The Blacks (Book 1)

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When Riley goes on a search to find her lost twin brother. She finds herself getting involved with the Black brothers. But, the Blacks are not who she thinks they are. They are more than just trouble.

Mystery / Thriller
Romaisa Choudhry
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Everything was black.

Everywhere Ryan looked he found nothing but darkness, his vision blinded by the blindfold covering his eyes, his brain trying to recall the earlier events. He could feel the intense pain in his right leg, which he assumed was because of the bullet. He heard a series of gunshots and painful screams and took off the blindfold, when he discovered his hands were free. Taking in his surroundings it seemed like an underground cell with the unpainted cemented walls and floor covered in layers and layers of dust and cobwebs, then his gaze fell on the four men in fancy black suits, one of them had their back towards him while the other three stood facing him, looking at him with uncertainty visible on their features, his eyes fell on the chair occupied by a man who looked dead with several bullets holes and cuts on different parts of his body and another on the floor with a bullet hole in his head.

“Sire”. One of them called to the man, who hovered over the dead man on the chair with his back towards Ryan.

“What?“. The man replied, his eyes still fixated on the man before him. Before any of them could say anything, Ryan broke the silence.

“Turn around”. Ryan demanded abruptly, addressing the man who still had his back towards him. “Turn around damnit”. Ryan yelled again, when he refused to turn around.

“Leave us alone”. The man said in a quiet but authoritative voice, addressing the three men, who left as soon as the words escaped his lips.

“I can’t turn around, but i promise anything like this would never happen to you or your sister ever again”.

“How do you know that I have a sister?". Ryan questioned, his eyebrows knitted together in confusion.

“I also know that she’s your twin and that you both were born in London. The London Bridge hospital, on 20th August at 7:00 in the evening".

Hearing those words come out of this stranger's mouth didn't surprise him as much as he thought they would, that one statement from him gave Ryan all the answers he was looking for. He turned towards the door and limped his way there without saying anything, He was about to turn the doorknob, but stopped and turned to face his back again.

"Tomorrow's our birthday". He stated.

"I know. Tell me, what do you want?". The man asked.

"For you to turn around". Ryan replied solemnly.

The man pointed the gun-he was holding in his hand-at him and said." Leave before i kill you".

"You won't shoot me". Ryan said confidently.

The man pulled the trigger, the bullet missing Ryan's arm by a few inches and collided with the wall behind him without a sound due to the silencer. "Run boy".

Ryan made his way out of the cell, then eventually out of the tunnel and never looked back.

As soon as Ferero got out of the cell, the three man standing outside followed him as he made his way towards the exit of the tunnel.

"Who would do that to their own boy?". Questioned JJ incredulously.

"I would and i did". Was Ferero Merci's stoic reply.

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