please God no!” I screamed out. But there was no point. He thrust into me and I could feel the skin in me rip. I screamed out in pain but he still continued on, and I screamed for him to stop every second he was in me.

When he finished my voice was gone from the screaming, and the next one took his turn. I didn’t want to see what he looked like and told one of them to get the fuck off me. In response he punched me in the face, as others did if I yelled or screamed at them.

They must have thought of this as some kind of sick justice for their sister. I guess no one informed them that I’d had already been raped by the man they said I had stolen. After the second man, I just lay there with my eyes closed, letting them have their turn with me. I could hear Calista sobbing somewhere, and I hoped that was not her fate as well.

There must have been six men, but the leader was the last to have his way with me. I didn’t fight them anymore, so nobody held on to my legs. When the big man came over I didn’t move; there was no point.

“I am Ian McKesson, head of the McKesson clan, who have held up my responsibility for vengeance for our sister, against the woman who made our brother-in-law give her his mating mark.”

After his speech he penetrated me, confirming to all the men that he was also involved with their version of vengeance. When he was in my body I started to ache from the constant pounding, and my female area felt full from all their semen even when he continued to invade me.

Tears escaped and ran down my face as I felt him finish up and came into me. He got up and I lay there in the dirt, exposed and all eyes on me, as he called out a name…Agatha.

A woman stepped out from behind the trees, where she must have watched everything they’d done, and walked towards us. “Agatha, this is your choice. We’ve punished her according to our laws, but we are letting you have the final say. You can kill her or we can set her free.”

“She took my mate brother. She has humiliated me and our clan. A will not le her bear his child. A want her dead!” she screamed.

He looked at her with a frown, turned to face his clan and talked in a loud voice so all could hear. “She has made her chose. But remember, once this is done there is no turning back,” he warned handing her a gun. She grabbed the gun from him glancing over her shoulder, came closer, and put the gun to my head and pulled the trigger.

I heard a growl, and a deep voice hollered before the gun went off. I turned my head so it would miss, but it didn’t. The impact was immense and I felt the bullet go right through my skull, felt the thud behind my head as it went into the ground. Was this death, was I was dying again?

My mind went blank as the darkness engulfed me. I was pulled to a place where my life was almost extinguished. But something pulled me back; it wasn’t going to let me die.

As I started to come to again, I heard someone run to me and felt hands on my forehead. “No! You fucking bitch! I’m going to kill you!” I woman growled.

“Ya will stop now.” A deep growl warned.

“You protect her even after she did this to Molly?” asked this woman.

A shuffle in the dirt and a man speaking indignantly. “She is my mate. I will always side with her,” said the man.

I heard a girl gasp. “Then what was Molly to you?” she asked him.

There was a long silence before he spoke. “She was my mistake,” he said with complete coldness.

The woman got up from me. “Then you will all die with that bitch tonight!” she screamed out in rage.

I heard a man swearing in disbelief and holloring out in pain. Hot wind blew by me as the howling and growling started, but it didn’t last long after a loud ear-piercing scream came. I swear it sounded like fingernails going down a chalkboard and a lion’s roar all mixed together.

I heard feet scatter by me, then it was quiet. My consciousness was escaping me as warm blood pooled under my head. Someone ran up to me and kneeled down by my head again.

“Shit, shit, shit! She’s bleeding out,” yelled a girl.

“She’ll be okay, she’s immortal now. She’ll heal, I mean we just need to get her the hell out of here and she’ll be fine…won’t she?” said the woman, a bit panicked.

“Well, she’s not healing. Shit!” I felt hands on my head pushing down on my wound. One of the women let go and got up from me. “I know what she needs. You stay here and keep pressure on her head while I get that fucking wolf,” said the woman.

“How the frig do you think you can do that?” the other one asked. But the woman had already left and I heard nothing else as I drifted into the darkness.

Something warm and delicious ran down my throat when consciousness came back to me. I sat up, looking at a bleeding wrist in front of me. Long sharp fangs came down from my mouth as I bit down. I heard a grunt when I first pierced the skin, but that didn’t stop me as I sucked as much blood as I could possibly get down me.

My eyes stayed closed as I felt my bone and skin nit back together, but it came slowly. When I could feel the life come back to me, and I reveled in this overwhelming power that coursed through me.

“Look, her wound is healing!” a girl yelled.

I looked around and saw four people sitting around me. One was really just a girl, with hot pink hair. She was holding a busty redhead by the throat. Blood was dripping down from the wounds where the girl had dug her fingers around her windpipe. The other woman, a small blonde with liquid gold eyes with black slits, was standing in back of a very big muscular man.

“Who the hell are all of you?” I growled.

The blonds mouth dropped and her hand went to her chest in disbelief. “Molly, it’s me, Georgie, don’t you know me?”

I looked at her. I had no clue who this person was. “No, we’ve never met.” I informed her.

“What about the pink-haired girl, you know her, right?” she asked.

