Girls Can't Play Football

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Chapter 3

I finally opened the door to my dorm.

Sitting inside was a girl, around my age with blonde hair, typing furiously onto her phone. She looked so crazed and obsessed over her phone that I, for one second, regretted having the dorm. It was then that I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to judge until I actually had a talk with her and got to know her. That would just be so wrong of me.

I cleared my throat awkwardly to gain her attention. It clearly worked as her eyes flew wide open and she looked up to face me. Soon, a smile formed on her face.

“Oh, hi!” She chirped excitedly, waving at me enthusiastically. She jumped off the bed she was sitting on and came over to me. “I’m Cecilia!”

“Hey.” I waved and then walked over to her slowly. I raised my hand towards her, “I’m Samantha,” I smiled at her, but then quickly added, “but Sam is just fine.”

She took my hand and shook it with a bit too much of enthusiasm. I was still hoping she wasn’t one of those girls who obsessed over absolutely anything.

“Oh, I’ve already picked up my side. Hope you don’t mind.”

I waved it off. “Nah, don’t worry ’bout it.”

“I love you already!” she jumped up and down. Okay, what was I supposed to say? I really wished someone came down from heaven to tell me that right about now to kind of help me out.

“Um... thanks?” It came out more like a question-- unfortunately.

“Class starts in fifteen,” she realized after looking at the class schedule hung up on the wall. Wait... Why would they even do that? “Want to go out and roam around?”

“Sure,” I shrugged. “In fact, I missed my guides, do you mind showing me around?”

“Oh, that’s terrible! Let’s get moving, then!”

I laughed lightly and put in my bags on my bed. It was only then did I finally take a look at the room. It was a deep purple, not too girly- just as I liked it- and Cecilia’s bed was a mess with her clothes everywhere and her suitcase across the bed. So, she was in the messy category. Great. Note the sarcasm.

My bed was on the other side of the room with a small, bedside table on the right of it. The bathroom was, unfortunately, on Cecilia’s side of the room. Probably, the only reason why she chose that part.

I hope she wouldn’t be late, singing in the bathroom, without a care of the world every day. That’ll just make my whole day horrible. Fingers crossed.

Cecilia shuffled behind me. “Let’s go!” she grabbed my arm and practically dragged me to wherever it is that she wants to go. We made small talk along the way to occupy ourselves by the time we reached to the destination.

“Okay, so this is the corridor of classes,” she introduced, laughing at the nickname she gave it and gestured to all the classes we were passing by, “It’s really long, so I wouldn’t be spending too much time there.” She halted in her steps and turned around, me trailing right behind her.

I nodded in approval at how fancy and big the classrooms were. The chairs and marble tables were way more expensive and I wondered how costly this place must have been if it wasn’t for my scholarship. Students were swarming around in the area, laughing away with their friends and some nerds on the other hand were biting their nails in anticipation, obviously nervous about the first day. Other sophomores were chilling by the corner with a few guys doing their handshake thingy I used to do it with the boys back in high school. I sighed.

With Cecilia walking extremely fast in front of me, I didn’t find the time to admire all the classes for long.

Before I knew it, we were rounding around the corner with me trying to take notes on where everything was.

She went over to her locker next. “What’s the number of your locker?” She asked, walking over to her own. Damn, first day in and she’s already set. Just compare me to her... On second thought, don’t.

She was beautiful, her blonde, straight her falling on either side of her shoulders and she was practically flawless. She was perfectly tanned and she had a small accent which told me that she was half-Spanish or something. Now thinking about it, it would make more sense considering her name. Remind me to ask her about that later...

I smiled sheepishly before scratching the back of my neck awkwardly. “I don’t quite know.”

She facepalmed and groaned before turning around to meet my eyes. “You didn’t get it yet?”

“I told you I missed my guides, so, therefore, I missed my tour and I missed getting all the schedules and my locker number,” I told her. I was going to have to go to reception once again in lunch to get all of those. I just hope that scary-looking lady isn’t in there this time. I’d rather have a person who looks pleasant and not as serious and frightening as that old lady today.

“Oh, Jesus,” she sighed, shaking her head in disapproval. “You should have told me before we left! Now we have to go back in there and get your books before heading off to class!” she reprimanded.

“You don’t have to come with me, I know the way back,” I informed her with a small smile. Can anyone still believe it’s my first day? Yeah, and I’ve made a bad impression on every single person in this University except her- and I wouldn’t want her to go against me either.

“I know,” she said, running her fingers down her hair and smoothing it once again, “But I’ll come with you.”

As appealing as that sounded, it was a bit scary as well. I mean, this girl was having mood swings all the freaking time! Although I like her, it’s so annoying and, not to mention, creepy- something that’s going to take me some time to get used to.

She grabbed all she needed from her lockers and then hooked her hand in mine and without waiting for a reply whether that was okay or not, she dragged me to our room. It wasn’t exactly a long walk considering that our room was not very far of the ‘corridor of classes’ but it still was some walk nonetheless.

