ER at night

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Help from the Other side

Next evening before the start of Night sift i gathered everyone together except our new addition . I wanted to make it clear for everyone that she is to be made to feel the way that she belongs among us as part of the ward unit .

Nurses exchanged looks among each other and whispered something but i could not make out what it was .

" care to share that with everyone ?" - i asked

nobody said anything .

" good you may go back to work " i said and looked at the files in my hands .

One of the older nurses who had been working with me at ER ever since i started placed her hand on my shoulder and said

" how are you doing ?"

I looked at her surprised and said that i was fine except i still hate paperwork .

she looked worried

" maybe you have been just working too much , take a day off sometimes , ok?"

I said nothing when she walked out the door .

" i wonder what was that about " - i said to myself and continued going through endless pile of papers .

After while i thought i go and take a look how our new nurse was doing so i walked towards the lab room where i knew she would be organizing supply .

When i placed my hand on the door handle chill run down on my spine , but i shook it off and opened the door quietly , i did not want her to think i was spying on her .

What i saw will forever stay within my memory .

In that room i saw her working along side of little boy who was dressed in hospital patient outfit but not the standard shirt and pants we now days have, but with long skirt like outfit i have seen in old time photos .

Nurse was explaining something to the boy who listened carefully everything she said , i could not make out what . Along side of them i could see other nurse and doctor i had never seen before working on something with microscope .

Unlike other parts of the ward the room seemed to be in way like clothes you have washed in too warm water and which had lost all the original color going gray .

I started shaking and backing down outside of the room when i collided with table that had tray of instruments on it and with huge crash it fell down on the floor .

I froze and slowly lifted my gaze up facing all the ....beings in room that were suddenly staring directly at me .

I mumbled quick apology for interrupting their work and told them to carry on and that they would not be bothered anymore .

When i exited the room in hurry and closed the door , the sound of instruments being sifted started again and went on until 3 AM.

After that i made it to be policy that the room would not be disturbed between the hours of 1 AM and 3 AM in the disguise of there being cleaning and sterilization going on.

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