Girls Can't Play Football

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Chapter 4

I pushed open the school’s library door and walked in. There were shelves with books surrounding on every single corner and over fifty computers with headphones attached. These computers were mainly used for skyping and unfortunately, my own laptop was dead as I forgot to put it on charging as soon as I came in.

If you were wondering what happened with me and jerk earlier in the cafeteria, there’s nothing much to say. We avoided each other and just went with the flow. Apparently, I have to sort out my problems with him as he’s actually a nice guy. Brad’s words, not mine. And nice guy, my foot. Let’s not remind myself of him helping me, yeah? Good.

Other than that, Cecilia just showed me the directions of the library. Surprisingly, it was actually really good. Managed to impress me. The books neatly arranged in a pile and the computers lined up on the table, the library looked colourful, contradicting my imagination which was thinking it’d rather be surrounded with dull colours. So far this University was amazing- except for the part when I met jerk. Yep, still regretting that.

I was snapped out of my thoughts when Cecilia clicked her fingers in front of me causing the librarian to shush us as she sent a stern glare towards us and motioned to the couple of students talking to their parents -a few to their girlfriends- in hushed whispers. Then she pointed towards the sign saying that you weren’t allowed to speak normally in the library till 7:30 in the evening. I looked down at my watch- we had ten more minutes to go.

There was no point of this. I could literally just talk to my parents with my laptop within the next few minutes- at least, so I hope.

I sent her an apologetic smile as I headed back to exit and she nodded, acknowledging it.

“There was no point of it,” I told Cecilia when we were out in the open, a safe distance away from it.

“Didn’t you just say you wanted to talk to your family and use the computers?”

I laughed. “You’ll see what I mean in a few.”

She looked at me whit a confused expression yet slowly nodded.

“So, how did you know Alex in the cafeteria? Never got a chance to ask you back there.”

“Long story short, I bumped into him and he helped me a couple of times,” I sighed before adding, “I make him sound like a good person. That sounded way better in my head.”

She raised a perfectly plucked brow. “I still don’t see how you practically became enemies in the span of a few minutes.”

“I don’t know how that happened!” I threw my hands up in frustration, “It just happened!”

She rolled her eyes. “I kind of see why... You two have similar personalities and, therefore, they just... I don’t know... clash?”

I could swear my breathing stopped for a second. She couldn’t know that I played football, right? I couldn’t bear to answer all her questions...

“Sam?” She snapped her fingers in front of my eyes for the second time today, waking me up from my thoughts again.

“What’s up with you zoning out?” She laughed. Her laughter was contagious and I ended up laughing along with her as well over such a stupid thing. We were laughing so much that we couldn’t even stop. One look at the other’s face and we burst out into laughter once again. Oh, weren’t we just the sanest people in the world?

“Wait a second... we reached?” She questioned in disbelief as our dorm came into view. She looked around, her jaw hanging. “That was fast,” she laughed.

“We were too busy laughing, I guess,” I shrugged but then remembered that the same thing had happened with Alex this morning. Now thinking about it, today was so tiring and long! “This also happened with Alex and me, today.”

Instantly, her laugh died out. “You mean the one who you absolutely despise? That Alex?” Her eyes widened.

“Umm... yeah?”

“How in the world did you even get up till here without killing each other?”

I chuckled quietly. “Oh, come on, Ceci- we’re not that bad!” I contradicted to which she furiously shook her head.

“The constant bickering in the cafeteria today said otherwise,” she narrowed her eyes at me as I hung my head down in shame. It was true, we sent each other as many hateful glares as one could muster in only twenty minutes.

“Oops?” I shrugged as I sent a not-very-sorry look towards her.

“Let’s get in now,” she said, shaking her head and soon after digging her hand into her pocket to look for her keys. I don’t even know why we’re standing out talking when we could just get in, to be quite frank.

Just as I was waiting, a certain someone -who I don’t really like- came walking towards us, confusion etched onto his face. As soon as he saw me looking though, he narrowed his eyes into slits and stopped a few doors away from mine. Cecilia, who was quite frustrated as she couldn’t find her keys, followed my gaze until it landed on Alex.