Halfway through, I asked Cecilia one more time, “Are you sure you want to come? I mean, you might get late or-”

“Don’t worry about it,” she shrugged nonchalantly as if going late into class was the most usual thing ever.

She took my hand and walked even faster. Girl, how fast could you even go? Now this girl could speed walk.

Thankfully, we reached a few minutes later, and I grabbed all the notebooks and pencils I needed to make sure that I wouldn’t have the need to come in here again. At least not before lunch.

“I was about to show you the cafeteria, but we don’t seem to have any time left,” she told me, taking a hold of my hand once again and dragging me yet again to the ‘corridor of classes’ as Cecilia likes to call it. What’s up with this girl and dragging me?

“Sorry about that,” I mumbled.

“Oh no, that’s fine,” she waved me off, “And now thinking about it, you had told me... I just didn’t remember.” Jeez, she needs to make up her mind already!

“Wait a second,” her eyes widened as if a thought just struck her, “Actually, don’t!” she practically yelled, running even faster, her grasp on my hand still intact. She’s lucky I can run fast and have a lot of stamina. If it was any other girl, they’d drop dead of exhaustion till now. How she manages to do it is beyond me...

She smirked as if already knowing my question. “I do it to my cousin all the time. Had a lot of practice,” she answered whilst laughing. That basically answered all of my questions- except the Spanish one and I nodded my head as I processed that information.

“You?” she asked. I smiled, looking anywhere but her and changed the topic as quickly as possible.

“Why are we running?” I asked, as we still continued to run.

“Late,” she breathed out before I dashed faster than her, me in lead this time. I didn’t want to go in late on the first day! That’d be such a bad impression!

“Which class so you have first?” I asked, not knowing the subjects.

“Business,” she answered. We were nearing the door saying “Business” and the both of us pushed the door at the same time, entering the classroom. All eyes turned to us, including the teacher who was just about to take his seat, and Cecilia and I turned red from the embarrassment.

“And what are your names?” the teacher asked with a sickeningly sweet smile.

I gulped before answering. “Samantha Anderson,” I replied, knowing very well that this was not a time to tell him my nickname instead.

“Cecilia Marano,” Cecilia answered.

The teacher waved her off. “Oh, I know. Your sister was an incredible student, I would like for you to take on her,” he told her and then turned to face me, “And for you, I’ll be keeping an extra eye on you. Since it’s the first day, I wouldn’t be giving out detentions but I do expect sharp timing tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir,” I obeyed, before eyeing the classroom and deciding upon an empty seat.

“Good,” he nodded and held a hand up telling us to proceed and take a seat.

“My name’s Mr. Brown and I’m your business teacher,” he introduced in a bored expression as if doing this for years now. He then went off, giving us a lecture on the rules and all that.

From the corner of my eye, I could see some already sleeping, other’s were staring at the door longingly to just get out. Like, dude, we’re only five minutes into class...

Well, needless to say, first lesson and I’m already dying...


“That was plain torture,” I stated, shaking my head frantically for emphasis. “Especially Business!”

“I know,” Cecilia agreed, “Though it’s a good thing to have a sister who was practically perfect in everything. At least the teachers are expecting something from me...”

“Lucky you,” I bumped her shoulders playfully.

“No, no it isn’t,” she contradicted, “Do you know how hard it is to just stay in your sister’s shadows for your whole life? This is my one chance to prove everything wrong and I’m going to work hard on it.”

I sent her a small smile to cheer her up a bit. “You’re perfect. Don’t worry about it,” I winked.

“Thanks,” she smiled, “Let’s go get those forms you need?”

“Yup,” I said and walked in with her. Cecilia and I were turning into good friends, and that was good. Mom told that I really should- no, I have to- be good friends with my roommate or else my whole year was going to go down the hill.

Now, I didn’t exactly agree with her on that, but yes, having your own roommate as a good friend was a great thing to do. Apart from that, Cecilia’s actually really nice even though she has her occasional mood swings at random times.

Chatting along, we made our way to the reception to collect my class schedule.

I knocked on the door twice. A faint ‘come in’ sounded and I pushed the handle down and went in. Cecilia decided to stay behind the doors and let me do this alone and come back.

In front of me was definitely the principal sitting on his chair, a few gray hairs over here and there but other than that he had a very gentle expression on. He had his fingers of one hand intertwined with the other loosely in a business way.

“Yes?” he asked, snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Actually I missed my guides today and therefore couldn’t get my locker number or class schedule,” I explained, “So, I’m here to collect it.”

“Ah,” he said, “Ms. Anderson, am I right? The one who got the scholarship?”

“Yes, sir,” I replied.

“Have a seat. I’ll find yours in a minute,” he told me before fiddling in the drawers under his table.

After quite a while, he handed me some papers. “Are these the ones?” he questioned skeptically.

