The Forest

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Chapter 2

She was bored. No wait. That was definitely an understatement because she was FAR from bored. She was on the verge of death. There was literally nothing to do. What was she supposed to do? eat pizza watch TV and go to bed? She couldn’t exactly explore because that was on daddy’s dearly beloved no no list.

So she waited. And waiting. Channel surfing. Then she discovered her dad was actually kind of sane because he had Netflix. But that was a downfall as she realized the router was in a lock box and who knows where the key was. “Just great!” She groaned. With nothing to do.

Finally after an hour of finding nothing on TV she rose from her spot on the black leather couch and slowly walked across the carpeted living room to the stairs made of wood. She decided she would take a VERY long bath. Forgetting to lock the door she excitedly ran up the stairs, never having a whirlpool bath before.

Her silk robe dropped on the floor and she stared at the tub in front of her. It was beautiful. She walked across the bathroom tile and dipped the tip of her foot into the hot swirling water. Deciding it was warm enough she slowly dipped the rest of her leg in following that was her body and she laid against the side, head thrown back in the relaxing pleasure of the bath. All she heard was the bath. Nothing more nothing less and she was in complete bliss. Eve finally had something good happen in her life.

That was until she heard a thud downstairs. Thinking it was her father she didn’t say or do anything. Just stayed in the bath. But after hearing that thud her thoughts turned toward something else.

“Murderer!” A kid screamed behind her and took off. Eve huffed. She didn’t kill her best friend! Everyone at the school thought that. Her mom decided Eve would stay with her father til the police finished the investigation and the police of course convinced her mother to agree to it. What ticked Eve off was the fact her mom acted like it was her idea all along. Everyone at this stupid school thought she killed her best friend. Didn’t take long for the story to get out that she heard a scream. And after that stories of her being a murderer surfaced. The bullying was unbelievable.

Eve shook her head. She refused to remember that time of her life. It was all awful. But then another one came.

“Evie? Wanna play a game?” Lucie had that grin to her again Evie thought. “What game this time Lucie? It’s late and we can’t play hide and seek.” That was their favorite game to play especially in the woods. The only place they would play it. “Lets make up a story! I have my type writer!” Lucie exclaims. It was a worn out type writer from all the stories it got. And it was black and real old. But Lucie got it for her birthday so she loved writing on it. Better than a laptop even. She was old school like that. “Okay!” Evie smiled. This was their second favorite game. They made up horror stories and told people around school they were real. Lucie always let Evie keep the stories. Her memory was so good she just remembered all of the stories anyway. Evie wasn’t so lucky and she liked to read them over and over. “What story should we make up this time?” Evie questioned her best friend. Lucie sat there deep in thought for about five minutes before she exclaimed “lets wrap all of the stories into one bigger story!” Evie was confused and Lucie understood that so she started to explain “Like make a story about 2 girls who were playing hide and seek, lets give them our names but then one girl dies... Lets make it me and the stories start coming to life and happening. But nobody says anything. And we can put your father in it and as you grow up you start to think he’s insane until one day you realize what is happening. And you never find out I die in the first place! Until YEARS later! Won’t that be amazing? Please Evie this will be our best story yet. It’s not like it would ever actually happen. Do you wanna? Or we can create a different one if you want.” Evie actually liked the idea. It somewhat scared her because it sounded so realistic. But all the stories made her feel this way and besides it was just a story anyway. It’s not like any of it would happen.

Eve popped out of her dream almost horrified. She had forgotten about that story. “Well Lucie...” She said out loud giving her the chills, “Looks like part of that story became real. You’re dead and my father is definitely weird and we never found your body. If you were still alive you wouldn’t let me be tortured like this.” But after Eve said that she had a horrifying thought. She forgot to lock the front door and she looked at the sinking sun and bolted out of the bathroom. Running in place for a sec like on a scooby doo movie and then quickly bolted the door and everything. How will dad get in she wondered but figured he knew a way in if he went out today.

She ran back upstairs and changed into some pajamas and sat back in front of the TV after draining all of the water out of her bath. She started to watch a movie but ended up falling asleep not even a fourth of the way through.

Swaying. Swaying. She felt a swaying motion but curled up against something hard and sunk deeper into sleep. He stared down at her. Curling against him. He laid her in bed. Looking around for something she may have hidden from him. He had to find it and finish it. Destroy it before it was too late but yet he knew it had to go on for now. This wasn’t scripted and it wasn’t finished. The ending was up to her unless she rid herself of it. They didn’t script that either. It wasn’t that she was prisoned to the script but more that that’s just how things happened. Lucie may have known that she were to die and wanted to finish the story or maybe it was just a story to her, only to turn a reality.

Eve couldn’t know. Not yet. It wasn’t time. He knew that he would invetiably follow the script anyway. He just hoped that opening old scars wouldn’t destroy her yet he also knew she never dealt with the pain. She just pushed it down. And because of that it just made it worse. That part wasn’t in the story. If she dealt with it maybe she would be able to do a better job of finishing what was about to come.

But since she didn’t it was going to be hard for her. And she was about to have a lot more flashbacks. He hoped she was ready. And with that he vanished not finding what he was looking for. Soon though. Very soon he would.

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