The Forest

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Chapter 13

Eve was frozen. Chase was frozen. They were each frozen for two different reason. Finally Eve managed to stutter out “W-Who?” Her big hazel eyes wide with fear, giving away her true emotions. Only Lucie was able to ever read her. “My dad...” He trailed off. Staring into the distance. He wasn’t sure how to feel. It all felt surreal to him. Of course it would. To just think his dad was alive hours earlier, but now he wasn’t was just numbing. He wasn’t crying. Not yet. He was in shock for the most part.

Eve on the other hand was terrified. She wasn’t ready to be thrown into another investigation. Not again. The last one still had a toll on her. She didn’t want to go through that again.

“We gotta lock up!” He hurried suddenly snapped back into reality rushing about her house locking every window and door. She watched him and suddenly he spun on his heel to face her, his eyes wild and wide. Full of emotion. “Don’t just stand there!!” He screamed, the anxiety taking over, “Help me! Get the second floor. I got the basement.” And he spun back around taking off to the door that concealed the stairs and the basement. Quickly he rushed down them.

She just slowly turned, as if in a daze and walked up the stairs locking all of the windows, except one. It wouldn’t lock. As if it refused. So she just locked it as best as she could, it failed but she did her best trying. Maybe I’ll tell Chase.. She thought to herself but decided against it. He was off his rocker enough as it was he didn’t need anything added to it.

She walked down the stairs and he was standing there, tapping his foot. “Well?” He asked impatiently. Where was the guy she knew?

“I got it.” She rolled her eyes. Eve was tired of this already and looks like she’d be stuck with him overnight. “I gotta go somewhere though. Don’t wait up and do not open any doors or windows!” He turned and dashed, going out the door and running off into the night. The darkness swallowed him up as if he were never there. Or maybe as if the darkness was alive, eating him.

She paced back and forth. He never mentioned being back. She was anxious when he would be. She doubted he would go back home but maybe he would. She wasn’t sure yet. All she could hear was her rapid breathing...No.. Panting. And her heart bashing itself against her rib cage; trying to escape but not being able to. She felt the chills. She always felt chills when having an anxiety attack.

She suddenly remembered he had his phone on him and she pulled out hers with shaky sweaty hands bringing up his contact and texting him “When will you be back?” Her anxiety rose. Waiting for that single response. It almost felt unbearable. She couldn’t do this. And then her phone rang with noise at the sound of him texting.

“At morning. You will see me in the morning. Sometime tomorrow. Gtg. Bye.” No snide comment? She wondered. How off of him but she just put the thought aside and climbed up the stairs, some of the anxiety falling away. She pulled back her blue silk covers and climbed into bed, slowly drifting to sleep. Little did she wasn’t alone. And she didn’t even remember, through all of her anxiety, to shut the door let alone lock it. And with that mistake it came inside.

The thing, the beast, slowly crept over the entrance fitting itself inside of Evie’s house. Of course it couldn’t kill her. Stealthily it crept up the stairs and lightly pushed her door open watching her sleep. On impulse it quietly scraped its nails against the walls and back down the stairs, not to wake her up, but to lead her; lead her investigation. It kept scraping the walls with one... arm now. To the basement door which it opened and descended upon. making it’s way to a seemingly innocent wall it stopped.

This is where things would worsen for little Evie. And of course Eve wouldn’t realize the monster left, but that is where all fear comes from, the unknown. The beast, satisfied with the push it gave leaves the house without a sign it was there, except the scratches against the wall. Eve was about to get an awakening.


Eve woke as the sun shined on her face and she squinted her eyes rolling over wishing for more sleep and sadly, getting none. After trying to fall back asleep for a good 15 minutes with no success she gets out of bed pulling on white shorts and a green tank top exiting her room. Eve stopped dead in her tracks and her blood ran cold. Fear pulsed through her body as she gazed upon the wall in front of her. Deep scratches embedded into the wall. She was terrified and gulped, a knot forming in her throat as she made her way downstairs. The door was still gaping open. For a second she thought the beast broke in, broke its own laws. And then she remembered. It was her fault for forgetting the door the whole time.

She gulped turning towards the basement door, the deep scratches stopping there, at the closed door. She bit her lip too scared to venture down there, yet she knew she had to. One foot in front of the other, brought her closer and closer to that basement door, where who knows what lurked down there. If the beast was going to spring out and kill her, or what. What surprises were down there. She wrapped her sweaty hand around the metal cold doorknob, her sweaty hand warming it up. She gulped feeling as though she swallowed a rock and it was lodged in her throat.

Slowly, with unknown strength and boldness she didn’t know she had, she turned the knob and pulled the door towards her. The light from the living room flooding down the staircase. Scratches embedded into the sides of the walls. She could have sworn she saw blood on the walls but she couldn’t bear to look at them, which made her heart beat harder.

It was as if someone injected her with something causing the fear to course through her body at every pump of her heart. It felt so unbearable and crippling. She kept going forward, each foot in front of the other. Slowly descending to the bottom. She planted both feet on the basement carpet and flicked on the light taking in the scene. A bloody note written on the wall. “Evie. Little Evie. Fear, is a gear. Turning. Controlling. Lucie. Little Lucie. Abandoned into the forest. Evie sees it different but Little Lucie doesn’t. Waiting. Waiting for her friend in that secret place that Evie locked down. When will Evie come back for little Lucie.”

Eve stumbled into a wall panting with clenched fist. Her heart bashing against her rib cage as if trying to escape; but of course Eve didn’t blame it, even she wanted out of this hell. Her breathing came quick and shallow. The only sound she could hear was her breathing. Didn’t even hear the footsteps coming down the stairs. To ambush her or surprise her nobody but the intruder knew. “What are you doing?” A voice whispered in her ear and she screamed at the top of her lungs before her world went black. A thud echoed around the nearly empty room.

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