Girls Can't Play Football

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Chapter 28

Sometimes memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks.



My conscience dragged itself back to life as I spluttered and tried to get rid of the metallic, bitter taste that resided in my mouth; it was one that meshed together the ugly tastes of unwelcoming blood and whatever the hell they put into that injection.

As for my vision, black really did suit it well, didn’t it?

I groaned at the stiffness of my limbs, making me wonder even more about how long I had been out. And then it a moment of relief hit me.

They’d been really stupid and bad with their planning, If I’d been gone for even an hour longer than I was supposed to, the university would have flashing, red alarm bells displaying themselves all over. And if it had been over a night. . . I don’t think these people would survive too long with holding me captive.

If not the officials keeping track of their records and my absence, I was sure Ceci would come out to look for me or inform someone.

The thought made me feel lighter despite the circumstances.

Unfortunately for me, these people definitely had some experience with kidnapping people. In spite of the hope lingering within me that reassured me that this was absolute foolish planning and that someone would eventually find me not too long after, they left no stone unturned in making me uncomfortable as they tied both my hands and legs with a rope so rough that it itched me. In fact, they managed to wrap the painful rope so tight around that my wrists and ankles that had they started to sting. There was no doubt there would be red marks lining the areas they tied.

Moreover, whatever they had injected me with had strong effects, because despite having no vision, my head was spinning and my limbs were still in no condition to be functioning properly. They were still weak and were practically hanging off my body with not an ounce of my control on them.

As if that wasn’t enough, I already had a feeling I knew who these people were. In fact, it wasn’t just a feeling-- I practically knew for sure.

The truth was inevitable.

And well, there was no running away now. Quite literally, to be frank.

Now all that was left for me to ponder upon was whether or not I should make my conscience presence known or not. Should I make a sound and demand them to let me out and remind them that this ploy of theirs wouldn’t work? Or should I stall and take my time to think of a way to get out of here?

Both the options weighed heavily on my shoulders with the latter seeming more promising by each and every passing second.

However, luck most definitely didn’t take my side because the next thing I knew, my head was thrown to the side with a powerful blow. Ouch.

Truly the best way to wake someone up. And I thought dad was worse.

Okay, maybe this isn’t the time for unnecessary sarcasm or jokes.

“It’s about time you wake up. We don’t have the time for this and I want to come to straight to the point. Where is the evidence?”

This time my eyebrows scrunched in confusion. Evidence? What evidence?

“What evidence?” I blurted out, the confusion dripping off my words.

Another blow came swinging by and pushed my face to the left due to the force. Now I was just plain annoyed.

What the hell was this guy hitting me for?!

“Stop hitting me,” I gritted through the searing pain my cheek was undergoing. I was certain a beautifully colored bruise would be greeting me the next time I looked into the mirror.

“Listen, girl. I will repeat myself one last time,” he paused to add on to the threatening tone he was using with me. “Where. Is. The. Evidence?”

This time I laughed straight to his face, my cheekbones stinging as I lifted them up to curl my lips into a grin. “I repeat my question one last time,” I added the same dramatic effect he’d gone for. “What. Evidence?”

“DOES THIS LOOK LIKE A JOKE TO YOU?!” he roared angrily at my reaction and kicked the leg of the chair from under me. The chair tipped back, and I could only feel my stomach drop before I felt the impact of the ground colliding with the back of my head.

I squirmed in pain and swallowed to keep the metallic taste out of my mouth again. Great, now I felt sore everywhere. Worse even, my hands were behind my back, so they hurt horribly as chair lay horizontally on them, pressing all my weight onto it.

Maybe I shouldn’t really instigate these people too much.

I kind of wanted to go back home alive.

“I wish I could look but you geniuses have decided to put a blindfold on my eyes.” Yup, wrong move, Sam. Why are you so keen on inviting your own death?

“These ‘geniuses’ have no problem in killing you if you don’t co-operate. So, if I have to give you a final warning. This should be it. Don’t mess with us. Give us the information and we’ll let you leave without too much damage being done. On the other hand, if you don’t give it to us. . . let’s just say the consequences won’t be all too pretty.”

I shut up for a while after, my thoughts clouding my head. I wasn’t kidding though. What evidence?

How do I give something I don’t have?

“I really think you’ve got the wrong person. I don’t have any evidence,” I tried convincing them and added as though it would ever make a difference, “I swear to god.”

“Listen here, girl,” he pulled my hair to bring face ear closer to his lips so I could hear him louder and clearer. The action only made me uncomfortable and stirred the urge to punch him across the face within me. However, for the first time ever, I made a rational decision to subdue my anger as it really wasn’t the time-- not that it was ever. “We did not waste two years of our lives pinning you down and plotting for this to hear that bullsh*t of an excuse. We would’ve killed you the same way we did to your brother if it weren’t for the fact that you have something of ours.”

My heart dropped as the weight of his words finally dawned on me.

Plotting for two years . . .

Panic arose within me as I realized that things just got even more serious. I knew this had something to do with my brother. But I thought it was just vengeance that drove them to find me. I thought that there would be major plot-holes in their plan as they would be driven by irrational thinking. I was wrong.

Not only was it vengeance for ratting them out-- and failing, must I add-- it was the fact that I had something of theirs.

What did I have?

I recalled the moments Seb and I shared and tried to link up events to understand what it was that these people were expecting me to bring to them.

“I don’t have what you’re looking for. I don’t even know what you’re looking for,” I tried to reason with him.

“Don’t play too smart, girl. It won’t end too well for you. I may just shoot you out of anger right where I shot your brother. The suicide trick worked like a charm the first time around.” My fists clenched and my head ticked to the right as I registered his words.

