The Forest

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Chapter 3

Eve woke up stretching feeling the blanket slide a bit off of her and a cold breeze hit her. Her beautiful hazel eyes were still closed and she was far too tired to get up yet, she just needed a bit of a stretch before succumbing to sleep once again. She pulled the blanket up to her neck and curled up under it falling back into deep sleep.

"Hey Evie? Wanna play a game?” Lucie smiled at Evie. She had a fun game Evie would love this time! She liked calling her new friend Evie. Evie didn’t talk much. In fact she hadn’t said a word since she got here. She wrote notes. Too scared to talk was Lucie’s guess but nobody really knew. Evie smiled sadly at the little girl wanting to play a game but shook her head. She must be getting home soon! Mother and her boyfriend were coming down to visit... Evie shook with fear and closed her eyes tight hauling in a deep breath. Then she opened her eyes and found herself at the front door of her dads. And inside sat her worst fear, Darry. Her moms boyfriend...

Eve’s eyes slowly opened. And she then realized. She was in her bedroom, not where she was supposed to be. She remembered falling asleep on the couch, not her bedroom. Did dad bring me up here? She thought to herself slipping one leg out of the soft blanket and onto the carpeted floor. Then out came her second leg. She arched her back and sat up, the sheets falling to her waist. The day had started so she might as well get dressed, see if her father is back. She found a pretty gray shirt with some white shorts and black tennis shoes. She quick slipped them on and ran downstairs. Every morning she went for a half hour run. She liked keeping her mind busy. If she didn’t it felt like it would implode!!

Her father and...Lace sat in the kitchen eating breakfast. “Good morning Evie!” Lace greeted her and Eve ground her teeth down wondering how many times she would have to say “It’s just Eve.”

“Oh yes my bad.” But Lace didn’t seem upset at all.. She seemed to know something and Eve wanted to know what. But for now her legs were ready to run and so was she. She took the same route every day. She’s not sure why. It was the same route she took when she looked for Lucie. She felt she had missed something all these years and maybe if she looked hard enough she would find it, and find her best friend.. Although now she wasn’t so sure she wanted to find her.

Chances are Lucie is dead. She was 99% sure Lucie was dead. She’d find her dead best friend but that, at least, was better than this mystery. She had to know what happened to Lucie. She just had to.

So she started running, same routine as when she was a little kid, except she didn’t call out for Lucie anymore. Why call out for a dead person? They won’t respond. Eve searched high and low and even middle ground but just like the day she disappeared, there was no sign of anyone to be found. Dark, scary, black clouds rolled in. It looked as if they were a smokers' lungs; they were so black and heavy with rain that they were about to unleash on Eve and anyone else outside. She figured it was time to go back but yet she had a feeling she was about to make a major discovery.

She sat there and debated with herself. Stay and get soaked or go home and look later? She really would rather have gone home and she could always find this breakthrough after the storm. Little did she know, the clouds were keeping her from finding this discovery. A rule was written long ago about this very story and the one who tries to break what has been done, who tries to find out things they have no business knowing, the clouds will roll forth and unleash torrents of rain.

He watched her. Silently. Hiding in the woods. Waiting for her move. He hoped she would choose the right one. But he couldn’t influence her, no. That was against the rules and if he did that at all, he would disappear and everyone would forget he existed. Not that anyone knew anyway. All he could do was watch and hope.

Eve didn’t realize it but the only place the clouds were, was above her. They weren’t covering the town, nor her fathers house. It was a grave situation. A stick broke and her head shot up, her hazel eyes wide. She strained listening trying to hear if it would happen again. She jumped as the thunder boomed across the forest, only to be heard by her.

She decided she was already so far out here she might as well keep looking. She over turned everything she could after an hour and being soaked, with no sign of the rain letting up she sat against a tree and huffed out her disappointment. She was so sure she would find something. She couldn’t help but feel depressed, she owed her best friend to at least find her body and at most find her killer. But yet, there wasn’t a single sign Lucie ever existed. That day when she lost Lucie there were no footprints when there should have been. There was no broken branches Lucie ran through. The only thing Eve remembers about that day, the only sign anything bad happened, was that scream.

She often wondered what would have happened if she chased after that scream. Maybe Lucie would still be alive. Maybe she would have more evidence than she did now. But the only evidence she had was that one, loud, horrible scream. Why didn’t Lucie scream again? Why didn’t she try to leave a trace of where she went or who killed her. Lucie was smarter than that, and Eve knew it. She just wondered about these things a lot. Eve got a lot of counseling after she lost Lucie.

Maybe none of it really worked. Maybe they just tried brainwashing her and that only lasted so long. Maybe Eve would never know, and maybe it would just haunt her for the rest of her life. Crack. Another stick broke. She watched and waited and looked all around her for some kind of life! But there was none. Now this is getting stupid. Either I am hearing things, or something is out there.. Someone.. “Hey Evie? Wanna play a game?”

Eve bashed her head back against the tree willing the voice to go away. The one that haunts her every night in the dark. The one she hears every day. It was almost like Lucie’s catchphrase. They would joke around how if Lucie died she would taunt Eve with it. Eve never took her seriously... but now.. Maybe Lucie was haunting her with that stupid catchphrase. Didn’t she realize how much it tormented her? How much it burned her. Like a vampire to garlic. A werewolf to steel. And she wished it away but it never went away. It was always following her. Like a creepy stalker.

Didn’t Lucie care about Eve’s well being? Didn’t she care enough to leave her alone? Apparently not because here she was years later still hearing that stupid voice. And then something told her to look up. She wasn’t sure why she felt that way, because there was nothing above her but a giant pine.

Still the feeling got stronger every second she didn’t look. Every minute that passed was agony to her because of how strong the feeling was getting. Soon she was literally holding her head down telling herself nothing was up there and finally she gave up. Slowly, filled with fear and anticipation at what she might see, she lifted her head up and slowly craned it back. Ever so slowly like watching a movie in slow motion. She craned her head back and back and it slowly came into her vision. And when she saw what it was, she almost screamed, her jaw dropped.

And she gasped, it could not be... It just couldn’t she thought to herself unable to tear her eyes away from what she just discovered.

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