Amber Who?

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Chapter 3: I See You From Afar.

For The next couple of days, I didn’t see that girl, Amber, on my way to home or in the park – where I go every day. Maybe she realized that I was not going to be her friend like that. Maybe just like all the other people she thought that I was the weird girl and decided to stay away from me. Luckily for Garrett, his admirer didn’t drop any letter since past few days either. Thinking that it was a prank, we forgot about it. Everyone was minding their own business except for Lucas, the boy I met on the soccer field. Since that day, each day at school, he would try to talk to me and just like each time – I would run away or pretend that I didn’t hear him. Mostly, people stop trying to talk to me after first interaction, but Lucas – he wasn’t backing up and it started to bother me more than he thinks it does.

It was Friday and I was really beatific because it was the weekend. I didn’t have to see anyone from school for two days. The last bell rang and I sighed in relief – the day at school finally ended. I couldn’t wait to go home and paint – something I like to do the most. I haven’t paint anything for the last couple of weeks. I didn’t have the supplies, but Garrett got me new supplies two days ago and I can’t wait to paint again. As I packed my bag and took the books I needed for homework, I walked out of the school. Just when I thought I will be able to get home without any interaction with anyone – Lucas came running towards me while calling out my name, “Hey, Julia!” I groaned irksomely and kept walking. I don’t know what is this guy’s problem – why can’t he just take a hint? “I know you can hear me, Julia.” He ran and stopped in front of me causing me to halt in my way. I kept my head bowed and tried to get past him but blocked my way again. I sighed and finally looked at him. “Why don’t you talk to me? I have been trying to talk to you for more than a week. I am just trying to be your friend.” He told me.

I glanced around to see few students looking at us interestingly while other just walked by us. “And don’t you realize that I don’t want to be your friend?” I asked him crossly. He tilted his head to a side and stuffed his hands into his jean’s pocket, “And why is that?” he shrugged. “I am not a bad guy. I have told you this before. I just like to be your friend, is that a bad thing?” he asked. I gritted my teeth together. “Yes,” I replied and hastily walked pass by him, but he didn’t stop following me. “No, I don’t think that is a bad thing.” He shook his head. I stopped and turned my head to look at him. “What is your problem? Why can’t you leave me alone?” I asked him annoyingly. He sighed, “Do you really think that I am that bad to be friends with?” he asked. I took a good look at him. He looked like a typical jock. He is blonde, good looks, tall, athletic. But, how can his appearance tell me about the person he really is. I have seen people close to me – hurt me. I have seen them turning their head from me. I have seen my blood betraying me. I have learned to never trust anyone and I didn’t trust this boy either. Why would such boy like to be my friend? No, I wasn’t falling for it. I didn’t answer him. I just quietly turned around and walked away. Lucas didn’t follow me nor he called me out – maybe – just maybe he will not bother me again.

I walked to home. Today I didn’t stop at the park. I was too excited to paint with my new supplies, that I ditched the idea of visiting the park today. There are two things that clear off my mind – painting and quietness. I mostly go to the park to enjoy the silence and paint to divert my troubled mind. I unlocked the door and entered the empty house. Ashley and Garrett, both were at work. Ashley usually comes home before me, but she has been really busy for the past few days and has been coming home last. I fixed a sandwich for myself and ate it before I went to my room, took a shower and took out all the new supplies and went to the basement.

Basement is where I mostly paint – there aren’t any distractions there. In the basement, I can peacefully paint my thoughts. As I was gathering the canvas and Easel – my eyes fell on the street out of my window. There she was again – standing on the sidewalk while looking around. I knitted my eyebrows together and walked nearer to the window to get a better view of her. I have never seen her here before – this was the first time I have seen her outside of my house. At first, I wanted to ask her why she was here, but then I decided not to do it and simply gathered my supplies and went to the basement. I set the easel and canvas before I took out the paints and brushes. I took out a pencil and started to sketch what first came to my mind. I wasn’t surprised when I started drawing a girl pecking through the window – looking at the beautiful girl standing on the sidewalk outside her house. I was drawing what I just saw. I just gave it little dramatic effects. Instead the sunny day – I sketched a storm. Instead of her looking around – I painted Amber as a scared girl. Once I was done sketching I started to use the paint and that’s when I completely lost myself in the painting.