“Hi, Alex!” She waved her arms over her head frantically. Alex- who had absolutely no problem with his best friend’s cousin- smiled at her warmly and waved his hand despite the beads of sweat dripping down his face.

“See! Told you he’s nice!” She reasoned.

“To you, maybe,” I retorted as I let out a very un-lady-like snort. Hey, who said I was a lady? I was the quarterback of a whole football team back in high school for goodness sake!

She rolled her eyes as she realized nothing could take out my hatred for him. Why do I hate him, you may ask? I don’t know. It’s just something about him that ticks me off.

My jaw dropped open as he pulled out a key and walked into the dorm a few steps away from ours. There’s no freakin’ way we’re literally neighbors?!

I pointed at his retreating back as he disappeared into his dorm, not even sparing us a glance and turned to Cecilia with no words to speak. She looked at me with sympathy and shut my saw with her index finger. I hit her hand away and glared at her menacingly.

“You never told me he stays right here!” I complained.

“I thought you knew,” she shrugged nonchalantly, “Besides, we should get in. The door’s finally open.”

I huffed angrily and got in. Cecilia sensed this and hurriedly changed the topic. “What about the ‘family’ you wanted to show me once we came out of the library? I’ve been dying to know!” She tugged at my arm.

Almost immediately, all of my anger flew out of the window and I practically jumped at my laptop. I was fearing that it still wouldn’t be charged as I so desperately wanted to talk to everyone back at home.

I turned my laptop on and waited patiently for it load. I looked up to see Cecilia staring at me like I’d grown a second head. Oh, come on...

I tugged at her hand and she gasped, clearly taken by surprise and plopped down onto my bed. She looked at me weirdly and gave me a look as to say what all of that was about. I completely ignored her and typed in my password.

Once it had opened, I quickly went onto skype and called my mom’s account. Cecilia and I were just sitting in silence as we waited for at least one person to pick up the skype call.

It wasn’t long before it happened. Unfortunately for me, all of them decided to attack the phone. Yup, all of them. And from what it sounded like, it sure was deadly. It was completely black due to the phone or whatever they were using being snatched away from one hand to another. My mom’s voice sounded from the back, and it wasn’t just any voice; it was the voice she used when she extremely angry or ticked off and needed something to be done.

“Keep the laptop down this instant! And sit down!” she yelled, before emphasizing, ”All of you!”

I sent an uneasy smile at Cecilia who just stared down at the laptop with an amused expression. Even I flinched back at my mother’s tone as she didn’t use it very often.

I noticed how the laptop finally stopped moving and the camera was finally uncovered, giving a clear view of all of their faces. Each of them wore a put on their face as my mother also came into view with a fierce expression on and my dad with his hand on her back trying to calm her down.

She seemed to have finally noticed that I was on the screen staring awkwardly at them.

“Oh, Sam! Look at these bunch of idiots! They’re such a pain!” my mom cried out.

“But Emily, we all know that you love us here,” Troy winked.

“Shut up, Troy,” my mom grumbled.

“Well, then, hello everyone!” I finally greeted knowing that I was going to have to start if we wanted a friendly conversation. “This is my friend and roommate, Cecilia,” I gestured towards her.

Mom just noticed and her eyes widened. We all knew how much she hated new people getting a bad welcome. “Hello, dear! You’ve quite a beautiful name, Cecilia!” my mom gushed, “Your pretty too and-”

“That would be it, mom,” I stopped before she went too far with her rant.

“Samantha Grace Anderson! How many times do I tell you not to interrupt me when I’m talking to other people?!”

“Mom! Not now.”

She let out a defeated sigh.

“Nice to meet you, ma’am,” Cecilia greeted.

She laughed heartily. “It’s Emily. It’s Emily for everyone! It’s Emily for you, for the boys, though it’s mom for Sam-”


“Oooh! I want to talk to her!” Xavier ran up to the laptop so that his face was zoomed up. For a nineteen-year-old, this guy was very immature. Diana followed up next and tried grabbing his shoulders to yank him back.

“No! I called dibs first! I wanted to talk to Sam!” Gabby’s voice came from the back and she looked like she was struggling to fit in and talk to me.

“I thought I was the mother? Now, shush, the whole lot of you and let me talk to my daughter!”

