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Chapter 2

Kill 2.

Murder by definition is the deliberate act of taking another person's life, however, whether it's considered that or not is entirely a matter of opinion. She kills people, and thus the title murderer suits her perfectly. But while she killed people she never acknowledged what she was doing as a crime. Crime was what the vast majority of people living in a society considered unlawful, and like any other human concept it would always mean different things to different people. In an Islamic society those who drank alcohol were and still are considered godless sinners, while in a western background it was considered a right. And it was all because of the differing ideals that each society had.

It was with that reasoning that she sought no atonement for any of her deeds. Because in her eyes no crime had ever been committed to begin with. True, the manner in which she killed her targets was somewhat brutal but that was simply a result of her own scarred upbringing. Certainly in the eyes of the public she was nothing less than the devil incarnate, an evil to be destroyed at all costs. But truth be told, she was anything but a heartless killer. She only desired equality and compensation for the lives that her victims had tarnished, the people whose lives had been ruined up to the point that death was the only kind of atonement they could offer, or perhaps it was simply because this was the only way she knew.

"UMPH". A loud moan could be heard through the dark corridors of an abandoned warehouse. The thunder roared loudly, outside with dark clouds forming over it. It wouldn't be long now before the storm would be upon it. In hindsight perhaps this wasn't the best location to seek shelter. But it wouldn't matter, a little rain never killed anyone, and besides, she had more pressing issues to deal with.

Sitting directly across from her with his legs tied together and his hands bound by cuffs was a middle aged man. Though the room was poorly lit she could still see him well enough to thoroughly enjoy looking at his anguished face as he died a slow painful death.

"HMPH" the man struggled to speak through his gag as he peered around through the poorly lit room. Leaning her back against a large gas canister she sighed. This guy was responsible for the deaths of over 15 lives, he was a bomber by the name Eddie. Apparently he had a fetish for blowing things up. Grabbing the blow torch she got from his hideout Elise strolled over to him and placed the canister on the table with a loud thud causing him to jump in surprise.

"I hear you've got a fetish for blowing stuff up, Mr Eddie" she said casually as she loosened the cord enough to drag the hose around. Whimpering in fear the man struggled to find the source of her voice. Evidently he was still too disoriented to see her. "It's been a while since I last met a pyromaniac. I've met a few deranged fire-fighters... But they were in it for bigger reasons. Revenge, greed and so much more. But as far as I can tell with you, well you blow people up just for the heck of it".
Pointing the hose upwards she loosed the canisters pipe and a huge bright orange flame blow out of it with a strong intensity, Completely illuminating the room. Quickly scanning the room for anything useful she saw a few broken lathes, some nails and small table with some knives on top.

Switching it off she strolled over to the table and grabbed the knife. Running her finger through the blade it wasn't long before she felt a small sting accompanied by a red liquid that seeped from it. Perfect, It would do just fine. Turning the hose back on the flame bursted out in a spectacular fashion. She turned her blank gaze back to Eddie and saw him watching the flame in awe, no doubt his impulses were triggering. Turning her head back she pulled out the knife and gradually raised it to the flame.

"I believe that everyone should be treated fairly, and regardless of weather or not killing was your intention you still have to answer for the crimes you've committed" she could feel her fingers hurt from the close proximity to fire. Gradually the blade began heating up and changed into a glowing orange. Satisfied she turned off the hose and tossed it aside.

"Mhmp!" Eddie attempted to speak in a muffled voice. Ignoring him Elise switched off the blow torch and gazed into the bright glowing edges of the blade. "I hope you've made peace with yourself" she said in a quiet monotone as she turned to him and kneeled down. Maybe If he was lucky he would be pitied by God and sent to heaven, or maybe hell. Either way he wasn't gonna live to see another day. lowering the blade down to his leg she gently pricked his ankle with the tip causing Eddie to let out a pained scream. A faint burning sound could be as she pressed the blade to his Waited for a full five seconds to pass before she pressed the burning tip deeper into his leg. She wanted him to feel it all, all the pain he had inflicted on so many people with fire.

"Burns, doesn't it. And to think that I haven't even pierced your skin yet" she said as drove the blade deeper into his leg.

