The Forest

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Chapter 14

Well.. He didn’t expect that. Her father looked kindly down at her smiling. Not realizing the scratches on the wall or the blood. He picked her up and carried her up the stairs, with much effort. He couldn’t bear carrying her up another flight so he laid her gently on the couch, wrapping her up in a blanket and turning the lights off before heading to work his mind somewhere else, some other time.

Some hours later Eve woke up. She didn’t move. A place that I locked down? What does that even mean? Eve pondered this for an hour before getting up and seeing Lucy walk in, so Eve did the next best thing, She pretended to be asleep. Lucy looked down on what she assumed to be a sleeping Eve before scurrying up the stairs and Eve followed peeking into her dad’s room. “The plan won’t work!” She heard Lucy say with worry evident in her voice. “She is onto me I believe. She will know something is up.” And then it was as if Eve went deaf since there was no sound. She wondered if Lucy was still there and then relief flooded when Lucy began talking again “Are you serious? I can’t just kill a teen! Not like she can! And she killed a child!” Eve’s eyes went wide. She was positive Lucy was talking about killing her and she feared for her own life.

But then something else registered. “Not like she can! And she killed a child!” Who was this ‘she’? Eve thought this could really bring her closer to finding out who killed her friend all those years ago. “I will not kill her! I am not gonna turn into her!” And then more silence continued. “Well I’m already dead anyway!” Was Lucy in trouble? This was getting so confusing to Eve she would soon question which way is up! “It won’t happen. I am sure of it. No She won’t find out what happened. There’s no way she can. Scratches? Yes.. The beast can only kill. Not warn. And I doubt it will tell anyone. Its only impulse is to kill. You didn’t know? I thought they told you.. Ugh well when I get back I’ll explain to you. I gotta go Eve is sleeping downstairs. I gotta make sure she is still there.. What? Wait explain first” And eve quietly crept away flinging herself over the back of the couch turning so Lucy wouldn’t be able to see her face.

Lucy quietly walked down the stairs to make sure Eve couldn’t hear her. She peered over the couch to see the side of Eve’s head, fast asleep. “Yeah. We gotta stop talking so much, people will start to become suspicious.” And then a bunch of mumbling. Eve thought she heard “Not invented yet” but she couldn’t be sure. And then Lucy hung up. She heard Lucy walk out the door and a little bit later a car drove off. Eve sat up. She needed access to her older memories. She had to find this long lost place.

Good thing for her in every story was a clue to this place. She just didn’t know what that clue was. She grabbed the horror story binder and fled to her secret hide out, where the bloody note was still written. And began reading, because this was the only place she could think and have some space.

A few hours later Eve still hadn’t gotten anywhere, and that blood creeped her out immensely. So she gave up for the time being emerging out and realizing it was dark. Crack, A stick broke. Shhhh, the leaves were rustling as if someone was walking through them. A shadow cast against the ground. And Eve darted back inside shutting the door and locking it again. It was the beast. Little did she know she had been spotted.

The beast walked slowly through the forest, looking for a source of food. Looking for anyone but they wised up and found out he existed and now he was barely getting by. Sticks cracked under his weight, and leaves rustled and broke as he trudged through them, and then he saw movement. The girl. She darted back into her hideout and then he heard a click. Silently he walked up to the area she disappeared in trying the door, gently nudging it ever so gently she wouldn’t have even know he was there. It was locked tight but he could camp out here all night, and that’s exactly what he did.

Meanwhile Eve was going into the secret hideout in the hideout for emergencies only. If someone dangerous broke in she needed a place to hide pulling back fake sheeting was a door and she crawled in to the safe space, gently closing the door behind her. Turning the light on she found a folder laying in the middle of the floor, the room how she left it, nothing creepy left behind. She approached it. The room was relatively small, tall enough to stand up in and was about 6x6. There was a cot, blanket, and pillow in one corner in case she had to sleep there. Some food that had gone bad (prepackaged stuff) and books. She opened the folder and began reading. She didnt hear the door to the secret area opening. Or the person sneaking inside. She read all the while the person did what they were doing and left.

Eve’s jaw dropped. This could change everything. It was almost terrifying to consider this was even true. It couldn’t be she tried telling herself. Things like this didn’t happen!! Her anxiety calmed for a bit. She managed to convince herself that this wasn’t happening and there was more to consider before just assuming. She opened the door cautiously and walked out gasping seeing a paper with a pushpin in it. Part of her wall was cork so she could pin things up. She took the note down and it said

“Oh dear Evie. Did you figure it out after all these years? Are you trying to tell yourself it couldn’t be true? Things like that just don’t happen do they? It took you so long. Beware of the beast. Oh Evie Don’t go insane. It’s not that big a deal -LK”

Who was this LK Eve fumed. She wished they would stop calling her Evie. It was time to end this!!!! She was sick of these little riddles and games. And with courage she walked out the door to be greeted with a terrifying sight.

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