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Chapter 7

He watched her from the balcony. She was gazing off into the distance again, with a content smile on her face. He smiled. She was perfect.
He would be with her as long as it took for her to realize what she meant to them.

Kile’s POV

“Good morning class, today we have a new student. Her name is Starr Cantalini. Miss Cantalini, would you care to tell us a bit about yourself?”

I sat up with a start. Elysia was back already?! It had only been a few weeks since she “died,” it didn’t make sense with the school still recovering from it.

I gasped slightly when I saw her.

She’d dyed her hair a pale brown, and changed her wardrobe a bit, and somehow that made all the difference. She looked like a whole new person.

She looked...beautiful.

“Well, I’m new to the community, and I just thought to apply to go here, so here I am,” Elysia said, swaying slightly. I frowned. She was never shy, unless...this must be part of her “disguise.”

In my opinion, this was far too elaborate.

“Um, I enjoy reading and writing, and I suppose I’d want to be an educator when I grow up,” she said.

“That’s wonderful!” our teacher said. “You can have a seat by...Mr. Woodwork. Would you raise your hand, please?”

I raised my hand.

Unknown’s POV

So...she’s really back.

I thought she’d stay away longer...I didn’t realize she come so soon. Not when the school is still so fragile.

But I suppose that can’t be helped.

It’s a shame she ran away. We need her help now.

I suppose she just never realized how important she is.

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