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Hell hath no fury, like an assassin scorned..... The Widow, The Hammer, and The Rook; are on the hunt for a serial killer..... Modeling their victims on a murderer of old; Bloody Jack, the killer is stalking bookies. One bloody playing card left at the scene of the crime..... What is the connection to the Trevelle family? Will the Knife and the Widow succeed on their search for their quarry, that they may exact their revenge?

Mystery / Action
Robert Alan Ryder
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I took some time the following day, to do a little additional digging into the backgrounds of the Trevelles. For, many- the Professional Investigator; the job- at times; it will: never be one- hundred percent finished…..

I uncovered something. I, had not expected to find….. Desmond “Ace” Trevelle, father to both the widow and the Hammer; he was a gambling man that owed a lot of debts…..

Ace’s casino, it is the catalyst; to all of their financial problems. It had shut down, due to- bankruptcy. This much, Ace’s two remaining children are aware of…..

There is something, the widow and the Hammer; may not be aware of…….. Their mother, Madelyne- Vera Sinclair; she had at one, time been known under; a not so easily forgotten alias: Mistress Bianca Seville, the one and only; to my knowledge: Godmother to the family…..

Evidence- leads to facts, that Godmother Bianca Seville; she may have been, the knife in- the back of the widows’ and of the Hammers’ father…..

The Trevelles, they left; rather abruptly…... They received: a strange phone call, they had became silenced over…..

Reverend Reeves, he- had contacted me; shortly afterward….. The Trevelles had left me: one- thousand dollars, and a letter. One that indicated mention: of family business, that needed to be taken care of…..

You know what they say, about a woman scorned…..

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