The Forest

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Lucie laughed running in the forest away from Chase. “I’m going to get you!” He shouted from somewhere behind her. The wind carried his voice and she giggled running faster but then he caught her. “I told you I’m fast!!” He bragged obviously proud of it. She just smiled at him. “Will we always be friends?” She questioned not being able to bear the thought of losing him.

He smiled his big toothy smile “Of course Lucie! You need me too much!” That is of course what she wanted him to think. “Hey Evie wanna play a game?” Her smile faltered a bit. “What’s wrong?” Asked Chase concerned for his friend. “Nothing!” She chirped. “Lets go to my place!” and she took off running with him not too far behind.

She doesn’t tell people she hears voices. Or thinks of things she shouldn’t even know. She had a friend named Eve. She knew everything. She wasn’t sure how but she grinned evily. Everything had played out perfectly! She had won! She had gotten a new life. And she had even gotten Chase. Eve was gone forever and she couldn’t be happier. She liked being with people but when she was alone is when things got scary. She would hear things. Terrifying things. “I know you.”

“You did this to me Lucie!” She would pretend she wasn’t hearing it but she was.. And it scared her so. Having nightmares for years at the voice but by the time she was 16 and dating Chase she saw things. People. She saw Eve and it scared her. “You did this Lucie!” Eve would say before vanishing. And suddenly people noticed Lucie’s darting eyes and more screaming. By the time she was 22 she was in an insane asylum for “seeing things” everyone said she hallucinated but she knew she wasn’t. It was a long road and it just got worse. No amount of pills changed anything. Pills can’t change what is really there. By 25 she was completely insane mumbling things to people who weren’t there. At least that’s what her doctor told Lucie’s parents.

And soon Lucie killed herself after seeing things since she was a kid she couldn’t take it anymore. Her parents devastated and her doctor feeling like he failed a patient yet he didn’t let it get to him too much. Her future was ruined all by Eve, who was supposed to be wiped from the timeline instead infused with Lucie. Tormenting her for years.

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