The Forest

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Chapter 6

The eye stayed there. She wasn’t sure how much time had passed. It felt like hours!! She knew that was irrational however because it feel like a long time when something terrifying is happening. She thought of Lucie and the stupid story townsfolk had spread about this beast or whatever it was. She needed to avenge Lucie as soon as she could.

Sweat drenched her shirt under her arms and her face and hair felt damp she had never been so terrified. Although when she was looking for Lucie she was just as scared. She knew she was. It was so terrifying not knowing what had happened, and then if she would ever see her best friend again.

She had a feeling that day something would go wrong. She just assumed Lucie would want to write more about their Mega book or talk about it and that always came at night so Eve felt she was safe until then. She wasn’t. It scared her to think she could have been killed as well, but why wasn’t she. Wasn’t she a better target? Alone not running with adrenaline, sitting, eyes closed, off in her own world. Why wasn’t she killed instead? She often came back to that question. Why not her? Why Lucie?

What did Lucie keep from her? It must have been something big to warrant Lucie being murdered. She wanted the mystery to end right now. But that wasn’t about to happen. She had to go through the motions, the bad times, the deep secrets Lucie kept, the good times that made her fall apart every night.

She had to go through all of it, and be strong so that she could find out what happened. She didn’t know if she was ready, or if she could. In fact she could just give up after learning one bad secret of Lucie’s but she had to at least try and if that ruined her current memory of what Lucie was, then so be it.

Lucie kept secrets and that would be Lucie’s downfall. It would be Lucie’s fault, not Eve’s. She sat still. Oh so still! It was almost as if she was dead. She was shallowly breathing. It just about killed her because she felt like she was suffocating. The eye stayed there for what felt like forever. She wondered what really created the beast?

She always heard of evil manifesting into physical things that could harm. Is this one of those cases? Thoughts tumbled around inside her vast mind. Thoughts constantly tumbled but these ones were the more serious ones. She often daydreamed what it would be like if her best friend never died.

She never would have met chase, she wouldn’t have gotten depressed back when she was about 14. Maybe Luce wouldn’t be cavorting around with her father, Henry. Maybe she would be happier and not worry about if she would be hunted. What did the person have to gain from killing Lucie? Did they plan on killing her too?

That is what paranoid her most. What angered her most is the fact they got away. What made her happy is she knew she was doing something to stop them and catch them. Maybe Lucie would be proud. She was so deep in her thoughts she didn’t realize the red glow disappeared and there was a thundering that retreated from where she lay. It was over. She got out of her hiding spot and saw a pile of papers, typed. Not on a computer though. It looked like it was typed on a type writer. But still owned a type writer? She crawled forward on her damp hands and knees. Shaking. She couldn’t stop shaking and shivering and it wasn’t even cold out, in fact it was warm. That’s what summer nights there were like.

She stopped at the edge of the stapled document. It was one sheet in the cover of the blue binder stating the name and the authors. The date was even on there. Right in the center of the page. “The Forest Beast by Lucie Gonzales and Evie Shaps 7.14.04” Her hands shook as she put her lit phone over the binder, the moons light let her see some of the book. And she nearly dropped it. This was Lucie’s and her story! They wrote in back in 2004.

They always put it in the same colored binder. That way they knew it was a story of theirs. She grabbed the binder and climbed down from the tree house sending a quick text to Chase telling him to meet her at Cindy’s cafe. If she was caught outside she would be so busted! Her father would ground her for life!! She couldn’t let that happen. No way. But she couldn’t have Chase at her house or her dad would flip because he would be in the forest at night. So the Cafe it was.

“Hey Chase” She greeted him with a smile. Sitting in a sparkly red booth at the Cafe. “I finally got a date!” He cried. Very loudly and she just rolled her eyes. “This is serious!!” She groaned face in her hands. “Sorry sorry.” He laughed tears in his eyes not sorry at all. “You are not but I’ll take it.”

She pulled the binder from her brown bag that sat by her feet and set it on the table pushing it towards him. He knew almost all of what she knew of Lucie and the murder. He knew all of the murder just not all about Lucie. She thought she knew Lucie but little did she know, she didn’t know all of her.

“Is this legit?” He asked questioningly. When she got home to change she looked it over, and it was definitely the same story they wrote. “It is. I checked it out.” She shook her head and dropped it down exhausted and tired of this never ending nightmare. “Someone could have recreated it.” Chase remarked slowly seeing how she would respond to someone plagiarizing their work.

“Nope.” Eve stated matter of factly, intensely confident that nobody would plagiarize their work. “How can you be so sure?” He was somewhat agitated at her answer. Literally anyone could copy a book. “Because we locked every single book in a secret place right after it was finished, nobody ever saw it. We kept it in a secret place when we wrote the book and it never left.” He had no comment to that one.

“So then how did it get out??” She stopped. She hadn’t thought about that one. “Well...” She started but that was as far as she got when a hand slammed down on her shoulder and she screamed. “What do you think you are doing here?” A voice loudly boomed.

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