The Forest

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Chapter 4

She gasped at what she saw, her jaw slack, and her eyes wide. It was a note. Stop looking now. You do not want to find out what happened to Lucie. Stop now or pay the price

She froze. Who was threatening her and why? How did they even know Lucie? And what did they do to her? She concluded this must be the killer. Only a few things pointed to that conclusion. The first one being they wanted her to stop looking.

She understood it had been some time and she should let go but she needed closure and only the killer would want her to stop looking.. that’s what she figured. The second thing pointing to it was the part where it said You do not want to find out what happened to Lucie. That meant they knew what happened to her. It must have been gruesome she thought to herself sadly pocketing the note.

“Hey Evie? Wanna play a game?” Evie turned to Lucie in her sleeping bag. “Not another horror story Lucie. It’s late.” Evie whined but Lucie just rolled her eyes. She enjoyed these horror stories and wasn’t ready to give up this game no matter how much Evie hated them. She would just have to make do until she actually enjoyed this game. “Aw come on Evie we gotta write a new story!” She gave Evie the puppy eyes and Evie decided to cave. Again. Lucie sat there thinking and then an idea flashed in her head. “Lets write a story about you Evie!” She flashed her grin and Evie felt queasy. She hated being in Lucie’s stories. “It’s gonna be about you. Ooh I know. A future version of me comes back in time and falls in love with your dad and tries to sabotage you and kill you when you try finding out who killed me and we can put it in our mega story!” She smirked and began typing and Evie got a funny feeling whenever they talked about this mega story. She wasn’t sure what it was and she never said anything but she felt like if they got rid of the story, burned it on a full moon, then it wouldn’t come true. Something told her it would and the only way to stop it was to burn it on a full moon.

Eve shook herself out of her day dream. The only thing she dreamed of now was her past with Lucie. Sadly she realized how slowly that story was coming true, and she couldn’t stop any of it. Except the ridiculous part where Lucie comes back from the future and falls in love with her dad. That’s all just stupid. She got up from the log she sat on and realized she was gripping the note. She pulled her hand out of her pocket, leaving the note inside and began to walk home, her mind all over the place not being able to focus on just one specific thing.

She walked in noticing Luce sitting on the couch watching TV, she didn’t think nothing of it. “You shouldn’t go into the forest so much.” She started. “Bad things can happen there. A little girl was killed there once.” She didn’t intend on saying anymore but that somewhat ticked Eve off that she felt the need to threaten her. “Was this girls name Lucie? L-u-c-i-e?” She questioned a dark tone in her voice.

Luce’s face appeared shocked because she turned to look at Eve by the staircase. “How’d you know that? Looking into the history of the forest I see.” She winked at Eve and turned back to the TV. She almost, almost, told Luce that she was there, friends with the girl who died but an old feeling came back. The same feeling she used to get when Lucie talked about the “Mega Story.”

This feeling told her not to tell Luce. Something wasn’t right about that woman she just knew it. So she turned around and ran up the stairs, not trusting her mouth and stuck the note in a locked secret drawer in her dresser only she knew about, not even her dad knew. She never told him. She hid the drawer again, not even confessing to anybody where it was, that was how things got stolen.

Lucie never knew about it. She was gonna tell her that night, but her disappearance kind of stopped that from happening. She wondered on a constant basis what ever happened to her best friend. Her sister from another family tree. Her twin and partner in crime. Lucie had her problems but nothing could separate those girls except a murderer who got away with killing her best friend. Thinking about all of this just made her angry.

She let her best friends murderer get away. How come there weren’t any clues? There wasn’t any clues or signs Lucie was even in the forest. What happened to her? And who killed her? Maybe they had done it before which would explain the skilled work of the murder. It was skilled she decided due to the fact there were no clues that a murder took place that day. No blood, finger prints, shoe prints, dropped items, nothing.

It was as if she just blinked out of existence. However Eve knew that was ridiculous because even her father remembered Lucie. She wasn’t just a dream. What did they do with her body? All of these unanswered questions swirled around her mind when she was most vulnerable. That time usually was at night when she was ready to go to bed. Laying in the dark, just surrounded by the darkness and her thoughts, that often got depressing and Lucie centered.

She tried ignoring the fact Lucie ever existed. That didn’t work much since it was illogical. She got in the shower with her upsetting thoughts, she would never get free from them. She covered her hair in strawberry shampoo and washed it away with the scalding hot water that reminded her of a simmering summer day.

She covered herself in her cherry blossom body wash, her favorite scent. She wasn’t sure why she loved cherry blossoms. Everything about them, the tree created beautiful flowers, the scent smelled amazing. Better than any Strawberry or apple scent anyone could create.

