Girls Can't Play Football

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"Girls can't play football," he stated, whilst smirking. "I'm pretty sure they can," I narrowed my eyes at him, angry at his judgement. "Well, then, prove it." *~WATTPAD FEATURED STORY IN TEEN FICTION~* Samantha Anderson has always loved to play football. You could say that the sport was practically her life. She was always known to have a perfect life. Smart, beautiful, and talented, she was everyone's role model. What people didn't know was that her life wasn't perfect. She's had her own struggles and a very dark past which has stopped her from playing her very own favorite sport. Now in University, she's trying to get rid of her past and start with a fresh, new beginning. Unfortunately, she caught the eye of the quarterback in her University and he's set on finding out everything about her-- but this may just blow off her cover. The cover she's been keeping for over two years now. Highest Ranking: #19 in Teen Fiction Featured In Teen Fiction: 21/10/2017

Mystery / Humor
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Chapter 1

“Sam! Wake up!”

What a wonderful way to wake up in the morning.

I groaned and flipped over in bed but as luck would have it-- I fell off. And a beautiful way to start it.

“Ouch,” I complained while I rubbed my eyes with my hurt arm and rubbed my wound with the other. Stupid bed, stupid me, stupid everything.

“Charles! Get her out of bed this instant!” mom called out to dad.

Of course, she was an early riser. Well, excuse me for not wanting to get up early! Not all people in the world like mornings! I’d definitely like to include myself in that list though. . .

At the name of dad, I shot out of bed. You see, my dad wasn’t normal. Nope. He was a crazy psycho. He wasn’t as crazy as the rest of us-- in fact he was quite sane compared to us-- but mark my words, he’s crazy. Who wants to wake their child through torture?

My dad always went to extreme measures to get me out of bed in the morning. Yesterday, he threw the whole bucket of water at me just to get me up and the day before that he brought in a plastic trumpet that makes a whole lot of noise if you press a button! The whole house could get up by just a click. I don’t even know where he got those from. Maybe it’s just one of the old toys I had when I was a kid. How do the batteries still work? Maybe he got new ones from the store. Whatever, not the point.

I do hope I would get revenge. But I’m still not certain how or when. Or anything. But I will. You keep watching, dad, I will. I’ve made it my life mission! Not really, though. I’m just going to stop with my stupid thoughts.

“I’m up!” I announced and ran into the bathroom to get ready. I was too pissed at mom and dad to go down and tell them ‘good morning’ and things like that. They didn’t deserve any kindness from me. Even if I did ask them to do all it takes for them to get me out of bed today. Today was my big day. But I still don’t think it was worth getting out of bed for. But maybe I’m saying that because I’m still sleepy. What is up with me and rambling in my head?

Once I finished taking a bath, I changed and went down make-up less. I knew I would get a good scolding from mom, but make-up just irritates me. I don’t have anything against people putting it on though, I just think it’s pointless. Who’s there to impress?

I texted my best friend, Gabriella- Gabby- as it was too long to say all the time. It was a bit saddening to know that I was going to leave her and then meet up with her in god knows how long, but I really think we made up for the time we were going to separate in the past week. We had sleepovers, pictures in our phones, and quite a few memories to last us a lifetime. How could I forget the boys? Yup, they were included in them. Even if they practically shoved their ways in.

My name was a different story, even though my name was Samantha, I got pissed off at whoever called me that; Sam was just fine. Sam. Recite it again and again. It’s not that hard to remember. In fact, I don’t even know why my parents would name it so long. Sam. See? Short and simple.

God, even the teachers knew better than calling me Samantha, and they wouldn’t, not unless they want a death wish anyway. And as much as they all hate me, they can’t deny the fact that I’ve got good grades. And the principal loves me. Which is why I almost never get into trouble, even if I actually do. Does that make sense? The best part is that I could proudly boast that I never got into trouble on my application- even if I actually did. They never found evidence on me so I never had gone into detention or anything like that. Lucky me, huh?

I made my way downstairs only to be greeted by the biggest surprise-- not really, I think I’d chop their heads off if they hadn’t come- but, a surprise nonetheless. All of my friends were here to send me off to university-- wait, where’s Gabby? Oh god. I’m going to kill her if she doesn’t come in time.

My lips slowly twitched upwards and I opened my arms wide enough for all the boys and Diana for a group hug. I only had around fifteen minutes to spare before I left, but I really want to make out the most of it. In university, I’m going to have to wake up early anyway. I’d like to add dramatic effects and fake a cry over here.

Troy, one of my football teammates, was the first one who spoke. “We just wanted to say that we’re all proud of you,” he said, pressing his lips in a tight line, before continuing, “and happy that you’re leaving because now no one will torture us in football again.” He winked as I whacked him upside down the head and then pulled him into a hug.