I don’t know how long it has been. I was half done with my paint when I heard the door of the basement opened and Garrett walked in. I looked at him and smiled, “Hey, you are home.” I said as I wipe off the paint off my hand and turned around. He had his hands in his pocket as he stepped down the stairs while his eyes were on the half-done painting – I don’t usually show anyone my art except for Garrett. He has seen some of my work, but not all of them. Even Ashley haven’t seen my work yet – I don’t like the idea of sharing my thoughts that I put into the painting with anyone else, but it is different with Garrett – I am not afraid to show him what I make.

“I thought I would find you here.” He said with a small smile. He didn’t comment on my painting – he never does and I truly appreciate that. I don’t like when people talk about my work – even to me. I shrugged, “Yeah, I just wanted to use the new supplies you got for me.” I answered him. He nodded, “Why don’t you take a break and come up? It is almost dinner time.” He told me. I frowned, “It is dinner time already?” I asked bafflingly. He nodded, “Yes, Ashley came home to see your things in your room, so she reckoned that you would be in the basement.” He said. “We gave you your time to paint, but it is time for dinner now – why don’t you clean yourself up and come for dinner?” He asked.

I glanced at my incomplete work and sighed before nodded my head, “Yes, I will be there.” I said to him. He smiled before he walked out of the basement. I know that if I will not go for dinner none of them will eat without me, so no matter how long I wanted to stay and complete my work. I capped the paints and washed the brushes before I walked out of the basement while turning the lights off. I glanced at the painting on last time in the dark before closing the door behind me.

I walked into my room and changed my clothes and washed off the paint from hands and face before I walked downstairs to meet Garrett and Ashley at the dining table. They both were talking about something when I sat on the chair. “I am sorry. I didn’t know where the time flew.” I apologized to them. Ashley smiled, “Oh, it is not a big deal. I just prepared the dinner, anyways.” She said. “Shall we?” She said and we started to eat our food.

While I was enjoying the chicken Ashley made. She put her fork down, “Hey, guess what?” she asked me. I knitted my eyebrows together, “What?” I asked as I swallowed the food. She smirked and glanced at Garrett – who looked uninterested in whatever she was about to tell me. “Garrett’s admirer is back.” She told me. “What? Really?” I asked while I glanced at Garrett – who just shrugged. Ashley nodded, “Yes when I came back – I found another letter on the porch.” She affirmed and continued. “And this time she was a little extra than before” She winked. “What did the letter say?” I asked here. I lifted her finger in the air before getting up from her chair. Garrett sighed, “Is it really necessary, Ash?” he asked her. “Yes,” Ashley replied with a chuckle and went in the kitchen.

“Someone is pranking us, I am telling you.” He said to me. I chuckled. Ashley came back with another letter in her hand and passed it to me. I opened it and read what was written in it.

Dear Garrett,

I am sorry I wasn’t able to write you for past few days. As I write this letter I wonder if I will ever meet you. I see you every day from afar and dream that one day you and I will meet and you will be mine forever. I wonder what it is like to be touched by you. I dream of you every night and I wonder when I will you come out of my dreams and love me back as much as I love you.

Your love,


“Wow,” I whispered. “I know, right?” Ashley chuckled and Garrett rolled his eyes. I frowned, “Doesn’t it bother you, Ashley? I mean, this person I really fantasizing Garrett.” I asked her. She smiled and put her hand on Garrett’s hand. “I am not bothered at all because I know that this guy only loves me.” She wrinkled her nose and he smiled. “That I do.” He nodded and kissed her. I looked away and chuckled, “This person really does fancy Garrett.” I said and put the letter back on the letter. My eyes were still at the words that were written on the letter with the shoddiest handwriting. When I came back home from school there wasn’t any letter on the porch. Someone left it when I was in the basement. I mashed my lips together and nibbled on the broccoli when I remembered that I saw Amber outside our house this afternoon – is it possible that she is the one who left the letter on the porch. I glanced at the bottom of the letter to see the initial of Garrett’s admirer’s name ‘A’. Amber starts with A as well. Is it really her? If yes then is it why she wanted to my friend? Just to get close to my brother? I thought.

“Hey, Julia?” Ashley called my name. I snapped out of thoughts and looked at her, “Huh?” I asked. “You were zoned out. Is everything okay?” she asked and just nodded. “Yes, I – uh – I was just thinking about the painting, that’s all.” I lied. I couldn’t tell them about Amber till I get confirmed that she is the one who has been sending Garrett the letter, because if she is the one – she should really stop.

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