The Forest

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Chapter 11

She shot up in her bed, the sweat soaked covers falling to her lap. Her wide eyes danced in the dark, searching for movement. Some of her brown hair stuck to her face, soaked with sweat. Her legs were sticky and she felt very hot, or overheated one could say. She wished what she saw at her old hiding place was a dream, but it wasn’t. When would the horrors end? She wished Lucie never died. She wished she didn’t start looking for her killer. She wished she never went back. But stupidly she did.

And now she paid the price. Maybe I should listen to the killer’s letter... Maybe it would be better to leave the case unsolved. I ain’t even sure I’m strong enough to go through with it now.. Not after the night I just had. But deep down she knew she wouldn’t stop, she couldn’t. What happened that day?? Why did little Lucie get killed instead of Eve? Did they want Eve to feel this pain and torment?

And then she froze. She heard something. It was almost like it was a scream, except it didn’t come from a human... It must have been the beast. She froze quickly dropping her upper torso back on the bed pulling the sheets up to her chin, turning towards her door, and away from her window. Waiting. Waiting for the beast to show up. And show up it did. She knew it showed up from the red glow illuminating into her room. She quick shut her eyes before it realized she was awake and pretended to sleep. Sitting as still as possible. And then she heard an awful sound. Like nails on a chalkboard the beast began to cut through the window. Terror spiked through her. She needed to get out while she still could, before it actually killed her.

However, she decided, it might not be coming here to kill her.. She knew that might have sounded dumb to an outsider but she had to trust it wasn’t going to kill her. And then it stopped along with the sound of something heavy hitting the floor and then the red glow was gone, she didn’t dare move because it could easily come back and kill her. She didn’t know the beast never intended to kill her. How was she to know something like that? There was no way. Unless Eve talked to it. But that wouldn’t happen. Ever.

She waited half an hour before climbing out of bed and grabbing the envelope. It was black with a red wax seal. A skull. She couldn’t risk leaving it there all night for Lucie or her father to find. If that happened who knows what would become of it and her findings of this case. She quickly opened it and shined a flashlight on the red lettering. Dark red.

“Little Lucie screams, but no one comes, Little Evie sits, eyes closed undisturbed. The timer gets turned back, as if time were set back, but yet it was just giving the killer more time. Little Lucie hides but she cannot tell Evie where. If she told Evie where, the game would be over. Little Lucie is still waiting for Evie to find her. When will Evie come find her? She is getting awfully bored... But she gives Evie the benefit of a doubt. Evie hasn’t been to this hiding spot in years. Little Lucie is not even sure if Evie remembers where it is. The game ends when Evie finds Little Lucie. Lucie holds all of the answers Evie wants. But how bad does Evie want to find Little Lucie?? -TR”

Eve drops the letter stunned. Horrified. She can’t even believe what she just read. She stands there frozen. Unsure of where to go next. Where would she even move on from this? Someone wants her to find Little Lucie. But it can’t be the killer..Could it? And who even is TR? Or even LK? Are they initials? Eve decides this day has had its fill of events. More than what she hoped or even wished for. She wished she could take it back, but sadly, she can’t.

She stuffs the letter back in the envelope and puts it in her hiding space, planning on telling Chase about all of this tomorrow. She curls back under the covers, falling asleep to dreams about Little Lucie, and the days before she died.

“Evie! I said I was sorry!” Lucie calls from the forest, searching for her best friend. She had been gone all day. That night she forced Evie to watch Mama. Evie needs to get a sense for horror. But now here Evie was, mad at her. Or maybe upset. Lucie figured Evie would cling to her not run off and be alone. Wasn’t she scared of the movie coming to life? That’s what Evie always said what feared her most. It was her paranoia. But Evie was gone. Where could she have gone.. Lucie searched for a very long time. So finally she went back home, to see if Henry knew where Evie was. Maybe she went back home and she didn’t see her. That calmed Lucie down a bit and she started her trek back home. Stopping at Evie’s house she rang the bell and heard thundering before the door swinging open to a very worried dad. “Lucie! Have you seen Evie?” And Lucie’s heart sinks. Tears well in her eyes as she realizes her mistake. “I thought she was here...” She all but cried. Tears rolled down her face and she sobbed deeply for her lost friend. “Come in Lucie, let’s call your parents and tell them you’re staying here tonight.” She walked in, palms pressed against her shut eyelids as the tears kept coming, no sign of stopping. She wished she could take back last night.. But she couldn’t. She promised herself when she saw Evie she would say sorry and let her like what she likes... But when Evie doddeled home late that night about 8 PM, none of it came up. Evie walked past Lucie as if she were a ghost, straight up to her room and shut the door. Henry looked at Evie and then Lucie and decided not to say anything. If Evie was mad, she’d get over it. Henry drove Lucie home while Lucie cried. And after the tears came anger. She would make Evie pay.

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