She got out grabbing a light blue fluffy towel. It was as blue as the day time sky right at the top. She wondered if anyone else noticed the sky was different shades. If one looked straight ahead it was lighter and darker up above, just a shade though. And maybe only she noticed, but it was. And she prided herself in noticing that little detail in the sky.

And she pulled back the silk sheets, and she climbed into her sleek light green bedding and covered herself up to her neck, curling into the fetal position. The only two things that surrounded her was the darkness and her own downward thoughts. They were very downward indeed. And then something popped into her head she had never remembered before.

A weird memory. But just as fast as it was there, it was gone and she couldn’t remember the memory that just popped into her head at all. Something like this had never happened to her. She was sure of it. She wasn’t even sure it had happened but she knew better than to doubt herself.

The minute she starts to doubt herself she doubts many things ever happening. She cannot let that happen. She must keep her facts straight so she sat back up and turned on her lamp on her nightstand and pulled out an empty notebook and began to write about everything she knew about the case of Lucie and her murder. And even these current events that kept happening.

If she didn’t write them down she would get mixed up and then who would take her seriously? Certainly not anyone around here. She knew of one friend who she could confide in. She became friends with him after Lucie’s death. Her father claimed she needed a new friend. One who didn’t like going and playing hide and seek in the forest and then disappearing.

The cops doubted she even was with someone. But her father backed her up, told the cops she was with her best friend. She hadn’t seen Chase in so long. He was kind of weird. But that was okay. He was different from Lucie and she didn’t want another Lucie. She couldn’t take another risk of having another Lucie and the same thing happening again. No. She must choose someone else. So she did. And she chose Chase as her next friend. In fact he was the one who approached her at school. She turned off the light and lay back thinking of her first encounter with him

Her mind was a mess. She had just lost Lucie not too long ago. She wasn’t ready for another friend. Nobody could replace her Lucie.. Gosh now that she thinks about it, it sounds like she owned Lucie. She didn’t own her. If anybody owned anybody it would be that Lucie owned her, Evie. She believed this to be the case because Lucie almost always told her what’s what and told her what to do and got her to do almost anything. She was holding all of their stories and crying. She was walking too. And then she hit something and tumbled backwards. It almost felt as if she was falling backwards in slow motion. In any romance movie the guy would catch the falling girl, they would look into each others eyes and everything would seem like it fell away. It was just them and they would fall in love and have a happy ever after, of course after some drama. This, was not one of those stories. She glanced up at dancing brown eyes staring at her falling. And then she felt the ground. It hit hard against her butt and then her back as a sharp rock cut her back open somewhat. And the blood trickled down. She felt it against her skin, her nerves telling her what was what. If she didn’t know any better she would think it was very thick water. She knew better than that. “A girl falls for me.” The boy laughed at his own stupid joke and she grimaced. “Yeah and then the she cut herself open and realized she didn’t fall at all she was pushed.” Eve got up and turned around. The boy shocked at her reply, “I did not push you, you clearly fell.” She groaned, about to start an argument with a boy she didn’t even know. “Well clearly you saw me coming.” She told him, angrily might she note. “I figured it was fate.” He smirked. “Well it wasn’t!” She looked up at him and then he remembered where he saw her from. Flashbacks flashed through his mind. All the news papers and the TV news. He remembered her now. She was the forest girl, that is what they called her. She was the one who lost her best friend. People called her a murderer. But he didn’t see her as the insane type. He blurted without thinking “Forest girl?” and instantly regretted it seeing the pain come forth onto her face. And her hair fell forward, her hiding her face. “Do not call me forest girl! I have a name!” She tried to sound angry but instead it came out like she was on the edge of tears. “Well then what is it?” he asked as politely as he could “It’s...” She paused. Hearing people call her Evie was too much pain. That was Lucie’s nickname for her. Only Lucie should be able to call her Evie. “It’s Eve.” She stated in a matter of fact voice. “Any nicknames you like?” He asked. He liked giving people nicknames. “Nope. I don’t like them. Stick with Eve unless you wanna make me enraged.” And she turned around walking away, leaving the strange boy watching her, wondering when he would see such a girl again.

As Eve thought of Chase she slowly became relaxed again and drifted off to sleep. It wouldn’t be peaceful sleep as she would be riddled with nightmares all night long. But it was sleep. Although by morning she would probably assume it would be the same as getting no sleep. She thought of all these things and then her hazel eyes winked out of the seeing world as her eyelids covered them. And she succumbed to her sleep. And whatever nightmares were on their way.

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