Hoody And His Gyal 14

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Samantha has a really bad day! She has had enough! Samantha can't take anymore. She Contemplates taking some pills but a text brings her back to her senses. Then she finds out about James's accident. Jean Philippe takes her to the hospital to see James, where she gets another shock.

Mystery / Thriller
Vaughan Williams
Age Rating:

Another Bad Day

Story 14

Samantha woke at seven o’clock in unfamiliar surroundings. When she realised she was at her mom’s, Samantha got dressed and went down the stairs to make her self a drink. Her mom was already up and they sat and had a chat about Samantha going home and talking to James to sort things out.

Eventually, Samantha agreed and ordered a taxi. She thanked her mom as she left.

When she got home, she realised James had gone to work early and noticed how cold the house was. She put the heating on full blast and made herself a cup of tea.

While she was by the sink Samantha took her phone out of the drawer and plugged it into the charger on the window ledge. Samantha put the dishes in the bowl and realised there was no washing up liquid. So she tidied up a bit and decided to call James. There was no answer, so she waited for a while and phoned him again.

“What time will you be home…?” “We need to talk…!” “Look, I’m really sorry for treating you like I did. I should have believed you about the money…!” “What are you going on about, there is no JP!” “It never entered my head to go with him to France. If you had bothered to call my mobile, you would have known by the dialling tone I was in England! A fucking affair is not what I need at the moment! My life is already going down the shit hole rapidly!”

The conversation stopped, and the phone went quiet for a few seconds. “Did I just hear a woman giggling?” Samantha said listening hard. Then the phone went off.

Samantha put the phone down and tried to forget about the call carried on with her housework. Her mind started to wonder if there was someone with him or not. She did some cleaning and about eleven there was a loud knock on the door. Samantha hid, she could see two men at the door dressed in black from the landing. She peeped out the bedroom window and saw it was the police standing there.

Samantha ran down the stairs and opened the door.

“Hello Samantha, We need to talk with James again, is he in?” DCI Clews asked.

“No sorry he is at work, can I help?”

“No, not really. Is James at the shop in Meriden?”

“No, he is on his way back from a photo shoot somewhere. Do you want to come in and I’ll ring him and see where he is?”

The DCI Clews and PC Ashton stepped into the hall and Samantha phoned James.

“I’ll try him again, but it went dead earlier I think the battery was flat so I don’t know if he will answer.” Sam dialled the number, and it rang out, and James answered.

“Hello, where are you…?” Sam looked at the police and said “He’s on the M62 just on his way back from Liverpool and will be back in 2 hours or so. The police looked at each other and looked back at Sam.

“We will call back later then!" They whispered. Sam lifted her finger and went back on the phone. “Its ok the police are here…! “I don’t know they won’t tell me…!” “They said they would come back later. Hello! Hello!”

Sam put the phone down and said: “No, he’s gone again.”

The police thanked Sam and left.

Sam closed the door and got her coat from the cupboard and looked in her purse. She had £2.86p.

With another massive sigh, she looked in the draws and the settee again and scrapped together £5.89 and went up the shops to get some loo roll, washing up liquid and bread.

When she got back, she checked her phone and put it back on the charger and carried on with the housework. While she was washing the dishes, the house phone rang, and she answered it.

Hello…?” “Yes, that’s me...!” Samantha answered a few questions and then listened. “But I haven’t got £3400 for the arrears…!” “I haven’t seen any letters, this is the first I know about it…!” “So what happens next…?” “So basically I have to come up with the whole amount or the eviction will go ahead in three weeks…!”

Samantha eyes filled with tears and she started crying as she held the phone away from her head. Eventually, she managed to say “I will… have to call you… back!” in between trying to catch her breath and wiping her tears away. Then she replaced the receiver.

Samantha sat thinking about everything that was going on. Nothing was good anymore. She hated every minute of her life, and it was not what she expected at all.

Samantha eventually stood up and sauntered into the kitchen and sat at the table gripping her hankie with both hands. The tears started to roll down her face again as she sat wondering where she was going. The longer she sat there, the more in-depth she thought about all her problems and was going further and further into a depressed state. Samantha stood up and walked to the front door. She locked it and put the chain in the slot. Then went to the back door and pushed the bolt across. She went over to the cupboard with all the tablets. Samantha was so down there seemed nowhere else to go. Nothing was going to be any different as far as she was concerned. James was probably with another woman, and she knew their relationship was coming to an end anyway. There was no money coming in the house that was about to be repossessed. She had no quality of life at all. She reached for the bottle of tablets that were on the top shelf and looked at the bottle. She knew it was full because she had the Diazepam a couple of weeks ago from the doctors for depression and sleepless nights.