I was talking to my brother’s killer.

This a**hole had the audacity to talk to me, much less mutter my brother’s name from his filthy mouth.

I jerked my body forward to hit him but failed miserably as I realized my wrists were still tied with the rope behind me. An unbelievable amount of anger had come over me and I wasn’t sure if I could stop it in time before I killed the man before me with my bare hands.

This was the same guy that ruined my life. That ruined my brother’s life!

He is the cause Seb isn’t here today with me. He took everything away from me.

A menacing grunt erupted from my lips and I jerked myself up again to hit him. “If you have the guts. . .” I spoke in a low voice, as my anger clouded my actions, “untie the rope from my wrists and then threaten me.”

A loud laugh erupted from a little bit of distance away from me and I internally a sigh of relief as I got rid of the close proximity between us. “Girl, stop being so naive. A couple of self-defense classes won’t do much against us.”

How did he know? Have they really been stalking me for so long?

For a rather attentive and observant girl, how they managed to do that was beyond me. I suddenly became very wary about them. I wanted to grab my phone and ask my parents to leave the house for some time to somewhere safe. I wanted to keep them safe and make sure nothing happened to them.

“Are my parents okay?” I almost hit myself for letting my fear show.

“Oh, I’m glad you brought me to that,” I could hear the smugness in his voice. I’d never wanted to use violence in my life so much before. I wanted to hit him until he begged for mercy and forgiveness from my family. Forgiveness from my mother for giving her those tears as presents on every occasion she’d felt my brother’s absence in. Forgiveness from my dad for making him age early with wrinkles under his eyes as he held my family strong. Forgiveness from me for ruining me. And finally, forgiveness from my brother who had wanted to establish himself as a successful photographer in life.

“They’re okay. . .for now. Here’s the deal, girl. Give us the evidence and you and your family can walk free. Don’t. . .and your parents suffer.”

I clenched my teeth in disgust for the person in front of me. Such hatred filled in my veins and I could only mentally visualize myself murdering him. “I. Don’t. Have. The. Evidence.” I suddenly felt my chair being lifted up into an upright position which gave my hands, which had been pressed upon by my weight, instant relief.

“Oh, but you do. Two days. That’s what we’re giving you. Two days to bring each and every one of it in front of our eyes. We have an eye on your parents and we have an eye on you. Don’t even try to act smart. Your brother made the same mistake. Look where that got him.”

I willed myself not to cry. But I could feel the tears of frustration forming in my eyes as I felt helpless yet again. Thankfully for me, the blindfold held them back.

“I’m sure you would make the right decision. We wouldn’t want to endanger the lives of the mom and dad now, would we?”

I’ll make sure my fist leaves its print on your face if you let me.

Just untie my wrists. I swear to god, I will kill you.

“I’m repeating myself. If you have the guts, untie me. Or get this blindfold off.”

A laugh came out from in front of me. “When the time comes, I will. For now, I wouldn’t waste too much of your time. After all, two days isn’t enough. Remember, everything has eyes. Everything has ears. Don’t act smart and don’t you dare tell anyone we brought you here. The second you open your mouth, your parents will be no more. I’m sure it wouldn’t come to that though, right?”

In spite of all the anger steaming out of my ears, I tried to take deep breaths and keep my thinking as level-headed as possible. It seemed to me that my other senses compensated for my loss of vision. I had to pay more attention to the slight details such as the faint smell of the guy’s deodorant, his voice, and most importantly, where all the sounds were coming from.

It most definitely wasn’t just him in the room as I had heard a slight knocking sound of what I’m guessing was another chair hitting the wall further away from where I was sitting. It just made me all the more aware of my surroundings.

Taking note of the positions of both the men around the room, I clenched my fists in order to create more space between the ropes and my wrists. I also made sure to slowly and almost unnoticeably wriggle my arms out of the rope. As the space between the ropes and my wrists widened more and more during each and every passing second. I took it to the next level and squeezed one of my hands out of the small space I had been granted with.

I tried not letting any emotion shine on my face as the rope cut through my skin and made my skin burn. Soon enough, and after a lot of pain, relief flooded through me as my right hand finally felt free. Getting the left hand out then wasn’t too much of a problem as the rope was pretty much hanging off my hands by then.

I still kept my hands behind my back as though they were tied up to not give the guys an indication that I already had them free.

The completion of the task brought me back to reality and redirected my focus to the guy’s absolute jargon. The same jargon I had thankfully managed to block for a little bit while my attention was on more worthy things.

Another laugh came from him. “The Anderson twins. You guys are funny. I did the exact same thing to him and now it’s y--”

I punched him.

I shouldn’t have, but I took him-- well, and myself-- by surprise.

My hands never got as far as to yank my blindfold off, because as I did that, the silent guy on the other end of the room came in and grabbed both of my hands from behind and kept them in a lock position.

I managed to pull away from him and elbowed him. From the sounds of it, I think I got him straight on the face. That was, indeed, a pretty agonizing shout.

I couldn’t help but feel proud of myself. At least one thing done right.

The pride didn’t last long, because no sooner than later, the same needle that brought me here was injected onto my shoulder. I let out a painful scream as the serum spread itself into my body.

“You guys are cowards,” I slurred.

“Two days. There will be a knife onto both of your parent’s necks in the meanwhile. Besides, this little stunt you pulled wouldn’t be forgotten. Your treading on dangerous grounds here, Samantha Anderson.”

It may as well have been the last thing I heard before I fell back into unconsciousness.


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