Girls Can't Play Football

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Chapter 34

There it was.

That psycho smirk I wished I could punch off his face.

He knew.

“The phone’s gone.”

“My heart plummeted as all the hope drained out of me, but I kept my stoic as to not give him any indication of such a feeling.

“I saw your eyes searching your pocket jackets. They flickered there quite often,” he smirked. Pervert. I wanted his eyes off me. It was getting disgusting.

I still kept my silence and looked straight ahead at the door instead.

He didn’t like the lack of attention he was receiving. His smirk wavered and he grabbed my face, forcing my eyes to look at him again.

“We’ve contacted the police through that little walkie talkie you brought along with you. Thought it might come really handy. It did. We’ve called them over 45 minutes away from this location to come collect your mom in exchange for the USB. You’d be surprised at how they didn’t even ask about you. They’re selfish, aren’t they?” he continued.

I let nothing show on my face.

“I don’t like this lack of response.”

I said nothing.

“You know what? I know how to bring a reaction to your face,” he said and in all anger, he brought one of his knives down to my arm and scraped right past it until there was a gash of blood there.

Gosh, that really stung. But don’t let it show just yet. Not yet. I was finding a weak spot here.

He glared at me before smiling again.

That smile again. It fooled loads. Could’ve fooled me too.

He could’ve passed by me a thousand times and I wouldn’t have been suspicious. Hell, who am I kidding? He probably has done just that.

The thought made me sick to my stomach.

Oh, how proud he must’ve been of himself.

“Never mind, I have a better idea.” He blindfolded me again. I tried shaking my head a couple of times to prevent him from doing so. But the man was persistent and rough. My heart pounded again.

Was he just going to murder me? Was this the end? Should’ve I just not have tested him?

There was a probable yes as an answer to all those questions.

He taunted me for a long time. Did the same thing I did to him. He tortured me with silence. But my case was different. I was defenseless. Scared. And most certainly unsure of what came next.

And then there was shuffling. A squeak of another chair here and there until the deafening silence wore upon me again.

“Surprise,” a breath of voice came right beside my ear causing me to jump away from it.

And then they let light flood into my eyes. My eyes squinted to adjust to the lighting again but breath got stuck in my throat as I noticed what they’d done.

“Mom,” I let out in shock. My hands trembled as my face contorted into one of evident pain. “Mom! MOM! Mom, are you okay? Mom. Mom, please. Say something! Please, mom.”

Weren’t they tired? Of giving me such pain. They’d been giving me pain for over two years now. Weren’t they just tired like I was?

“She isn’t even awake,” I pleaded to the man beside me. “Please help her. And please don’t move her around. She’s in a critical state and she’s clearly lost a lot of blood. Please get her an ambulance. Please. . . just let her live. Please.”

I got a laugh in return. “We shall see. For now, enjoy seeing your mother and her arm. In two different locations. I’m a little sore from standing here for so long. I’ve done so much work. . . I must have my relaxation time now, don’t you think?” He stretched his arms and rotated his neck around to make a point. “See you in an hour, lil girl. And behave."

The creaky door shut behind him.

I brought my chair by scurrying on it to mom. “Mom,” I cried again, my face wet with tears. “Mom, listen to me.” But looking at her amputated arm brought bile up my throat.

Her head moved a bit. She was conscious. Just drained of energy and blood.

Think, think, think.

“Mom, just try to open your eyes. Please.”

Her drowsy eyes blinked open and she saw me. Her eyes watered and she cried out. I couldn’t see this. I couldn’t see my mom like this.

“Mom, no. Please. Don’t cry on me. Please. Stay strong. I know you’re strong. Just please stay strong,” I whispered into her ear. My eyes scanned her appearance, trying it’s best to avoid looking at half her arm and the blood dripping from it.

An idea suddenly struck.

“If you’re listening to me, blink once.”

She blinked once. “Okay, good. Mom, your hands aren’t tied. They can’t tie you up because they know you’re too weak. I know your legs are still tied up, but I need you to do something.”

“I need you to break a piece of the loose fabric on my shirt and wrap it around your arm. We need to stop you from bleeding out. We’ll be fine. Trust me, mom. We’ll be fine.”

Well aware that I couldn’t let my emotions get the better of me, I avoided slipping out any important words. Just in case the people behind us were listening.

She shook her head as she told me she couldn’t do it, but I didn’t let her give up so easily. “Mom, you got this. Just bring the fabric to your mouth and pull, mom.”

A burst of cry escaped her again as she caught sight of her arm and my heart pained again. “You’re fine,” I whispered repeatedly, trying to give her motivation as she reached forward and attempted to grasp my loose white fabric t-shirt.

When she finally clutched it, she brought her mouth close and ripped it off by pulling really hard. The tug was hard and I found myself trying to stay put as she pulled my shirt to avoid being pulled with her.

Once it was ripped off. She took it with her hands and wrapped it around her arm, whimpering in pain every time it went too deep into her skin. “That’s it,” I whispered, as relief flooded me. At least she was wrapped. Hopefully, it would be a bit effective.

Just a little bit longer.

“We’re going to get out of here,” I assured her, almost mouthing at this point.

I didn’t know how much to believe myself. But when I heard police sirens, my head shot up at lightning speed both in shock and disbelief.

However, my mom didn’t react the same way. Or rather, she didn’t have the energy to do so. And that scared me the most. She was losing consciousness and I didn’t know how much longer I could keep her alive.