"HMMMMMP!" Eddie screamed in anguish as blood poured out of his burning flesh. She had only drove it in halfway and he was already screaming. One could only imagine just how unbearable the pain would be by the time she was done torturing him with all the fire related punishment she had in mind... Actually, she would know exactly how bad he felt right now, because she'd felt and endured so many forms of torture far worst than the miniscule amount of pain he was going through, in fact Eddie should have been thanking her for being so merciful in choosing this way for him to die.

"Man up Mr Eddie. There's so much pain waiting for you before you can die" she said as she gazed at his anguished face. With a face like that it was more than slightly challenging to maintain a blank face and against her will she felt her lips curl up into a smile.

These people come from a completely different world

She thought with an amused smile. Apparently "Normal" people didn't go through enormous hardships and weren't burdened with the constant need stay on their toes. They weren't trained soldiers or scavengers or even criminals. Nope. "Normal" people were fat pieces of dead weight that took everything they had for granted and constantly asked for more. It was frightening just imagining the possibility of being born as one of these pathetic weaklings who couldn't for a single day in their lives be content with standing at the top of the food chain. And like most humans, they'd rather wage war amongst themselves than cooperate and find a peaceful solution to their problems.

"Well then Mr Eddie. Shall I amputate your leg of now?" she asked with sadism dripping of her voice as reached for the blow torch.


3 hours later

Taking a deep breath Elise leaned back on a wall with an amused expression on her face. Her arms were red with the blood of her latest victim, the minor burns she sustained on her knuckles from her extensive use of the blowtorch ached badly. But no matter how discomforting these minor injuries were she wouldn't let them stop her from achieving her goals. Eddie got what he deserved and that's all that mattered.

Glancing towards the other side of the room there was a severely burnt man shaped corpse on the floor. It would only be a matter of time before the smell of burnt flesh would attract some random bystander, the blow torch had pretty much assured that. It was now raining heavily outside and the sound it beating across the roof was all that could be herd. Dusting herself off she walked over to the back entrance and pushed the door open. No sooner had she steeped out of the building did she feel the rain splatter across her body, completely drenching her.

If there was one word that could be used to describe the weather it would be freezing, but not in a necessarily unpleasant sense, but in a nostalgic one that rose some familiar emotions within her. Closing the door she made her way across the muddy compound and pushed open its rusted old black gate which opened with an irritating creak. Standing in middle of side walk she glanced around the street and noted that there where hardly any bystanders, aside from a few people who moved through the rain as quickly as possible.

Pushing her wet hair out of her face she made her way across town and eventually stopped in front of a large ten story apartment building with a small banana shaped logo on top of the entrance. Pulling out a key she was about to unlock it when she heard a loud whistle. Freezing her hand mid air she glanced to her left and saw a tall bearded man dressed in a black suit and top hat. The man was African by race, had bushy mustache and a small scar across his right cheek. A very familiar face.

"Joey?" Elise called out in an uncertain tone.

"Long time no see ay Ely" the man said in amusement.

"Joey? What are you doing here" she asked in a tone that shifted between uncertain and puzzled. Last time she saw him he was behind bars all the way in Chicago.

"Just business-" he said as began approaching her. "-, I was just on my way home when I saw you pass by, small world huh?" he said with a light chuckle as he stopped a few feet in front of her.

"Business, you have job then?" she asked.

"Yup". She was definitely surprised to hear this, he was court-martialled and imprisoned by his army boss. There was no way they'd just release him like that, especially considering what he did… She noticed him frown at her.

"What, don't tell me you're not happy to see me" he said with look of mock disappointment. Feeling slightly abashed for her lack of friendliness to the man she gave an apologetic smile.

"I'm sorry for not reacting more happily. I'm just shocked is all". It wasn't like she wasn't pleased to see that he was still alright, actually she was beside herself with joy. He had risked a lot to help her in the past, even though he could have easily just left her to die. "Would you like to step inside my apartment, you must be freezing" she offered with a smile.

"Thanks, I appreciate it Ely"

"You're welcome" she said as she inserted the key and unlocked the door. Walking into the building they made their way their way across the hallway, up the stairs to the fourth floor where her apartment was. It was a small place with just a bathroom and an empty living room with just a single couch lying next to the window. The only other things lying around were a few bottles of water, a pair of mugs, a kettle and a small container that she used to store her tea bags.

