The Forest

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Chapter 7

She couldn’t move. She couldn’t scream. She sat there frozen by fear a weight on her shoulders, terrified. What was she to do? Scream rapist and pull out her pepper spray and spray him, running away like a lunatic? She decided that was too wild and insane and would probably have her sent to a mental institution. She didn’t dare look behind her.

Her chest was moving in and out quickly as she panicked. Her vision growing darker and darker. What could she do? She certainly didn’t know. “Did you hear me or are you both deaf? I know you aren’t Chase.” The voice sneered and Eve was too caught up in her head to react, staring blankly at the other side of the room. Eve didn’t see him, or anyone for that matter, but he was staring oddly at her wondering what on earth she was doing?

“Hey Evie? Wanna play a game?” Lucie called to Evie. It was time Evie started learning to behave. She was going to force her if she had to. Evie was too wild for her liking. Don’t get her wrong she was nice and all but liked control. Oh how she loved control. She needed it or she felt like she would explode!!! “What game, Lucie?” Evie called back laying in the hammock of their tree house. Lucie climbed up the tree finding Eve laying there looking at the tarp she put up that morning. They took it down every night and wrapped it around the trunk. Lucie pulled out a chair from below the deck because they had a small storage compartment Henry built for them. That morning Lucie researched mind control. “Sit down Evie, and I’ll show ya!!” Lucie smiled as if it was all fun and games, but it wasn’t. She knew what she was planning and Eve would never see it coming. She swung a watch into Evie’s eyes and Evie watched with intent, just as Lucie asked her to. A boy creeped up to the tree house ever so silently, just as Lucie had asked. And Lucie, slightly, not enough to be noticed by the dazed Evie, nodded her head as the signal and he began applying pressure to her shoulders, and then just the left one, then the same thing to the right one. “When you feel this, you will become dazed, not seeing anyone or anything, becoming limp and letting whoever do what they will with you. Even if it is just one shoulder! When I snap my fingers, you will awake!” The boy rushed off and Lucie smiled. And little Lucie snapped her fingers.

Chase was starting to worry and he waved his hand in front of her face, the man had long ago taken his hand off of her and was staring at her questioningly. She seemed almost limp but rigid. Like if someone picked her up she would just turn into a ball of goo. The older man snapped his fingers in front of her face to see if it phased her and she jumped, clearly not in a daze anymore.

“Dang Eve! You scared me! Do NOT do that!!” Chase said angrily hand on his chest. “Now that she isn’t off in la la land anymore,” The older man started, “What are you both doing at this cafe at this late hour? Eve you know how your father feels about you sneaking off! Especially at night! And you young man? You have rowing practice tomorrow!” Eve smiled weakly at Chase’s dad. “I’m sorry. I just missed seeing my best friend! I couldn’t get away til now.” Eve lied so easily through her teeth. She was used to it, lying to her mom so much about so many things. “Well... Then there isn’t any issue about telling your dad is there?” Jack smiled. “You want a ride home?” Eve just then remembered the person she was following in the woods, forgotten until now. “Oh no thanks that might wake my dad up and I don’t want to get grounded all summer! Thanks for the offer but I gotta run! Bye Chase!” And with that Eve stood up pulling her sweaty thighs from the seat and taking off, pushing the door open, the bell ringing angrily and she rushed home. It being nearly 4 AM!

That cafe had enough workers to go all night, it was necessary. And they had enough money to do it. Eve snuck into her living room late, or early, in the morning. Nobody was awake and she silently rushed upstairs failing to realize how the front door was never locked, she quick changed back into pajamas and threw herself under the covers when she heard some noises in the hall, she turned her back towards the doorway, facing the wall, and pretended to fall asleep.

She wasn’t sure if anybody was watching or not but she kept up the act and somewhere along the way of pretending to sleep, she actually fell into a blissful sleep for once. Those kind of sleeps were not often and were pretty rare if they ever happened.

She woke up to her dad slamming her bedroom door open telling her to rise and shine. She groaned grabbing her phone and checking the time to see it was 8 in the morning and she had slept less than 4 hours. There was even bags under her eyes from all the lack of sleep.

“Wow Evie.” Her dad remarked when he saw her stumbling into the kitchen. “Didn’t you sleep last night?” There was a tone in his voice like he knew she was out til 4. “Um?” She asked as if he were dumb. “Dad you know I’ve had trouble sleeping since...” And that is when Luce decided to grace them all with her presence. “Late night Evie?” She sneered and honestly Eve had no idea why Luce hated her so much. She had to have known her father had a daughter..right?

“You seemed to sleep fine after all that passed. It took some time sure but you slept fine.” Did her father really not know? “Are you kidding? I woke up constantly. I just never said anything to you! How can you be so blind!! I haven’t had a good night sleep since the day before that day! Whatever, I am going out and I am seeing Chase. I haven’t even seen him yet. Bye!” And she stormed to her room, the banging of her feet showing her emotions and feelings.

And after she got dressed she stormed out of the house, slamming the front door with all of the strength she could muster. And walked away from her child hood home, her father, and the witch named Luce. To talk to Chase about a dire pressing matter.

They had to figure out who murdered her best friend before they decided to murder her.

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