“See, they’re here,” I reassured. “Mom, hear it. We’re going to get out soon. Just don’t give up on us, please,” I pleaded.

A subtle nod came from her side and another tear fell from my eye.

There was something so vulnerable about not being able to do anything for my mom. She was in front of me. In pain. And I could do nothing. Nothing at all.

Just like Seb.

Before I could think any further, someone held me from my neck and held tight. I felt my breathing become more shallow as I wriggled in my seat to get rid of his hold.

However, when the knife was pulled out and placed right on my throat, my entire body came to a still.

“That’s it. Not a voice.”

The frenzied psycho re-entered the room just then. Angry and panicked. “WHO TOLD THE COPS THE LOCATION?!” he bellowed out at everyone present.



If I be very honest, his last comment sounded pretty lame. But that was not the point. The problem was that if we didn’t get here fast and he found out that I’d found a way for the police to come track us down here, we’d be in serious trouble.

Whatever had to be done, had to be done now. And fast.

I looked down at the knife held at my throat and gulped. This may as well be a suicide mission.

I could’ve waited. But waiting for the police to first surround the location, then slowly edge in, and then dive into combat, was a luxury I knew I didn’t have.

I wasn’t a medical expert. But I could tell when things got bad. And mom didn’t look too well.

So I did it.

I dove my head done to clench onto the loosely held knife (thanks to psycho’s unexpected visit) with my bare teeth and throw it across to the floor.

And then I yelled.

I couldn’t untie my wrists from the ropes. I’d done it once already. And they’d been smart enough to not repeat the same mistake twice. So they’d tied me differently. It definitely hurt a lot more at least. Dug into the skin and made sure it burned.

Mom looked at me as she begged and pleaded with her eyes, telling me to shut up.

But I needed to get her to a hospital soon. And they needed to know we needed urgent help.

So, yes, it was stupid. Yes, I was inviting a death wish. Yes, I still had my hands tied and could do absolutely nothing else if they didn’t hear me.

But yes, I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat.

And that thought process was what got me going when I felt a hand clamp down to my mouth and a knife go right through the side of my stomach in a clumsy stab.

I felt the pain immediately.

If my hands were untied, I’d definitely punch the dude that did that to me. So uncalled for. And a definite coward.

But God did that hurt.

Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts. Think happy thoughts.

They must have heard me. It would take a deaf person to not here a person scream like that. My voice was almost gone. Not that I could test it out anymore, since there was a disgusting and very unhygienic hand on my mouth, clamping it shut. But I definitely felt the dryness in my throat.

Okay, the pain’s back. I’d love a painkiller. This was like a period cramp but a thousand times worse. It burned a lot. Like a lot.

My hand was itching to cover it to help ease the pain, but they were tied back and I was left in a position that did nothing to heal it.

When I looked up, I saw my mom panicking. Her eyes widened and her body trying to inch closer to me, but I shook my head. “Don’t move,” I mouthed to her.

“You,” my head was forced to shift and make direct eye contact with the psycho. “You did this. HOW?!”

“I didn’t do anything. My hands are tied and I haven’t even moved. Ask your men first,” I spoke out in pain. The side actually kind of did hurt. A lot.

It was bleeding. This was great. What a wonderful day to be alive.

Are the police working in heels?

I obviously didn’t want for the both of us to die here.

“Get them off our backs.”

“There would be no need for that,” one of the officers said, slamming the door open and stepping into the room, slightly causing me to jump me at the suddenness of it all. “Leave the girl and the mother alone,” he said pointing his gun straight at the man. Another two officers stood behind him to back him up.

I recognized none of them but still counted on them to get us out of here.

“Well, well, well. . .”

“Look at that. There’s a whole gathering here,” I heard a voice I recognized as the main idiot’s. “But if you’re smart about this, you would leave. Or you would see the girl die--”

“NO! PLEASE!” my mom cried, but I shut my eyes and shook my head at her.

“I mean how old is she 18? 19? What a tragedy. Such a young life to be lost. . . I mean she is lucky, her brother lived even younger,” he continued. “One more movement, be it your foot or the move to your trigger, and I’ll slit her throat.”

“Calm down. Put the weapon down.”

“NO!” the knife pressed deeper into my throat.

One thing was for sure, if there was any way I was getting out of here alive, I wouldn’t want to look at the mirror for days. I knew for a fact my face looked pretty beat out, my stomach was most definitely bleeding with the sticky liquid I could feel running down, and now my throat.

The beauty list kept growing.

“I have not waited two years of my life, to allow for proper planning to let my plan go to waste like that! Either you let me leave, or the girl’s dead.”

The police showed him his gun and cautiously put his gun to the floor. “See, I’m weaponless. Now let the two go,” the policeman urged on.


I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t breathe.


There was a shot. My eyes shot around frantically, to first reassure myself it wasn’t mom. And when I saw she was fine, I tried looking at the officer. But the officer stood upright with the gun in his hand aimed at the floor.

And then a cry of pain. A male’s voice. And it became all too clear who’d gotten shot. It was on the foot only. I’d wished he’d get shot in the head. Not once but for about twenty times. But something was better than nothing, I guess.

He ushered to his men to take care of it whilst he cradled his foot.

But the distraction had been enough to allow for other policemen to make an entry to the back door as another door got slammed open.


I could breathe again.


I’m not very satisfied with this chapter so I’d love for honest reviews to tell me what I could’ve fixed to make it better. I may come back with an edited chapter for this one. But alas, here’s the long-awaited update!






~Pakhi <3

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