The Forest

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Chapter 5

Hazel eyes popped open in the inky blackness in the early hours of the morning. Nobody would be up at this time of night, or morning depending on how you saw it. She slid out of her sweaty bed, hair plastered to her forehead. It was almost as if she dunked her head underwater. She stared outside and saw a silhouette retreating from her very house. What ever happened to don’t go outside after 9? She thought bitterly. She heard a voice outside her window, it was very loud. Like a regular voice no obstructions. She jumped back but it didn’t quit.

Evie. Evie. Evie. Follow them if you want to find out what happened to Lucie. Follow them Evie. Follow them. She got the chills from hearing it. It was a creepy wispy deep scratchy voice.

She didn’t like it much. But she was desperate to find out what happened to her beloved best friend. She turned her phone on to see it was just 2 AM. And she figured she better hurry if she ever wanted to find out what happened to Lucie. So she quick threw on her tennis shoes and grabbed a hoodie. She quick texted Chase she was following a lead and ran out leaving her phone behind.

Feet pounding. Heart racing. The rib cage being the only thing containing it. Blood pulsing. She quickly halted her feet and slid to a stop throwing her back against a tree when the running silhouette turned around. Panting. She held a hand over her mouth to silence her breathing, or at least that’s what she hoped what she was doing.

The person seemed satisfied nobody was following them because she heard them take off again so she did as well. Running after the black shadow in the inky night the only light being the very bright moon. The person stopped in the middle of a clearing and moved the leaves to uncover a secret bunker. After a few seconds they unlocked the door and disappeared under it.

She ended up climbing up the tree so they didn’t spot her on their way back.

“Hey Evie? Wanna play a game?” Lucie asked eager to play this new game. It wasn’t as much of a game as it was hard work. “What game?” She asked suspiciously. She hoped they weren’t gonna write another stupid story. “We should build a tree house we go to whenever we need to get away or wanna have just us time!” In reality Lucie had a reason to want to build the tree house. Evie never found out that reason, but it wasn’t a good one. Lucie was planning on using it against Evie. Of course she would never tell Evie that. It wasn’t that evil Lucie convinced herself. She grinned at Evie, however Evie just thought she was smiling at the amazing idea so she smiled back and agreed to help Lucie build their tree house. And off they went.

Eve was sitting in that very tree house. More of a hammock that hung a little below the floor which was wood. They covered the bottom of the hammock with leaves and whatnot to blend it into the tree. And they added some stuff on the floor of the tree house. No walls but somewhat of a roof which was just a tarp that blended into the very leafy, branchy tree.

Nobody could find it. Even Eve had trouble spotting it. But she laid in the hammock with a blanket she pulled out of their trunk and laid there, and slowly got lulled to sleep. They kept a trunk up there to keep pillows and whatnot in case it rained they would be safe.

She heard a slam and leaves shuffling and she shook awake not daring to get up and alert the person she was there. She continued to lay in the hammock waiting for the person to leave. Heck she didn’t even know who it was. She had forgotten to turn her phone on silent and Chase had perfect timing because he decided to text her right then. Her ringtone Life on the highway began to play loudly and she quick shut it off, obviously the person heard because they halted. Not moving an ounce of their body.

Heck Eve didn’t even know who it was they could kill her!! Nobody moved for a very long time. No one. They stood their frozen by fear or rage. Or maybe the person was waiting for Eve to give away her location so they could get rid of her. Eve could hear her heart racing and her heavy breathing. Sweat slowly accumulating. “Who’s out there!” The voice whisper shouted, as if they didn’t want to attract someone. She wasn’t sure if they thought her father could hear if she yelled.. or if something else was lurking out here, hunting. She thought that was stupid because nothing was out here anyway!!

“Come out here or I’ll scream... and attract the.. thing.” The voice threateningly shouted, while in a whisper tone. They sounded terrified. And suddenly Eve felt shaking. She heard someone shout a cussword and took off running toward their bunker. Eve felt terrified she wasn’t somewhere safe. What was coming? A T-Rex? Quickly she decided to dim her phone down a lot and text Chase “What on earth lives in the forest?? What the hell happened while I was gone??” Chase immediately texted back. “Please tell me you aren’t where I think you are...” She gulped. That wasn’t a good reply. “What the heck is the the forest, Chase?” She was shaking as she heard the person rush to get inside the shelter and the doors banged shut and she heard a locking sound. They just locked themselves inside their bunker and she was stuck outside.

“Look ever since you disappeared for those few summers, something took over the forest. It’s part of the reason the cops dropped the case. It was murdering anyone who tried looking at night. Or even going to their houses and killing them, leaving no clue as to what it was. And now anyone out there at night it kills. Nobody knows what it is. And good luck finding the killer with that thing out there. Nobody knows what it is. Some people say it’s Lucie. And that she doesn’t wanna be found because she thinks she looks ugly. Others say it’s the murderer and Lucie managed to kill them but died as well and now the Murderer lurks killing anyone who tries finding Lucie who also haunts the forest trying to get people to find her. Nobody knows though.”

That didn’t calm Eve down at all. In face she felt more terrified. At least she knew what this thing was, in a sense. She laid very still not moving and turning her phone screen off. Putting it flat against her stomach in case he texted again the light wouldn’t give her away. Suddenly the thundering stopped. She knew instantly where it was. There was only one place. If it knew where cops lived, it knew where the two people were. And that would mean it was beneath her. Or even in the clearing. She didn’t dare move. But the urge to look was too great so just barely she lifted her head.

She looked down through the netting as best as she could and she didn’t see anything. She put her head down again. She heard it’s breathing. Slow and steady. Like it was patient enough to wait for someone to come out of hiding. And then she didn’t hear anything. She wasn’t stupid though. Like almost anyone in a horror movie. If this was just a movie then the character would climb down out of the tree after a few moments of silence and then stand there before either seeing the beast and being killed or being killed instantly. And she definitely didn’t plan on dying tonight. She had a murderer to find. She wouldn’t let some beast kill her! Heck no!!

Her and Lucie created something to hide in. She pulled this blanket they had rolled at the end of the hammock all the way to the top so her body was covered.

She looked down again and saw just a shadow, but it was huge. And suddenly a red eye popped into her sight and it went up and up til it was a little bit above the floor of the tree house. She made sure her body was below the floor. And the red eye looked around at the floor. She stopped breathing. It seemed to land right where she was hiding under the blanket... As if it knew she was there..

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