Campfire Fun

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I felt a chill run up my back, I had goosebumps like never before. Then it happened….

Mystery / Horror
Night Shadow
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Chapter 1

One night we were all at camp having a good time around a campfire, then another hour or so passed and it wasn’t so fun. There were a total of three people. Myself, Arik, and Max. Arik was a short, chubby kid, and Max was a tall and skinny guy. Then there’s me, the normal everyday college guy. We were all eating our s’mores when it got really cloudy and the fire went out. We were not scared, for this happened all the time to us, fires going out. So we just started building another fire. “Hey Max, i’m having a hard time starting the fire again.” Max came over to help rebuild the fire. “You idiot, you can’t use wet wood to start a fire!” Max sounded angry but said in a nice voice he said, “ Go and find some dry wood please Joey.” I went to get some dry wood and that’s when I heard Arik and Max scream.

When I heard them scream I figured that they were messing around with me so I just kept getting wood. Then another hour passed and I still didn’t hear anything, I was starting to worry. I was back at camp but I couldn’t find them or any sign of them not even a single footprint. I started calling for them but I got no answer, I was getting really worried so I went to the main office of the camp. I asked them if they saw them but the guy at the counter said “ Nope, I haven’t seen them today.” After the man at the counter said that I decided to go and look for them in the wood, at that time I thought maybe they had just gotten lost.

In the woods I found these huge footprints, the prints were not my friends though. “Arik, Max where are you!? If this is a joke, it’s not funny at all.” Even after saying that I still got no answer from either one of them. I kept going further and further into the woods to look for Arik and Max.

Finally after a full day of searching I found more footprints. I followed the footprints to an underground cave. Instead of waiting for backup I went in. All I could see when I was in there was darkness for the first twenty yards, then there was light. I found Max and Arik in this light passed out side by side. I went in to go and get them, but by this time they had woken up and were telling me not to come any closer or I might die along with them. “How many times must I tell you two. I don’t care if I might die or not, I am here to protect you two. Now quit struggling, you’ll make it worse.”

I went into the lit up room, immediately aware that someone else was there to. Just watching for now, but soon would be pouncing like a cat to kill me, I thought. I tried and tried to untie them, but the rope was so knotted, I couldn’t untie it. Then the light went out and I couldn’t see a thing and I had never been so scared before in my life. I felt a chill run up my back, I had goosebumps like never before. Then it happened…. I was snatched up by a creature, I had never seen before and the smell was unbearable. The animal had to have been bigger than me because it was throwing me around like a rag-doll. My friend Max came out of nowhere and somehow cut the beast’s head clean off.

“Max! How did you do that!?” Max just looked at me and told me that a magician never reveals his secrets. So we ran out of there sprinting back to camp and called the police. In fifteen minutes the cops were there, we told them what had happened but they didn’t believe us. So they just left. Thank God we were only staying for one night. The next day we packed up, and left. We never returned to that campground ever again.

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