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Chapter 5

She sat on the lunch table facing the gardens. A content smile was on her face.

He walked up to her and placed a hand on her shoulder. She turned and looked up at him. Her eyes widened, but her smile stayed.

He could tell it was a genuine smile. She was truly happy in this moment

Elysia’s POV

It’s time again. I’ve gotten a haircut, changed my looks, and gotten to know a side of me I didn’t even know existed. It’s finally time to go back to school. Grandma had gotten me into the single open spot that was in the school now, but it was going to be hard. After all, I had all these memories of the times me and my friends were having fun, and now I would be expected to know none of these.


I’d be going back to school tomorrow.

Unknown’s POV


She’s coming back to school tomorrow.

I looked down at my phone, slightly shocked by her message. I knew she was coming back, but that was soon. Very soon. The school hadn’t settled yet, and she would likely be considered suspicious, at least at first.

This school was very judgmental.

There’s nothing I can do now though.

She’s coming, whether they like it or not.

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