Samantha placed them on the table and went to the fridge to get a bottle of wine she bought for a special occasion. She opened it and put it next to the tablets and turned to get a glass from the draining board. She sat back down and poured the wine and carefully placed the wine back on the table. Samantha sat looking at the wine and took a large guzzle and put it back down. Then she picked up the bottle of tablets and unscrewed the lid placing that back on the table. She sat looking at the bottle of pills and picked it up and turned it upside down. The tablets were in a neat little pile. She picked one up and placed it on her tongue and sucked it and then picked another one up. She held it in her fingers and as she swallowed the first one she put it on her tongue. She tried to take this one whole the taste was awful, so she had a swig of wine. Just as she picked up the third tablet, her mobile phone beeped. Samantha tried hard to take no notice, but she started to wonder who it was. She placed the tablet back on the table, stood up and reached for the phone and sat back down. Samantha looked at the screen and couldn’t read it because it was in French. It said;

Comment vas-tu ma chérie Sammy? JP xx

Samantha stared at the screen and burst into tears again as she realised what she was doing. Samantha sobbed for a time with her elbows on the table and her hands on the side of her head. She cried and cried until she was worn out. Her eyes where saw and her nose was running on to the table. Then all of a sudden she came to her senses and stood up as if someone lifted her off the seat.

Samantha grabbed the tea towel and wiped her face and drank the rest of the wine in her glass in one. She cleaned the table and picked up the tablets and put them back in the cupboard then put the wine bottle back in the fridge.

She looked at the phone again and tried to read the message that probably saved her life.

She thought chérie was darling but wasn’t sure about the rest. So she put a question mark and two kisses and sent it back.

Eventually, her phone beeped again, and she read it ;

I was merely enquiring how my darling Sammy is today!

Samantha studded the phone and didn’t know what to put. She placed it on the table and decided to phone James. So went into the hall and sat down and dialled the number. As he answered, she went mad at him.

“Where the fuck are you...?” “What motorway…?” “Well, I have just had the mortgage people on the phone with an eviction date. You need to find some money from somewhere; it is not fair. I don’t know how you expect me to keep going with all this shit all the time…!” “Hello! Hello!” Samantha threw the phone down and went back into the kitchen and got the wine back out the fridge. She was shaking and annoyed that James had put the phone down on her after all that she had been through over the years. Samantha got her glass and poured herself a large glass of wine and had a gulp then sat for a while. She looked at her phone. She was contemplating asking JP for the money, but then she thought better of it in case he wanted something in return.

She tried James again crying and got no answer; the phone just rang out. She didn’t know what to do. As she sat there drinking her wine she plucked up the courage to ask JP, so she started to write him a message;

“Hi Jean, I’m not having a good day today, I want to ask for your help, but I don’t know how too as it is not your problem. I need some money to keep my house because we have fallen behind with the mortgage payments. I don’t know what to do...

Samantha stopped and put the phone back on the table. She sipped some more wine and thought about it for a few seconds and picked the phone up again.

...or where else to go. I will understand if you never talk to me again, but I can imagine you saying later why didn’t you ask me for help? As I said, I wouldn’t blame you at all, but just a friend to talk to would be good at the moment. X

Samantha looked at the message and put the phone down on the table. She had a sip of wine and picked it up and looked again and put it back down. She didn’t know what to do.

After another couple of sips of wine, she pushed the send button. She sat there looking at the phone wondering why she did it. She kept picking it up, checking the battery, switching it on and off to make sure it was working and testing the strength of the internet as it beeped. Samantha looked out the window and was too scared to look back as it beeped a second time. Sam picked the phone up and pressed the button. The tears streamed down her face again as she read the message;

“Sammy, if you are unhappy, then it is my problem, and there is nothing that would give me more pleasure than to help you with the money. I am so pleased that you have asked me. You can have it now this very instant if it will ease your burden. I never want you to cry another tear or worry about anything. It is certain that you can have the money. Is there anything I can do for you now to make you happy?” JP XX

Samantha couldn’t cry anymore she was dehydrated there wasn’t a tear left in her body. She held the phone and wrote a reply;

“My life is such a mess! But every time I think of you and your French accent I smile. Because I know you will look after me till the day I die.” X

Samantha felt like a huge weight had been lifted from he shoulders and drank the last of her wine. She placed the empty bottle on the side and sat back down waiting for Jean to reply.

