The Forest

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Chapter 15

Eve gazed up at the beast looming over her obviously hungry as drool came out of its mouth. She stepped back in horror, knowing nobody has ever gazed at the beast and lived. So she did what first came to mind: She ran. She had to figure this all out. She couldn’t die! Not yet!

Sticks cracked under her weight and the breeze whooshed past her. Her lungs inflating with oxygen and deflating so fast, yet not fast enough and soon it was burning. Her throat was as if it was lit on fire and someone hit her hard in the side but she kept going not bothering to turn around, for that would cost time.

Her feet thundered against the ground propelling her small body forward. The air burned her eyes but she kept going; pumping her arms, running as fast as she could. Her legs blurs underneath her. She was getting closer now. Closer to the truth. To finding out what happened to Lucie. She had to know.

The beast however was irritated she even bothered trying to run. Usually he would have been able to catch up but since he hadn’t eaten in so long he was weak and couldn’t run fast or long and soon passed out and she kept running not realizing it.

Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and stopped placing her hand on the rough gray bark of a tall tree. All she could hear was her panting and her heart bashing itself against her rib cage. She glanced back behind her seeing no beast and figuring she lost it. Her hair was wet with sweat and she sat down to catch her breath when Lucy approached her. “Water?” She asked with a cock of her head. Eve took it mumbling a thanks before opening it and chugging the whole thing. She rested her head on her knees that were pulled against her chest.

Suddenly she heard something odd, like metal against metal and quickly moved while the ax was impaled into the tree. Lucy stood there angry as ever looking as if she were going to kill Eve. Eve ran to hide and Lucy came after her, without her ax. Running so much was going to drain her of her sugar level and she couldn’t keep this up. A murderous woman who didn’t even talk to her. Why did she even want her!?! Why did she hate her! It’s not like eve did anything to her! Eve shouted in her head. The one thing that kept her going was solving her friends death.

She owed Lucie that much. Her feet slammed against the ground, breaking leaves, cracking sticks, leaving imprints that she was there. And then Her face hit the ground and she felt something trickle across. She touched her lip and pulled her hand away. Red ooze covered her fingers. And not just a little bit of it but a lot. Suddenly Lucy was on top of her with a big rock but Eve wiggled out. Obviously Lucy underestimated the size of Eve. And eve grabbed the first sharp object she could find and pointed it at Lucy.

Lucy just stared at it as if it were an alien object before laughing. “You aren’t going to hurt me!” She said. “Try me!” Challenged Eve a dark glint in her eye. And that’s when Lucy saw it. She realized it had been there the whole time. Since forever. “I see it now! It’s written!!” She exclaimed at Eve with such hatred Eve didn’t even know it was possible “What is written?” she said so hesitantly it was like she was scared to ask.

“You! What you will do!!” Lucy spat at her. “Will do?” She cocked her head so confused. Eve was beginning to think this lady was insane. “Why don’t you continue to where you were going and find out Little Evie! Just wait til you figure it out. It’s gonna blow you away!” Lucy glared at her panting, not taking her eyes off of Eve. “Are you LK?” Eve whispered. Lucy’s face turned from angry to confused “LK?”

“All these notes I get are from an LK.” Eve confessed, not about to share any more, not with a woman who just attacked her! “I don’t know anything about an LK.” And Lucy sat down obviously waiting for Eve to finish this crazy hectic thing. So Eve walked up to a place she didn’t even remember. But yet knew the way and went inside. The horrors would change her. Forever. She saw an older woman sitting in a chair looking at her. “So you figured it out, Eh Evie?” Her smirk gave her away that she was just enjoying this too much. “W-Who are you?” Demanded Eve even though she stuttered a bit.

“Well I am Eve!” Claimed the woman and Eve glared back at her. “I’m Eve!” She did not like this woman’s games. “Yes we both are Eve because we are the same person.” She smiled so easily as if this was a common thing. “No, no we are not the same person! If we were you would look like me and since you are older and I’m not looking into a mirror you are not me!” Anxiety began to creep up on her. All she wanted was answers, not some woman who was pretending to be her. “You see Eve that story you read? It was all true. An angry little girl writing away a beautiful friendship.”

The woman began talking and Eve sat down because she feared if she didn’t her legs would give out. “Well..” began the woman and the story was on.

I was a little girl with a best friend, Lucie. We grew up together and had so much fun until she forced me to watch a horror movie and I doing the right thing watched with her. Didn’t do anything to spite her and we became adults with the best friendship. Everyone was jealous of it. But then Lucy became such a terrible person and did something so unforgivable. I had to rid of her before she could do something. So I came back in time when you were at the tree and I killed her. Cleaning was so effective, so thorough that nobody, not even you could find anything.

Eve sat back horrified. Everything came back to her. “T-The beast?” She questioned. Not being able to wrap her mind around the fact she killed Lucie. “Ah yes. The beast. Well when you time travel some things tend to warp the time you travel to. Which means a beast appears. Not always in that form but since something so evil happened in the forest, that is what the beast became. A murderer as well. It couldn’t kill you. It could try but it wouldn’t work. Don’t go insane little Evie! I must be getting back. But Lucy was only here to kill you before you could kill her. Her younger self that is.

The paradox hasn’t hit her yet but it will. Oh it will.” And with that the lady stood up getting in some foreign object which vanished before her eyes. Eve could feel her sanity slowly chipping away at the fact she would kill someone, her best friend. She walked out stunned and Lucy laughed. “Mind blown eh? Well when the paradox hits me at least I will know that you know! I have some time left.” But Eve wasn’t planning on seeing Lucy vanish from time. She had bigger things to think of and somehow she got home and walked up the stairs. Her sanity kept chipping away further and further. She couldn’t take it this was too much to bear so she grabbed a bottle of pills. Taking them all, not leaving a note. Staring outside. Her heart beat slower and slower and then flat lined. She died and Eve was wiped from the entire timeline. Lucie’s legacy changed forever.

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