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Chapter 4

Violetta’s POV

I don’t get why Kile wants to keep my old group together. I mean, what’s the point? Elysia was really the only one keeping us together...we were already pretty split up. At this point...who cares? Me and Anica definitely don’t. The other three girls in our group, Cyndie, Lauri and Madelle, were always talking to each other during lunchtime anyways, while Anica, Elysia, and I hung out with Kile, Luce, and another guy friend named Alix, who was friends with me, Kile, and Elysia mostly. Sometimes two more girls; Keelia and Aurelia, would be there too, but Keelia was there more often than Aurelia. So even though our group split, Anica and I would still have a solid group of friends.

Lately, Kile’s been acting weird. He’s been lost in thought a lot, and he keeps muttering under his breath.

So has Alix.

I’m worried about them.

I’m also worried about myself.

These past few weeks have been hard for all of us. I mean...losing one of our best friends?

Elysia was the cheerful one too.

The one who kept this interesting, the one who kept having fun no matter what.

But I hope we’ll heal.

I hope we’ll be stronger.

I hope we’ll survive.

Kile’s POV

I hate the fact that I can’t help Elysia. That I can’t keep her old group together. But maybe if she comes back, she’ll be able to bring them back together.

I also hate the fact that everyone thinks she’s dead.

It’s not really fair to anyone.

On other notes, I’ve seen Alix acting suspicious lately. He’s always on his phone, like he’s expecting a call or something. He’s lucky he hasn’t gotten into trouble yet, because our school is strict on cell phone usage, but the whole school is still kind of shaken over the loss of our best student, so the whole school is way more easygoing than normal. I mean, we haven’t even had homework for the past week.

There isn’t much I can do.

I have no way to contact her, and trust me, I’ve tried. But her parents must have done something to her phone upon her “death,” and she probably wouldn’t have taken it with her.

What am I going to do now?

Everything is broken.

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