It wasn’t long before the phone bleeped;

“This is so true Sammy and yes until the day you die. I have the afternoon off if you would like me to buy you something to make you happy again or if you want, I can just listen. With no string. JP XX

Samantha was so down, and she couldn’t think of anything better than an hour with the man that just saved her from going mental. Samantha sent him a message;

“That would be lovely. I can meet you at the top of the road in half an hour if that’s ok?” X

Within seconds a message came back;

Oui c’est OK. Je suis tellement heureux Sammy.” XX

Samantha hadn’t got a clue what it said, but she could see OK and her name that was enough for her.

She got changed, picked up her phone and walked up to the shops and waited. Samantha stood there for nearly 45 minutes, and Jean didn’t show. She waited a while longer and decided to walked back home. Samantha was worried in case some had happened to him. She walked back in the house and sat down in the kitchen checking her phone, waiting for Jean to let her know he was OK. There was a loud knock on the door and when Samantha opened it, she saw it was the two police officers from before.

“He’s not home yet!”

DCI Clews asked, “Can we come in?”

Samantha opened the door a bit further and followed them into the lounge.

“Can I get you a cup of tea while you are waiting for him?”

“No thanks. Can you sit down?”

Samantha sat down.

“We are sorry to tell you this but James has had a car crash on the M42, and he is in Hospital. I don’t have any more details at the moment I’m sorry.

Samantha dropped her head and didn’t know what to do or say as she sat in deep thought.

“How bad is he?” Samantha asked.

“I’m sorry love, but I don’t know anything about it apart from it was on the M42, there were a number of cars involved, and he is in the Heartland Hospital.”

“Oh, shit! When I phoned him earlier he was on the M42.” She said quietly.

Samantha’s phone beeped, and she looked at the screen. Her hands were shaking as she opened the phone and read the message.

“I can’t apologise enough Sammy. I got held up. I am coming now. I will be 5 minutes!” JP XX

Samantha sat in the chair motionless. After the day she had, she didn’t think things could get worse.

“Can we help?” DCI Clews asked.

Samantha shook her head “No not really.” She replied.

“Have you got someone that can take you to the hospital?”

“Yes, I think so…” She said in a daze.

Samantha picked up her phone and tried to type a message to Jean.

“Can you take me to the Hospital? James has had a car accident.”

She placed the phone on the arm of the chair next to her, and within seconds he replied.

“Yes, of course, I will come to the house at once!”

“Someone is coming to get me. I will be OK if you need to leave.”

With that, the police turned to go. “Here is my card, if you need anything just call me, OK?”

Samantha nodded. “Thank you,” she said and followed them to the door.

They walked down the drive as Jean pulled up. He jumped out the car and ran up to the front door.

“What has happened Sammy?”

Samantha closed the door. “I don’t know, James was involved in an accident on the M42 is all I know from the police just.

“Get your coat, and whatever you need and I will take you to the hospital straight away!”

Jean helped her into the car and closed the door as she got in.

“Don’t worry Sammy it will be ok, of this I am sure!”

Samantha looked at the house through the window as Jean pulled away.

They hadn’t driven far as the tears welled up in her eyes. “I’m so unhappy at the moment!” Samantha whispered. Jean grabbed her hand. “I nearly took some tablets today, and your text stopped me!”

“Oh Sammy, how did things get so bad?”

“I don’t know!” she said sniffing and wiping her eyes on her sleeve.

“James had some good work until he had an affair with one of the models. His work dropped off after that, and he started struggling to find more… Please don’t think ill of him, James works hard and means well, but unfortunately, he’s one of life’s weak people. His life is photography as you know when he worked for you at the train station.

Perhaps I have treated him hard since his affairs I don’t know...

The other day I was told, someone local won the lottery, and I accused him of keeping it from me. We just seem to clash lately. I do still love him, and I think we will probably try again, but I don’t think our hearts are together anymore.

Jean just drove and listened. He felt sorry for Samantha.

As they pulled into the hospital car park, Jean said. “I will help you as much as you will let me Sammy; you are not on your own anymore!”

Jean opened the door for Samantha, and as she got out he said “Sammy before I forget I have a cheque for £5000 for you, is that enough? I can let you have more if you need it."

"That's enough thank you!" Samantha said.