I smiled. “Of course, you dimwit, of course,” I rolled my eyes. He just had to ruin the moment.

“Not only that but for bearing up with everything and for being a true friend,” Diana, one of the cheerleaders and my friends, said. I sighed with a forced smile on my face. How could I leave these people? I was quite close to tearing up with that thought, but that was only part of it. The other part was all the struggles we’d gone through in the past two years. It’s almost like it’s left a permanent scar on us.

“Don’t worry about it,” I winked, trying to lighten up the mood a bit. I absolutely loathed crying in front of anyone and I was scared that a traitorous tear would just fall out of my eye any second. “That was so cheesy. You should have thought of something better to say today,” I added and we all laughed lightly at Diana being caught.

“You know me too well,” she shook her head, a small smile playing on her lips. Just like always, Diana had written something down to remember and made it the cheesiest of everything she could have said. It was her style. And who was I to complain? We all enjoyed a laugh every time she wrote something anyway.

Mom came out from the kitchen with an apron on. Yup, mom to the rescue.

“Sam, darling, do you have your bags ready?” she asked in confirmation.

“Yes, mom,” I sighed. “You asked me approximately forty times yesterday.”

“I know, but I’m your mother! I get a little anxious at times about my daughter,” she reasoned, flailing her arms around everywhere.

I chuckled lightly and shook my head. Going over to her, I kissed her forehead and murmured, “I’m so glad to have a mother like you.”

“I know,” she replied before we burst out laughing.

“Now, who’s up for some cookies?” mom asked. Everyone’s hands raised up and they pushed past each other to get into the kitchen first. Wow guys, I’ve got ten minutes left now and the first thing you go after are cookies? I feel insulted.

Right then, the doorbell rang.

“I’ll get it!” I called out. There was no use, because they all were in the kitchen, probably killing each other for a cookie leaving no choice but for me to open the door. Real mature. Real mature.

“We’ll be in the kitchen!” mom informed.

“You better save a piece or two for me!” I warned.

A faint ‘okay’ sounded and I opened the door.

Gabby came out from there, her hair all over the place. I just had to take moment and laugh at her before welcoming her into the house. She’s so lucky that she came in time.

“Am I late?” she asked, frantically.

“Pretty much, they’re gulping down the cookies at the moment,” I said.

“Hey! They were my cookies!” she exclaimed before storming away into the kitchen to demand for her own cookie. Yeah, sure. No ′I’m going to miss you, Sam. How am I going to live without you?′ Nope. Just her cookies. Gabby, I can feel the love.

I followed behind her in the kitchen which was now transformed into a zoo. Mom had gotten used to the boys as they always came over almost all the time. I looked at the time when I realized I actually had to get going. I turned to the lot of them, with them still eating those wonderful cookies.

I went beside the table and grabbed a cookie from the bowl.

“Guys!” I screamed, grabbing their attention. “I got to go now.”

The whole room fell silent. Even my mom stopped working. Hell, the boys froze with their cookies midway! And nothing and I mean it, nothing, stops them from eating their cookies- except this, apparently.

Wow, that was a first.

“Can’t we make you stay?” Xavier, another footballer friend of mine, pouted.

I sighed. “I really want to stay, but I can’t,” I said.

All of them jumped off their seats and gave me a huge group hug, catching me by surprise. I hugged them all tighter and cherished that moment as I knew that this wouldn’t be happening for a long time.

Finally, I broke it off. “I’ll be getting my bags, I don’t want to get late,” I told them and dashed off to my room. I pulled the bag off my bed as it was resting on it and took one last glance at my room.

Taking a deep breath, I shut the lights off and head down.

Everyone was on the door, waiting for me. Even Dad.

“Bye guys,” I said, my voice deep with regret. I didn’t want to leave these amazing people behind. I didn’t want to leave my friends.

“Let’s go, honey,” Dad said to me and took my hand leading me to the car.

“Wait a second,” I let go of his grip and ran over to mom and hugged her as tightly as I could. She was crying, trembling slightly.

“Hey, stop crying. I thought you were the mother,” I teased.

She laughed. “Turns out I am. I’m a proud mother,” she added.

“I love you, mom.”

“I love you, too,” she repeated.

“Love you guys!” I yelled out to my friends.

“Love you!” they all said in unison.

“You better text me once you get there and Skype me every time you get time to,” Gabby warned.

“I’ll remember that,” I said and gave her a hug of my own.

“Bye!” I waved.

After what seemed like a few seconds, I was in the car, adjusting my seat belt.

“Are you ready?” Dad asked, squeezing my hand for comfort.

“I guess,” I said. It was the truth.

This is a whole new beginning. And I think I’m ready for it.

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