The Angel and The Raven

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5th book of series. Special Agent Taggart enlists Hawk's Heroes to find out who is stealing top secret files. A list of CIA agents in S. America, Secret weapon plans, taken from secure storage. 5th book in the Robin Oracle Psychic Detective series deals with high security files stolen from Washington D.C. in spite of the extraordinary measures to keep them safe. Special Agent Taggart enlists Hawk's Heroes to help him find the documents and prevent them falling into the hands of the notorious global master criminal - The Raven. It's a chase through the Streets and highways of San Diego to the Panama Canal and onward.

Mystery / Fantasy
Paul David Graham
4.9 20 reviews
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Chapter Preface

People who have read the last book should remember that the Hawk’s Heroes group was invited to stay at Patrice’s family’s Inn up in Lake Arrowhead. Two surprising events occurred:

The first event was during the renovation of the first floor to put in a small lounge and bar. The workmen tore down a portion of the wall and found a skeleton hanging by the wrists between the studs. It was the body of a small time crook called Little Caesar. He had stolen a truck full of money from another gang boss named Edward G. Gordon – nicknamed Big Eddie.

Big Eddie didn’t get his money back because his temper was larger than his brain. He killed Little Caesar after learning where the truck was, but not the money as it turned out. The gang that the money was to be paid to weren’t happy with Big Eddie, so they gave him custom shoes made of cement and dropped him in the lake behind the inn.

Robin found the money and the town council shared it with the Svenskas to help renovate the landmark inn to its former glory.

The second event was the crash of a freight plane into the lake. They rescued the men from the plane and were able to enjoy the rest of the week without incident. They enjoyed a Happy New Year’s Eve and went to bed late.

This chronicle, like all of the Robin Oracle stories, continues from where the last book ended.


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