The Unwanted

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Jolene's luck seems to change when rich old Mr. M takes her in. Or does it?She's heard of people having a dark side but how dark can one really be? Shes about to find out the darkest or dark. When Jolene thinks she finally has found a home things at the old mansion quickly go from strange to twisted. Thinking she'll never find a semblance of happiness her luck changes yet again.

Mystery / Thriller
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Her false Savior

Once in a village, long before you and I existed, there was a young girl about fourteen. She had no one and would wander from place to place doing what she could for scraps of food to stay alive. On one of these days an older, rich man found her going through the trash, digging for her dinner. It was a cold, chill to the bones kind of night but the girl had to do this to stay alive. The man watched her for some time. After some time he finally made his move. Appearing to her as a thoughtful, kind, caring kind of soul. The girl had no idea this was a facade.

He gently asked her her name telling her he couldn’t just call her girl. He wanted to take her in. She told him her name was Jolene. He chuckled and said he’ll call her Joe for short. She didn’t care what he called her really. It was just to have someone acknowledge her and call her by a name at all. To have a friend after being alone for so long. She would refer to him as Mr. M, for now.

His house was an old and spooky mansion that he had built years ago. It was run down and in bad need of repair. It looked just like the ones you see in horror films. With the shadowy trees with long hanging moss. The floor boards squeaked when you walked across them. Spider webs covered every inch of the place. If you were to run across this house in todays world you would definitly call it haunted. Maybe it is or maybe not. I’ll let you be the judge as you read on.

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