The Forest

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Chapter 10

Heart thumping, Feet pounding. She ran. Panting. She was running back to her only place that nobody knew about. Chase didn’t even know about it. It was a little ways out there but she could do it. She was used to running. From my problems, from bullies, responsibilities... She thought, only half kidding. Her arms were pumping away at her sides. She was panting so hard, her lungs screaming for more oxygen. It was almost too much.

The burn in her legs, they were moving so fast it seemed unreal. The burn in her chest, the scream for more oxygen getting more and more urgent and she couldn’t keep up with the demand. And then she skidded to a stop. She cocked her head, trying to silence her heavy breathing as her chest burned, drinking in all the oxygen she gave it. She heard a stick break. She held her breath and slammed her back against the nearest biggest tree. And soon she felt the thumping as the beast came her way.

As quick as sonic she scurried up the tree like a squirrel. Hiding in a hole in part of the tree. She hollowed it out after Lucie finished the book about a beast that haunted the forest. She froze. She forgot all about that book. Looks like that came true too Lucie. She held her breath as the thundering got closer and closer. She drew her knees up close to herself and shut the little bark looking curtain in front of her. It looked like it was part of the tree almost. She quieted her breathing so it came out in little pants.

She peered out from the crack, looking down and froze. What she saw was a horror among horrors. Even in the book they weren’t that specific to what the beast looked like. But the beast was definitely something you would find in some horror book. She was terrified. She wasn’t ready to die. And didn’t her and Lucie make it to where the beast only came out at night? This was enough scary things for one day. When could this hellish nightmare end??

She watched it prowl along the bottom of the very tree she was sitting in and its head shot up, and she lurched back, against the backside of the tree, praying she was out of sight. Her palms began to sweat even harder. Except not from running, of course, but from fear.

She could hear her heartbeat thundering in her ears, almost as if her heart was located inside of her head. She felt like she was frozen from the fear of getting caught. If she were going to be caught, she would die. It was like a for sure deal. As if she signed a contract to be killed by the beast if it saw her. And she knew it could climb. Heck it climbed the tree that their tree house sat in that one very night. She could hear the sticks cracking below its weight as it walked around the very area she was hiding in, on the bright side, she was halfway to her spot. She made sure she had a hiding spot halfway just in case.

As a child she was very fearful. Not as fearful now since she had been in the forest with a murderer, she didn’t care as much now. But her main fears from the books they wrote as a kid were still there. She wasn’t sure why that was. But what she did know, is she very much feared the beast, now more than ever. And that she hated all those horror stories Lucie forced her through. And right now, she definitely hated Lucie. Lucie and her stupid horror stories.

Lucie ate up horror. It was like food to wait..It was like water to her. She loved reading horror books and watching horror movies. She tried converting Evie to a Horror freak like herself, but Evie just wasn’t the right type. Some people have a craving for horror, just not Evie. It wasn’t her thing. Lucie teased Evie about it all the time, but Evie never budged.

“Hey Evie? Wanna-” “No Lucie for the last time I am not watching a horror movie with you, I am not reading a horror book with you, and I am for sure not writing a horror book with you.” She crossed her arms and turned around, looking back at the TV at the show that was playing, Because of Winn-Dixie, and continued watching. She and Lucie were talking about what to do tomorrow and then her dad walked in claiming he was having an early bed. “Aw come on Evie!” Lucie begged. Lucie was sure that if she begged long enough Evie would cave. She always did. But little did she know, this was one thing Evie was solid on. “I said no, Lucie! So stop asking!” Lucie gritted her teeth glaring at her so called best friend. “You’re such a wimp! We can’t even do anything fun because you’re such a baby getting scared at everything!” She was enraged. She was sick of Evie sucking the fun out of everything. She would have to grow to like horror Lucie decided and grabbed the remote turning Winn Dixie off. “Hey!” Shouted Evie upset that Lucie for one insulted her and for two turning off her favorite movie. “Nope! It’s time for horror!” Lucie grinned popping in the movie Mama and hitting play. Evie felt a chill descent upon her body, a fear growing from the pit of her stomach. She felt a knot grow in her throat making it feel like she couldn’t swallow. To say she was terrified, was an understatement. But also with that fear came anger at Lucie forcing this upon her. She felt like she couldn’t move, like the fear chained her to the floor. She probably could have gotten up and walked away, or told her father, or screamed. Or maybe even kicked Lucie out. She probably could have fought for the remote back from Lucie. If she did any one of those things, things probably would have been different. But she didn’t do anything, she just sat there and let it happen, like a doormat.

Eve tried forgetting about that day as much as she could, she hated thinking about it and remembering. The beast looked like it was retreating but Eve wasn’t gonna fall for that. So even after it was out of sight she stayed up in the hiding spot for about another hour before coming down. She looked at her watch and it was about 3:30 PM so she continued running to her safe place that not even the beast could get into. And if need be she could always stay there over night. Although that was something she definitely didn’t want to do.

She stopped at the hiding spot she carved out part of a tree that stood in front of a hill, made a bark door and tunneled out the very stable hill. It had a lock on the door and metal plating on the back. Inside the safe place was metal walls and even a carpet. Her dad helped her build it but she blindfolded him on the way there so he wouldn’t know exactly where it was. The metal was bolted and glued in. She took the key off of her necklace. She always had 2. One for the hiding spot in her room, and the other for her hiding spot out here. She quickly got inside and she locked it.

The inside was a pass code to unlock it, the outside was a regular lock. She had an emergency exit too. She walked inside and froze, because there was something terrifying on the walls. Her blood ran cold making her shiver and a lump formed in her throat, her eyes darted around but everything was as she left it...well almost. Everything was the same except for that wall. There was blood covering the walls. But it wasn’t just smeared on there it spelled out a message..a Rhyme.

“Girls who run and hide, I chide, for they will soon say goodbye. Lucie Lucie was fed, Lucie Lucie bled, Lucie Lucie is now dead. -Love, Lucie’s Killer” She slowly backed up. Trembling. She wished she never saw that. She wished she didn’t she didn’t want to remember Lucie’s death. She ran to the trunk to see if they left anything but when she opened it up everything was the same, except a letter, written to her. If it was as bad as the poem she didn’t want to read it but she had to.

“Dear Evie.. Ah yes little Evie. How much you hate that name I know.. Or at least you hate it now. Do you like my little gift I left on your wall? Lucie helped me out... Well she supplied the ink..shall we say. I suggest that you don’t try to figure out who I am as it will have lasting consequences. Do you remember Lucie or just the good parts about Lucie? -LK”

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