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Chapter 6

“How are you today?” he asked her. She grimaced at his words. “I’ll take it you aren’t doing well then?”

“It’s hard, you know. It’s hard to live this,” she gestured at the mansion and the gardens around her. “I’m just...I don’t know...shielded from the real world so much.”

Elysia’s POV

Today’s the day! I finally got to go back to school. I was so excited, it was cheesy. Really, who was excited to go to school? I guess I was....oh well!

I walked onto the campus and made my way over to the office. The lady at the desk, who I recognized as Miss Frye, smiled at me.

“Hello, how may I help you?” she said.

“Um, my name is Starr Cantalini, I’m supposed to start school today?” I asked, my voice tilting up just enough at the end of the question.. I wanted to appear nervous and shyer than I was, but it was hard not to start talking to her like I knew her, which I did. The whole point of this was to get a fresh start, not blow the fact that I was alive.

“Oh, Miss Cantalini! I wasn’t expecting you until later, I thought you would have gone looking around the campus a little at first! I’m Miss Frye, the school’s secretary. Let me just get your schedule and a map printed for you, and then you can head on your way.” The good thing about being in a small, private, academically oriented high school was that everyone really knew each other, and and the staff knew everyone too.

“Thank you miss,” I said. I waited awkwardly until the printer hummed with my schedule and a map of the campus, which I really didn’t need, but I had to keep up the image of being a brand new student.

Huh. It looks like my first class is AP Human Geography. I didn’t really want to take that class, that was one that seemed incredibly boring to me, but it looked like I had no choice. I tried to remember if anyone else had that class first that I knew of. From what I recalled, Alix had been in that class.

Well, time to head to class. There were only a few more moments until the bell rang, and I didn’t want to be late on my first day!

Unknown’s POV

She’s here. She’s back at school.

This changes things.

They aren’t going to accept her.

Her old group’s broken.

She’s dead.

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