Amber Who?

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"You are crazy," I said to her. She smirked, "Where is the fun in being normal?" She replied. "I am scared," I told her. "Don't be." She replied. "You scare me," I said. "I know." She replied. Julia had a troubled childhood. With an alcoholic and abusive mother and no father figure in her life - she lived an anxious childhood. The only good thing that ever happened to her was her stepbrother, Garrett. For Julia, Garrett is her protector, Guardian, and the only family. After facing all the horrors of her childhood - she came to live with her stepbrother and his fiance, Ashley. Poor Julia is unable to socialize. She is afraid of meeting new people. But, when a new girl to the town name Amber insists on befriending with Julia - as predicted Julia tries to get away from the beautiful and feisty girl, but Amber is determined to be Julia's friend. When everyone else abandons Julia - Amber wants to be her friend. On the other hand, Julia discovers that someone has been leaving love letters in the name of Garrett on their door. Who could it be? And what is it with the new girl 'Amber'? Who is she and does she want from Julia?

Mystery / Thriller
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A trenchant past keeps her awake every night,

Each night, the memories float in her mind,

With her eyes open, she drowns in the slumber of agony,

All the horror, all the tragedy,

The burning kisses that torment her mind,

And when she is unable to prime,

She stares the ceiling until it is time,

To pretend that everything is just fine.

The dried tears are the proof of her decline,

And no matter how many times,

The thought of death crosses her mind,

Each time, she smiles and tries to survive.

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