I looked down at them. “Yes, thank you,” I said and took them lightly from his hands.

He gave me a nod. “See you, and enjoy your time here!” he called after me.

I gave him a nod and a smile in response.

Once I stepped out, the first thing I noticed was that Cecilia was talking to a guy. I didn’t exactly know what to do; should I leave them to be or should I go up to her to inform her that I’m back? I decided to go with the latter option; better safe than sorry.

“Heyyy,” I slowly dragged out the word as I approached them. Cecilia turned over to me and gave me a toothy grin.

“Hey!” She greeted before turning over to the guy beside her, ”Bradlyn,” she stressed out on the name while he groaned, running his hands down his face in annoyance.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to call me that?!” He whispered harshly but had that playful tone in his voice indicating that he wasn’t very serious. God, this guy reminded me of me! This is literally me!

I let out a chuckle as the thought hit me and they both turned to me with a small smirk on their faces.

She let it go and turned back to him, “Anyways, Bradlyn,” she continued, enjoying teasing him very much as he just huffed in frustration. ”This,” she gestured towards me,“is my roommate, Samantha-”

I quickly cut her off. “But Sam is just fine,” I told him, laughing it off hastily. Alright, telling the teachers my real name on the first day was another god damn thing but introducing myself as Samantha all over the school is another. My name is the one thing I really don’t want to let go of my past. Sure, I have my parents and the good memories but I’m trying to get rid of the bad ones.

He sent a knowing grin towards me as if he understood.

“Bradlyn is my cousin, he’s a sophomore,” she explained. Now that explains the similar features, but this is so weird... did her whole family come into this university or what?

Once again, she managed to figure out the question in my mind by herself and she answered it without any hesitation. “My sister, Brad, and I always had the same interests. Hence this university.”

I nodded my head, understanding. How she manages to find out what I’m thinking about is beyond me. She might be some mind-reader...

Brad raised his hand towards me and I shook it. “Nice to meet you,” we both said at the same time. We both smirked and cracked out in laughter with Cecilia wondering what just happened.

“I have a feeling you two would get along very well,” she muttered under her breath. We both smiled at each other. Oh, I like this guy already.

“Oh, wait,” I remembered something, “I gotta go text my friend, telling her that I’ve reached. She’ll have my head off if I don’t.”

“Sounds like something I’d do,” she shrugged nonchalantly before adding in, “See you later, then!”

“See ya!” I yelled before getting my phone out of my pocket and sending her a quick message.

To: Gabby- A.K.A The most amazing and best person on this planet:

Hey! Just wanted to tell ya that I’ve reached. Thought u’d want to know... Love ya xx

Almost immediately, a reply was sent back to me. I rolled my eyes. Typical Gabby. I laughed as I saw that she changed her username yet again. Sneaky, little piece of shit.

From: Gabby- A.K.A The most amazing and best person on this planet:

That’s great! Skype me whenever you find the time and tell me all ’bout it.. Gtg now, mom’s calling! Bye! xxx

Her reply instantly brought a smile on my face. Look at that, a few hours away from her and I’m already missing her.

I was about to shut my phone when I found Cecilia with Brad walking a few stops in front of me. Calling out to them, I rushed to meet up with them and we walked in together.

Let me tell you one thing, this cafeteria was huge with a capital ‘h’. Woah, and the number of students in here is almost unbelievable. Tables were surrounding the whole place and there was a lunch lady at the right side of the cafeteria serving way more decent food than we used to get in high school. Just thinking about the food made me want to puke. This food actually looked edible.

“This place is great!” I finally managed to say, staring right ahead of me.

“Damn right,” Brad winked.

“I know right! My words exactly when they first showed us this place,” Cecilia commented. “Oh look, here comes Alex.”

I looked around, confused, when the jerk I met earlier today came into my sight. A scowl immediately fell upon my face.

Brad and the guy did their own handshake thing before he finally noticed me. “Klutz?” He questioned.

“You guys know each other?” Brad asked, bewildered.

I scoffed in reply and he let out a sarcastic chuckle. Then we narrowed our eyes at each other and glared.

“Oh, crap. Seems like you two are on bad terms already,” Brad stated, seeing the situation.

I rolled my eyes. “Uh, oķay,” Brad seemed really uncomfortable,“Now must be a good time to tell you that Alex is, in fact, my best friend.” My eyes widened as I slowly tried to process the information. Brad is best friends with jerk? Poor Brad.

Brad then turned to him. “And Sam is, in fact, one of Ceci’s friends, therefore, making her my friend.”

I smiled at him and he nodded, however, jerk’s-- Alex’s-- screw that! Jerk is just fine. So, jerk’s face was priceless. His left eye twitched as he took all of it in. Suddenly, he pointed his finger at me. “How can you be friends with-- with her!” He demanded.

Brad send a pleading look to Cecilia who just shrugged.

Great. Just freaking great.

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