The Forest

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Chapter 8

Luce stared at the storming figure of dearest Evie. She knew she hated being called that but maybe she would get Eve to leave, or lower her guard down from all the rage. Then Luce could find out something about that mysterious girl.

“I am so sorry about her. She’s not normally like this.” Henry confessed to Luce in a loving tone. His love reflecting in his eyes. Inside she rolled her eyes. Secretly wondering how dumb Henry was. He fell for her so fast. He didn’t even know her! Which was sad. It was clear he wanted some attention in his life, in the loving way. Luce peered at the clock realizing she might get to find out something about Eve after all. Eve slammed the door running off to find this “Chase” character. “Shouldn’t you be getting to work?” Luce put on her worried face, as if she really cared.

Which in a sense she did, but not for the reasons one would normally think. “Oh shoot!” He plopped his coffee cup onto the table, the creamy coffee spilling out from the force as he took off running down the hall. Eve had the upstairs to herself. There was just a guestroom up there and her room plus a bathroom. Luce and Henry shared a bedroom since they had been together awhile.

Eve hadn’t bothered to visit her dad much. A couple summers after Lucie died and she couldn’t bear it, telling her father she would come back when she dealt with the pain. It was clear to Luce that Eve didn’t deal with anything. All she did was stay away for a good amount of years and then came back. Eve always visited in the summer, never during the school year. Henry kissed Luce on the cheek goodbye, all of his stuff in his hand as he dashed out the door to his jeep.

Luce smiled to herself. She would finally get a chance to find more about sweet Eve and what deep dark secrets she had to hide. As for Eve, she felt something bad would happen today so she took precaution making sure the hiding spot was well hid, her notes about what happened, or what was happening was in there, and it was all locked. Anything that could help her find the killer was well hidden or locked away or with Eve.

She was glad she took photos of everything and had the SD card on her, like always. She didn’t trust anyone anymore. Except Chase of course. Luce didn’t even realize Eve was smarter than she thought. She didn’t realize Eve even had a hiding spot. She figured Eve was dumb. Like Eve wouldn’t hide anything and trusted almost anyone. She would have to go to her father to find out some other stuff, mostly about her past so she could see where to go from there. She would get what she wanted. She always did, especially with Henry.

He was so eager to please sweet Luce that he did just about anything she asked of him. He had yet to tell her no to anything really. Her demands were rare and she knew this day was coming, so she hadn’t demanded anything for awhile. She always claimed demand was a strong word to the people at one of her jobs she used to have. But they all hated her so she quit. Henry knew of this. Or at least of the bullying.

Luce dumped Henry’s coffee in the sink and walked silently into the living room. She knew she was home alone but having socks on made everything she did silent since the floors were wood. She grabbed a hold of the wooden banister with her long witch like hands wrapping her hand around it. It was on the medium size. And she slipped one purple sock onto the first white staircase. And then slowly, foot by foot, stair by stair, she made her way upstairs. On a mission. She wasn’t going to fail. She was so sure of it! But every villain is sure of something.

She walked down the hall to the last door on the left, Eve’s room. Or at least the room she stayed in when she came to visit her father. He kept the cleaning up on it and never interfered with it. Luce always said he should make sure Eve isn’t hiding any secrets but Henry always said that a growing girl needed privacy and she was bound to have secrets but those were hers and if she ever decided to tell him, that was her option. He didn’t want her to feel like she couldn’t trust him.

Besides every growing girl, and boy, needed their space. That’s what he always said and after that, the discussion was dropped. She wrapped her hand around the doorknob and pushed it open, revealing her tidy bedroom. Eve always liked a clean space. She couldn’t stand even a slight mess unless she was deep in her work. But even afterward she cleaned it up. People claimed she was OCD but she just liked having things neat and tidy.

Luce slinked her way into Eve’s bedroom looking around wondering where to start. Well, she decided, a lot of girls keep things in their underwear drawer, as if that’s any good of a safe place. It is so obvious. But then she reasoned that girls probably figure nobody wants to go digging through girls panties so they leave it. You struck out Eve and Luce grinned to herself pulling open the drawer, the only sound would be the wood scraping against the wood. She ruffled through the drawer not caring she wasn’t paying attention to detail or even how they looked. She didn’t plan on putting them back.

Nothing. She checked the sock drawer, messing it up as well, and yet nothing. She messed up every single drawer forgetting that Eve would notice. Forgetting Eve liked things neat. Forgetting Eve would notice that someone clearly went through her drawers. Luce wasn’t smart enough to know Eve had a few hiding spots in her room. She went through her closet throwing all of Eve’s shoes out and her clothes and blankets stored in there, not bothering to put them back.

She huffed angrily. She was so sure she would find something. She threw a couple shoes back in, getting ready to just cram everything back in when she got a text.

Grinning down at her phone she got up, forgetting about Eve’s messy room she walked to Henry’s and her room to get dressed. She had something to do. A chore, could describe it. But if it was fun was it a chore? She thought all of these things as she got ready to go deal with the matter at hand. A double life is hard, she thought to herself walking outside, a full blown grin on her face, into the bright sunlight of the beautiful, warm, afternoon.

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