"Don’t worry about paying me back for a while. We can talk about it later when you are happy again!”

Samantha kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you so much!” she said and slipped it into her pocket.

They walked into the Hospital and asked at reception what ward James was on and told where to go. They entered the lift and found the floor and then the ward and went up to the desk and asked again.

“Just one second.” The nurse said and walked off.

Jean put his arm around her shoulder.

The nurse came back with a doctor. He looked at Samantha sympathetically as he spoke. “I’m so sorry to have to say this, but James passed away a few minutes ago.”

Samantha collapse and fell to the floor. The doctor and Jean lifted her on to a seat while the nurse got her a glass of water.

“We did all we could, but his injuries were too severe. Unfortunately, the woman that was with him is dead too; she died instantly at the crash scene.”

Samantha looked up at him and then dropped her head and wept into her hands and Jean knelt by her side and tried to comfort her and stroked her hair. Samantha didn’t know what to think. She was sad that her school boyfriend lover was dead, but he was with someone else when he died. Everything was zooming through her mind it was all too much to take in.

All of a sudden Samantha stood up. “Can I see the bastard!?”

The doctor frowned, and the nurse stepped back. “You can if you want to, but I would advise against it!” the doctor said with concern.

Samantha turned towards Jean, and he held her to his chest.

Samantha eventually calmed down. “I’m Sorry!” She said to the doctor “He had another woman in the car with him?”

“Yes, as I said she died instantly.”

Samantha sat down again, and Jean thanked them both for there help, and the doctor left with the nurse.

“Sammy, you need to call James’s family.”

“He doesn’t have one he was an only child and they died in a plane crash when he was little.”

“Come on let’s get you home!” Jean said as he lifted her.

Samantha stood up and wiped her eyes with her finger, and Jean grabbed some tissue from the desk as they walked out.

They climbed into the car and as Jean pulled away Samantha asked: “Will you take me to my mom’s please?”

Jean grabbed her hand. “Of course I will Sammy, do you need to get some things from home first?”

“Yes please,” she said as the tears started to roll down her face. Jean put his arm around her shoulder again. “I am so worried about you Sammy. I wish I could take some of your pain. You will find more strength I'm sure with every tear you cry.

After a while, Samantha stopped crying, and Jean said, "What can I do to help you, Sammy?”

“I don’t know.” she replied, “Though I would like to know who he was in the car with?”

“You can find that out from the police Sammy.”

“He found my phone the other day and saw the messages you sent me.”

“Oh, Sammy how stupid of me!”

“No, it’s not your fault!” she said. “It was in the draw. I went to my moms to get away for a couple of days; I didn’t know you sent them to me until James told me, he thought I went to France with you, so he obviously took a girl with him on the job he was on.”

“I know it’s not the time to ask this question Sammy, but under the circumstances, it could help you.” Samantha looked at him as he said, “Has James got life cover?”

Samantha stopped and thought about it. “I think he has!” she said.

Jean carried on. “Well it could be enough to pay off the house, and you wouldn’t have to worry about a mortgage.”

“I will have to look into it; I’m sure he had one, I’ve seen some paperwork.”

They drove into her road.

Jean pulled on to the drive, walked around the car and opened the door for Samantha holding her arm they went into the house, and Jean said: “Can I fix you something to eat Sammy?”

“No I’m not hungry!” she said shaking her head.

“Maybe a coffee?”

“No thanks,’ you have one though!”

Jean sat and waited while Samantha had a shower and got some things together.

It took Samantha about 40 minutes to get ready, and she came down with a small suitcase and some paperwork.

“I have had quick look in his office and found some paperwork on his life insurance and some other bits I might need. I can take it all to moms, and sort it out there.”

Jean helped her with the stuff and put it all in a pile on the table, and when Samantha was ready, he put it all in the car and took her to her mom’s house.

As Jean Stood by the front door and Samantha explained to her mom what had happened, they both started crying holding each other. Jean quietly left pulling the door too. As he was about to get into his car the front door flew open and Samantha ran out and jumped into Jean’s arms. “Thank you so much for all your help Jean, I don’t know what would have happened if…"

“Let me stop you there Sammy. I want you to sort out this awful time you are having, and in and in a couple of days I will come and see if you are ok. If you need anything, you must promise to call me instantly.”

Samantha kissed him on the cheek and said thank you again. Samantha watched him drive up the road and went back into her mom’s house and started to sort her life out.

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