"huh" Joey exclaimed in a monotone.

"it's not much, but it serves its purpose" she said as she stepped inside and closed the door. He was probably expecting more. "Sorry if it's too claustrophobic for you". Chuckling to himself he replied.

"It's not that I was expecting more, I know you a little too well for that. It's just that even though it isn't much to look at I'd switch apartments with you in a flash, you've got way more space". As soon as he uttered those words she felt shame wash over her. No matter how hard life got for her there was no way it would ever be able measure to his, Even though things had gotten a little better for his race with the last century people like Joey still had a really tough time earning a living in this place, in this inherently racist society where your skin colour was something that mattered to others for all the wrong reasons.

"Sorry" she said.

"What are you apologizing for?" he asked as he walked over to the window and peered through the glass.

"I know it's hard being an African American. People judge you just because of your skin" she said as a frown formed on her lips.

"Could you please do me a favour?" he asked as he turned back to face her. "Please, NEVER say that to me again" he said in a serious tone. Wondering if she said something wrong she replied.

"Did I say something to offe-"

"Yes, you did. I hate it when people talk to me that way" he said with stern look.

"I'm sorry-" she said when he cut her off.

"Look just stop apologizing to me, I appreciate the fact that you care, but that doesn't help me or anyone else". Sensing the anger in him slowly rising she tried to calm him down.

"I understand, I wont say that again" she said in a soothing tone that she used to frighten her victims, hopefully it could also work in reverse. Taking a deep breath his features became more relaxed. "Would you like some tea" she offered with a smile.

"Yeah, I'd like that" he said as he took a seat on the sofa and sighed. Walking over to the kettle she filled it with water, hooked its socket into the wall and waited for it to finish boiling. With a bit of uncertainty she spoke up.

"So what have you been doing lately" she asked as she grabbed a mug and placed a tea bag in it.

"Well to be perfectly honest, job hunting was nothing short of exhausting, I managed to land a job as a mechanic but it hasn't been going so well"

"Really? Did something happen?" she asked with a curious look. In all her days she had never known anyone more handy with vehicles like Joey, the man was practically a walking encyclopedia when it came to cars. So why was it that he was finding it so difficult to get a job in some mechanics shop. If it was because of something as stupid as his race then those people were fools.

"Lets just say someone couldn't keep his mouth shut, so I decided to offer him a helping hand" he said with low laugh. Just perfect, she was worried he would say something like this. Not that she could blame him for reacting that way.

"Honestly, you shouldn't get into fights with these people" she scolded. Almost instantly he replied.

"So what then? I should have just sucked it up"

"Yes" she replied. "You know better than anyone that they want a reason to send you away. If you get angry your just playing into their hands"

"I know that! Believe me I tried, I've been trying but theses people pushed me too far!" Joey yelled in frustration. He was getting angry that was understandable, Joey was the sort of guy who preferred to take thing slow. Now that he wasn't a soldier anymore and he wanted to get a job, he finally felt free. But when he tried to offer his services people would turn him away without so much second glance.

"Joey, you need to understand that no matter how angry you get these people are not going to care" she said in a 'matter of fact' tone. "You have to keep it all bottled inside you". A low beeping could heard from the kettle signalling that it was done boiling. Grabbing the handle she filled the cup and turned back to him.

"Why should I? I wouldn't even react that way if they didn't make me do all the hard labour and pay me half the amount they pay other guys" .

"There a lots of reasons, they could be scared of you, maybe they have a superiority complex. They could just simply not like, but regardless of their reasons their not gonna hold you to the same standard they hold their Caucasian workers" she said as she walked over to him and handed over the mug. "Here you go" Reaching out to grab the mug he was about to thank her when he noticed her injuries.

"What happened to your hand? Is that blood" he asked as he stared at her arms. She didn't want to lie to him, he was good friend. But would he still view her the same way if he knew what she had been doing these past few months. Taking a moment to compose herself she replied.

"Yes, it is".

"Why are you bleeding" he asked with a concerned look.

"I'm not bleeding... This is someone else's blood" she answered as she averted her gaze to the window, not sure if she wanted to look him in the eye.

"Don't tell me... What did you do Ely?" he asked with a stern look.

"...I've been killing people" she replied after a short pause.

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