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Chapter 2

The first day was fast approaching. I could feel my stomach doing somersaults as I packed my last suitcase into the car. All of my instruments were packed away with the utmost care, as they were considered the most valuable. My friends had said goodbye to me the day before; I had to admit it was emotional but I forced myself not to cry. I took one last look at my house; I had grown up in this place, was raised here and a heavy hit of nostalgia made me look at the house with a somber smile. I slowly stepped into the car and prepared for the long journey that awaited me.

The journey was long and sluggish, my legs were getting cramped in the back of the car thanks to all of my belongings that couldn't fit into the boot of the car. While my parents bickered over our SAT NAV, I grabbed my 3DS and played one of my games Mystery Murders: Jack the Ripper. It wasn't an amazing game, but entertaining enough to get me through this car journey. Something about murders had always fascinated me, the psychology behind it all and the science was so intelligent. If I could I would have pursued a career in criminology in hopes of becoming a detective. Alas, that dream had been crushed by my parents, stating that it would be too dangerous for a girl like me.

"Melody! We're here!" I heard my mother squeal excitedly.

I looked out onto the building and it was truly as grand as the website advertised. The building looked like it belonged in the early 19th Century, vines intertwined with the brick walls. The whole place was large to say the least, it looked like it covered at least 5 acres on land. At a first glace most would mistake such a grand place as a manor house or even a castle, with thick green grass and flower beds bending a pathway to the front door. As the car pulled up security quickly checked over our car for 'security reasons.' As soon as they left I stepped out of the car, taking in the smell of fresh air; a rare commodity in a busy town such as Romford which is filled with car gases and pollution.

I walked up to the front door where a woman was smiling at me. She appeared to be in her early 50's but managed to keep herself poised and refined. Black trousers sat not too loose around her legs, a turquoise loose blouse was complimented with her black blazer. Her dark, dyed-blonde hair sat neatly in a bob as she extended her hand out to me and spoke in a slight Welsh accent. "Miss Fisher it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Ms London and I am the headmistress here at Trings Park Academy."

I shook her hand in return, "It's nice to meet you. Thank you for accepting me."

"It was our pleasure dear, a talent such as yourself much reach their full potential and we can do that for you here."

"I couldn't agree more. Hi I'm Claire, Melody's mum. This is my husband George." My parents smiled eagerly at the headmistress as they shook her hand.

The headmistress smiled, "It is very nice to meet you both. I must say your daughter is exceptional. If I may borrow her for a moment I would like to discuss with her how our school works."

Dad nodded "Of course! Take all the time you need. We will take her stuff up to her room."

The headmistress ushered over the receptionist and stated "Miss Smith here will escort you to Melody's room." Without another word Ms London took me to her office.

I sat down on the leather chair as Ms London sat opposite me on the large leather sofa. "I must admit Miss Fisher you are the first scholarship student that we have had at our academy. I looked at your qualifications and it appears you got straight A's in all of your GCSE's and you can play 4 musical instruments?"

I nodded nervously, "5 actually Miss, I play the guitar, piano, trumpet, violin and saxophone."

"My dear how wonderful! You must be so proud of yourself."

I merely nodded, Yeah I'm nowhere near as proud as my parents are though.

Ms London handed me a piece of paper, "Now this is your timetable. As a Sixth Form student you are not required to wear our school uniform. However, we do wish for you to dress appropriately. As you can see classes vary daily, you could have lessons in the morning or in the afternoon. We believe that although students should work hard, you should also have breaks from studies. At the weekends you are allowed to visit the nearby town but curfew is 11:30 on all days, which means you must be in your room by that time."

She said that last sentence with such authority that I dared not to question it. She was kind but also held a firmness in her tone, which showed not to disobey the rules, otherwise there would be consequences.

She stood up and gestured to the door, where I followed her quietly. "Ms London, will I have a roommate?"

She chuckled, "Of course dear. Most of our students here have roommates. Not to worry, you will not be sharing with a boy if that is your concern."

"Oh...thank you." Even though that was not why I asked. Sharing a room with a complete stranger seemed scary and intimidating.

We arrived at my room where the headmistress wished me good luck and went on her way. My parents were at the door waiting for me in order to say goodbye.

My mum smiled at me with small tears in her eyes, "Now I want you to text me every day. If not send me an email or something. I want to know that you are safe and happy."

I hugged her tight, "Of course I will mum, I'll be fine."

Dad came over and hugged me too, "We are so proud of you my little chicken."

I chuckled at that nickname, he had called me his little chicken since I was a baby. I swallowed the lump in my throat as my parents started walking away.

"We love you dear! Have fun!" Mum finally said to me as they left to go home.

I sighed, and walked into my room. My parents had put my stuff on the bed farthest away from the door. I nodded in approval and looked around the room. It wasn't overly large but big enough for two people to share. The cream coloured walls and brown carpet made the room seem a bit bland. An en suite bathroom was attached with a modern bath, sink and toilet and black floor tiles.

I collapsed onto my single bed and sighed, I can't believe I'm attending here now. I have to be an independent woman now. I hope my roommate is nice though and not snobby like in all the movies I've seen...

As I was lost in thought a female voice called out to me, "Well it looks like you already called dibs on your bed."

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