“Calista, I’m Calista. Remember?” said the girl.

“I don’t know any of you.” I seethed, starting to move, but it was painful. I looked down and noticed that I only had a shirt covering my nether region. “Where the fuck are my pants?” I asked.

The redhead started to move but the little girl’s hand went deeper into her neck, causing her to gasp. The big man growled at the little girl. “Donna you hurt her or A’ll kill all of you!” said the man to the two women.

My head titled getting a good look at this big man and for some reason, I didn’t like him, and I was getting really tired of the bickering.

“Look, I don’t know who this Molly is but can someone get me some pants?” I asked.

The blonde brought me a pair of jeans she got from the ground over by a tree. I watched all the people around me as I put them on and slipped on the shirt that was covering me. "I don’t know what the hell is going on but I want some answers right now,”

The blonde girl came up to me very slowly. “I’m Georgie, your cousin,” she said with her hand to her chest. “Your name is Molly, and that man over there stole you from your family, raped you and then mated you with his mark.”

She then backed up and pointed to the redhead. “This is his real mate. She found out about what he did to you and had her clan come here to punish you.” She hesitated, looking angry and sad at the same time, then continued: “They raped and beat you tonight. When they finished, she shot you in the head and left you for dead.”

That shocked me. But looking at all the people around me, it made sense. I looked down at my female area, feeling like I really had taken a beating, and having no pants on told me that she was telling me the truth.

“I don’t remember any of that. I don’t remember anything from when I just opened my eyes here.” I blinked.

“But it’s the truth.” The woman pleaded.

“Yes, I believe you.” I turned my head back to the big man with bicolored eyes. “You… I knew I didn’t like you,” I growled as I walked closer.

Anger bubbling up inside of me and the redhead gasped at the sight of me and the man’s eyes grew wide as he stared at me. “That is no possible,” he said in a growl.

The blonde seemed really excited. “I knew it,” she whispered.

“Cool!” Said little pink-haired girl.

My fingers were growing elongated. You could hear the popping and breaking of the joints and bone as they formed sharp and deadly claws for the first time. My fangs slowly came down, exposing themselves, and I could feel them on my bottom lip.

I knelt in front of him taking in his face. “You know, I think I believe the blonde. And you seem like a real ass to me.” A little giggle came from the blonde as I said that. “So you raped me, put your mark on me, then you let your woman shoot me. Tell me, did I ever do anything to you to cause such hatred?” I snarled.

He looked over at the redhead as she cried and blood ran down her throat. He lowered his head a little, ruffling his hair with his hand. “No, ye never did anything to me, lass. You were brought to us for many different reasons, but for me it was for a son. A lost control that first night. A marked ye just from instinct, A knew ye were mine.” He cleared this throat and looked at the redhead, who then started crying harder.

“A canna hurt Agatha anymore, so A let her think what she wanted, and do what she thought fit to do to ye. But I couldn't, let her hurt ye, A couldn't so A came tae stop her.” he explained.

I leaned in closer to him. “So you can’t hurt her, but would let her brothers rape and kill me, someone who was innocent of this whole situation that you yourself caused?” I fumed. But he said nothing.

“I should kill her right here in front of you,” I hissed, then he growled, starting to get up, but stopped cold when he heard Agatha screech in pain.

“Now, now, wolfie boy, we don’t want your mate dead, do we? I know female wolves might live as long as their mates, but they don’t have those same regenerative properties as the males, right?” Georgie giggled at the man. He leaned back, saying nothing more.

“Let her go, Pinkie, his punishment is to never know when I might pop up and kill the both of them. Besides, we have her brothers to torture and humiliate in any way we see fit.” I cracked a smile at him, turned my head and winked at the redhead as she looked at me in complete horror.

“Just remember, you did this to me. Whatever I was before, I can’t say, but whatever I become now falls upon your shoulders. Never forget that.” I said standing over him.

Calista let go of the woman’s throat, dropping her to the ground with a thud. She tromped over to me and Georgie in a very teenage manner. “I’m not Pinkie, Molly, I’m Calista,” she whined.

"We need to go, I can hear Marcus is coming!" She hissed.

I saw the man hugging the redhead while he looked at me. There was some emotion on his face I couldn’t decipher, and really didn’t care to. Someday I would make him pay for what he’d done to me.

“One more thing wolf. If I ever see you again… I will kill you, painfully.” I promised. “

We took off running with immense speed through the thick forest. As we ran I heard Georgie’s name and mine being called out into the night by a man with an English accent. That just made us run faster.

As we ran I heard rustling in front of us. Georgie called back for me to hurry, that there was a ride waiting for us. But whatever had just happened to me had drained me of all of my energy, and my body slowed its fast pace to a stumble.

The next thing I knew I was on the damp green moss, fighting make my eyes stay open, and fighting to get back up from the ground. They were shouting my name, but it was to late, I couldn't move. And as my eyes started to shut, deep black onyx eyes looked down into mine before I drifted away.

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