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Respect everyone

After couple of months had gone by i found out things about the history of the hospital , during WW1 that hospital had served as air strike shelter and also as place where they had treated wounded soldiers . The exact place where the lab room now stands was room where the nurses and doctors where handling instruments and also had rest here and there when it was possible .

During one air rate for one reason or another there was no signal warning indicating that air strike was coming and they were not prepared to run for sheltered parts of the hospital, bombs hit the part of the hospital and everyone perished ...

I still sometimes even after years go to the door of the room and listen to the sound of sifting instruments now with new gained respect .

My policy has always been

"respect all the help you can get "

This one i really did respect , the dedication of the nurses and doctors for their work held them still after all the years that have gone by from the time of the great war and they still work with same energy they held when they where alive .

I never mentioned the nurse to my co-workers anymore as i now understood why they had looked at me weird way when i talked about it .

I also still hold the policy of the room not being disturbed during those hours and it shall stand as long as i am the head nurse of this ward .

when my time comes to step down i make sure i tell the story and hopefully transfer the same respect down to line to the new head nurse that i have had .

I touch the door gently careful not to disturb the spirits inside and start heading back to my office .

Respect everyone - that it is all about

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