The Forest

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Chapter 12

She wasn’t even sure of a place Lucie would hide..Or where the killer would hide her. She was sure the only place they had together was the tree house. But unbeknownst to her, there was a memory, so far back, she had locked it up, so now she didn’t even remember.

The memory was created when she was 6. But she didn’t even know it existed. She locked it down because it was just easier to deal with it, that way. She didn’t want to remember and as time passed, she didn’t remember it at all. To her, this memory didn’t exist. But in the dark crevices of her mind, it very well existed. It was just under lock and key, throw away the key. They would need something to unlock that memory, but what would unlock a locked memory? Eve pondered a lot that morning over the letter.
Someone had hidden Lucie, or..Lucie hid there herself and died there, still waiting. She didn’t like the fact she was caught up in her own horror story. She hated horror enough as it was; she didn’t want to be thrown into the midst of an actual horror story. When would it end? She wished it would end now. That she’d wake up, and this would all be some twisted nightmare. But things like that didn’t happen to people like her.

They went through hell, and this was her personal hell. She had to face her biggest, deepest, darkest fears, if she wanted to ever find Lucie, and her killer. And she definitely wanted the piece of mind.

So she had to continue with the search, she had no other choice. So she called Chase up that morning explaining that she needed to talk to him. They met, yet again, at the cafe to talk about what had happened. And she spilled everything that she knew, including the message and the letter. Chase listened to it all as she went in detail. But the more she talked the more and more came out and she kept jumping from past to future. And before Chase got to tell her what he knew, he had to go home. An odd text from his dad so he told her he would see her the next day. “Bye Chase!” She waved and got out of her chair, pulling her sweaty thighs from the seat, stretching her legs. She was definitely ready for a bath.

Eve walked home listening to the birds sing, and smelling the fresh pine scent in the air. It was almost as if everything was perfect. nothing was wrong at this point in time. Like she was going home to a happy family to eat dinner and talk about her day. But sadly, that wasn’t what was happening. Her shoes crunched up the sticks and dead leaves and then her house loomed into view. A smile graced her lips as she climbed up the stairs. Her legs straining with effort from the days events.

She pushed open the mahogany bathroom door, walking in, and shutting it behind her with a quiet click. Getting undressed, she turned the whirlpool bath on and started to fill it with water. The only sounds around her were the water and the sounds of clothing hitting the floor. Slowly Eve slipped inside, the minute she was fully in, she laid her head back, completely relaxed. Nothing would disturb her now, because nothing could. She refused to get out of the bath at any costs. Even when her phone rang and rang, buzzing on the counter. It was set to sound and vibrate. She refused to get up and get it and next thing she knew she was out. But little did Eve know that her life was about to be turned upside down again.

Chase was desperate. “Pick up Pick up!” he screamed at the phone dashing through the forest, away from his home. He needed to get away pronto, before he was next. His legs were pumping underneath him. Sticks cracking under his weight, his chest heaving up and down or in and out. Arms pistoning away. He had to get away. If he didn’t the consequences were going to be fatal. “Pick up Eve!!” He shouted glancing at his phone again before it went to voicemail for the second time. He rang her up again. He didn’t care how many times he had to call she would have to pick up. He kept sprinting, even though his chest began to hurt. The wind stinging his face, turning it cold. But yet, he kept going. Not stopping for anything. “DARN YOU EVE!!” And he ran, kept dialing her. His torso burned and his legs ached, but he pushed on.

Eve awoke sometime later to her phone ringing, quickly she hopped out of the bath picking her phone up. 20 missed calls. Quickly she answered it “Hello?” And was welcomed with a “DARN YOU EVE!!” Oddly Enough Eve was confused at why Chase was upset with her. Before there was a click. And then it rang again “What do you what Chase!?!” She said angrily. “Finally you pick up! I am coming to your house. I am almost there. Be ready to lock the door after I come in.” And with that there was the buzz that the phone was hung up.

Eve groaned. She didn’t want to end her bath so soon, but at the force of her hand, she drained the tub wrapping a towel around her torso. The water slipped off of her head, down her back, and into the deep purple fibers of the towel. Water slid down her legs, as if they were a slide, and onto the floor as she quickly walked to her bedroom drying herself off, the towel soaking up as much as it could, much like a sponge. She dropped the dark purple towel as she got into her closet grabbing undergarments and a shirt and slipping them on as quick as she could.

She grabbed a pair of white skinny jeans and a white T shirt that would soon be too small for her. She grabbed white ankle socks and her white converse shoes, quickly tying them up and dashing out of her room, wet hair soaking up the back of her shirt, slamming the door behind her and bolting down the stairs sitting on the couch, waiting for Chase. And before she knew it she saw him running into her house, covered in blood, slamming the door behind him. His big brown eyes were wide with fear and he leaned over panting, right after he locked the door. He leaned up against it and slowly slid down, leaving a trail of blood on the door down, right where he slid. It was as if he was dripping of blood. Like he rolled in a pool of it. He killed someone!

Eve just stood there, her mouth wide open, not even sure what to say, barely assessing the situation. What do you say to your best friend who just ran into your house covered in blood? What can you say?? Not much of course Eve figured. So they just stood there in silence before Chase muttered two horrific words that Eve didn’t know how to react. “He’s dead.”

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