The Ghost Camp and the Missing Girls

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When Ben is widowed, an unknown man moves into his place. The stranger has a dark side that is leaving Ben down a scary and dangerous road for the truth. Will the truth be more then Ben can handle on his own? Or will this dark and demented adventure push him back into a world he no longer wanted to be a part of?

Mystery / Drama
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The Nightmare Begins

In a house on a country road lived a man and his wife. They were kind folks, they raised their kids in that house and had lived most of their married life there. They owned an apple farm and hired workers from all around. They were well liked and appeared to be good people. They never had any trouble. Things were going well for them and then his wife died. The farm got run down, the house went down to nothing but a pile of lumber in bad need of paint. He had become a recluse. Eventually people stopped coming around altogether. No one ever saw him around town, most thought he had passed away. But he was still hanging on at that old place. He had let himself go, his beard was bushy and his hair was passed his shoulders. He was a mess.

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