The Forest

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When she was alone is when things got scary. She would hear things. Terrifying things. “I know you.” “You did this to me Lucie!” She would pretend she wasn’t hearing it but she was.. Eve was a normal girl, until someone murdered her best friend; unable to take it she leaves her dads home for years. 8 later she comes back at age 16 determined to find out who killed her best friend. But things have changed since she left. Everything close to her dies. Will she have the courage to finish her investigation or will she give up again leaving it behind her?

Mystery / Horror
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Chapter 1

Eve stared out of the bus window. She was on her way to visit her father in Louisiana. He owned quite a bit of land although the locals thought he was crazy. She didn’t understand why. But to be fair she hadn’t seen him in quite a while. She was 16 now. She last saw him when she was about 8. He was sane then. How bad could he have changed she thought to herself staring out of the dirty bus window as it rolled along the desolate road in the middle of nowhere.

The deal with her mother and father wasn’t really complicated. They divorced soon after she was born and her mother got custody although she allowed her to see her father as that is what Eve wanted. She wanted a dad in her life. Her mother didn’t really support that decision but who was she to deny her daughter of something she wanted so badly? Her mother, Sophia, claimed that Henry, her dad, and her just drifted but Eve was smarter than that. Heck she had a 3.0 GPA who did they think they were fooling? The bus continued to roar along as Eve was lost in the space of her thoughts.

Her best friend’s name was Clarence. They had been best friends for a long time and one thing they had in common was both of their parents got divorced. However Clarence’s tale was a little bit more sad than Eve’s. Clarence’s dad took off the minute he got a chance, wanting nothing to do with her. At least Eve’s dad loved seeing her. Eve hated long bus rides but when she was young her mother insisted on moving far away hoping to get married again before Eve turned too old and was just gonna tell Eve that her husband was her father. Things didn’t work out so well for Sophia. Eve never knew her mom’s plans, if she did she would be furious.

Eve sighed. How much longer? The bus kept bumping along and eventually ventured into the forest. Eve was a curious girl. She loved the forest, it was mystical and magical to her. She was also very outspoken and didn’t care who heard or who got offended because people needed to stop being babied.

And soon enough with the rocking motion of the bus it lulled her to sleep.

“Hey Evie? Wanna play a game?” Lucie called. Eve smiled at her best friend because they loved playing games especially in the forest. “Sure Lucie! Lets play hide and seek. I’ll set the timer.” Lucie giggled and ran off to find the PERFECT hiding spot. Their game was a bit different and the person would set a timer for 10 minutes. It was more fair this way because the forest was so huge. Sometimes Lucie would test Evie to see if she would cheat and come running. So when Evie heard Lucie scream she thought nothing of it and figured it was just another game. There was only the sounds of nature upon Evie and when the timer dinged it startled her out of her calm head space. They didn’t yell out here I come! Because the person should be ready and if they were found by surprise it was only their fault and so off Evie went to look for the hardest place in the woods. She searched and searched and searched. She searched some more and looked high and low and even in the middle ground. After an hour she gave up. “Lucie!” She called. No answer. She kept searching. These were her fathers neck of the woods. She didn’t know the woods well and neither did Lucie. She started to panic. She raced back home. Her feet thundering against the fertile ground littered with sticks and pine-cones. Her heart beat like a drum in her chest, the only thing keeping it there was her rib cage. “Daddy!” She screamed. Running faster and faster she didn’t dare look back. She was on a mission. Soon her father, tall like a lumberjack came running. Running to save his daughter. “Evie what is it?” He called after her and soon saw her running quickly towards him. She collided into him and wrapped her arms around him panting like she couldn’t suck enough oxygen into her system. “I can’t find Lucie she’s gone!” And then the tears came. That day and that night and for the next few weeks cops scoured the forest, but no matter how hard they looked there was no evidence of Lucie or where she went.

“Miss.” Someone shook Eve awake and her large brown eyes fluttered open. “You’re at your destination.” An older man spoke to her. She thanked the man and grabbed her luggage, bumping her way off the bus to greet her father. But the bus roared away leaving a trail of smoke to choke on and no father there. Instead there was a pretty lady who walked up to Eve in tall high heels and a real tight pretty dress. Her hair was blonde and her eyes were hazel. “Are you Eve?” She questioned. Eve instantly was suspicious. “Who wants to know?” She demanded. “Come with me.”

And the woman walked away, as she turned she grabbed Eve’s luggage and Eve had no choice but to chase after the much faster woman. “Who are you!?!?” Eve demanded. “Relax Evie.” The older woman calmly stated and Eve froze at the old name.

Her blood ran cold and a face appeared “Hey Evie? Wanna play a game?” Eve quick snapped out of it and harshly stated “It’s just Eve.” Before getting into the backseat of the older woman’s car. It smelled. She couldn’t quite say what it smelled like. Not a bad smell. But a good one. It was familiar to her yet she couldn’t point what the smell was. Soon they drove up to a nice home, decent size. And out came her father looking good as usual.

“Hello Evie!” He smiled and there was that voice again. “Hey Evie? Wanna play a game?” Eve ground her teeth together. “Dad you know it’s just Eve.” For a spilt second she saw her father freeze as he remembered but as fast as it was there, it was gone and he smiled.

“Oh dear yes I forgot. You matured so fast just started hating that name. She always claimed she was too mature for it.” Eve was now confused. Her father knew exactly why she hated that name why was he lying to this lady? Who was this lady anyway? “Dad. Who is this?” She tried sounding as polite as she could and smiled easily.

“This is my girlfriend, Lace. Odd name I know. But I think it fits her perfectly. Originally it was Lacy but we just call her Lace around here.” She froze again. But quickly shook it off before Lace or her dad noticed. Can you take me to my room? I’m kinda tired.” She lied. “Sure. Oh and me and Lace are headed to a big dinner and dance. Behave and make sure to lock ALL of the locks on the door okay?” Her dad seemed to be glaring at her and strict. He never cared about locked doors before. Why now? “Uh Sure dad..” She trailed off. “Rules are no going outside after 9 PM cause that’s when it gets dark. Lock every single lock on all of the doors that lead to outside, I already got the garage part. Don’t open any windows. But you can stay up as late as you’d like and we got a cook to cook pizza and then after it is done and cut they will leave. You can watch TV but most important rule NO GOING OUTSIDE!” And he grabbed Lace’s hand and walked her down to the car.

She stared at her dad as if he were an alien. What is with all these foreign rules? The cook walked out the door. She was real tall and lanky with short hair. She didn’t say a word just walked off and Eve walked inside the real nice home with the smell of pizza wafting outside. And she shut the door. Wondering what her father was trying to keep out as she noticed all of the dead bolts and even a great big one. Fear shot through her. If he was keeping something out it must be big.. And possibly even deadly...

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