“Nonsense!” my dad just had to add in, “I want to talk to her as well! The only thing you guys have been doing lately is arguing! Now let me talk and sit down, Emily!”

“Shut up!” I finally yelled. Enough was enough. Everyone calmed down.

“If all of you continued to talk like this, I’m ending the call,” I warned. “Now, we go clockwise starting with Frederick since he’s been the most considerable one among you guys.”

“Fine,” my mom reluctantly agreed and with a huff, so did everyone else.

Beside me, Cecilia whispered in my ear, “All of them are your family? All of them? As in, are they all your brothers?”

“Not exactly,” I paused for a while thinking, before completing, “But throughout the years we’ve grown so close that you could literally consider us siblings.”


“Hey, Sam!” Frederick started, “Hope you don’t mind the fact that we trashed your room...again. And we spent the whole day eating pizzas and watching football matches. Love you!” He blew me a kiss. I laughed at his what he said.

“When do I ever mind? You know I love doing that as much as you do,” I winked.

“Sam!” my mom warned and it instantly shut me up. Let me remind you that it is not a very good idea to talk about how you love to trash your room in front of your mom. Cecilia chuckled a little.

“Oops?” I suggested.

She sighed and rolled her eyes, muttering something about ‘stupid kids...’

“Yes! My turn!” Diana squealed and clapped her hands in glee. “Hey, Sam! How are you doing?”

I chuckled lightly. “You guys do know that I’ve just left today morning and it hasn’t even been a full day before I left? You’re acting like you haven’t seen me for years now!”

“But the house feels so empty without you!” Xavier pouted, expressing his sadness. “Who do we follow without our quarterback and troublemaker?”

I stiffened at his words and he froze as well, realizing what he slipped up.

Cecilia’s eyebrows furrowed. “Quarterback? You mean as in football? Football quarterback?”

I stayed silent. “Umm...” I awkwardly scratched the back of my neck.

“Emily gave us pizza today!” Gabby blurt out and my head whipped towards her so fast, that I’m surprised I don’t have a sprain. Oh, thank the lord for my best friend. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

“She did?!” I asked. “No fair! I want pizza!”

“That’s enough, now. No more of useless talk. Let me talk to my daughter,” my dad demanded before shoving everyone of the players aside and making himself comfortable in front of the laptop.

“Sam! How’s it going there, kiddo?”

“It’s great here, dad,” I say, thinking about today’s events. It’s funny how so much can happen in just a day. How so much can change...

Unluckily, Alex was a part of today and thinking about him just made me want to puke. I hated that guy. So, so much.

“And you must be Cecilia,” his eyes finally landed on Ceci as she gave him a warm smile and dad returned it with one of his own. “I’m sorry about my wife and the boys. They’re just a bit...” he came closer to the camera and whispered making sure the others didn’t hear, “Mental.” he concluded.

Too bad, mom heard him and sent him one of her famous glares. “We are not mental. And Charles, one more word out of your mouth and I’ll bake you in the oven instead of the pizza!”

He winced. “Sorry, honey,” he apologized and sent us an apologetic glance and everyone attacked him with pillows.

“Pillow fight!” Troy declared, raising a pillow which was clutched in his fist.

I laughed and then looked down at my watch. I sighed. “Okay, guys! I’ve got to sleep now. See you later.”

“We love you, Sam!” all of them said in unison.

“Love you, too.”

That was that and a war cry erupted from the other side and I knew that dad was dead for good. Soon, the call was disconnected and I looked back at Ceci.

“Wow,” she breathed out, “That was...” She looked for the right word, “Crazy.”

“That would be an understatement,” I chuckled.

“They’re amazing though. I can see that they love you very much,” she gave me a sad smile and I knew from what she told me that her family wasn’t very bright.

“Yeah,” I nodded and smiled.

“What was it about you being a troublemaker?” she teased.

“I just was,” I recalled the plenty of pranks I pulled on people, ” I think I still am.”

“And the quarterback?” she asked suddenly.

I was caught off guard. It was fine if me and the boys were alone and they called me their quarterback, but I still felt very uncomfortable with others knowing it... especially, right now.

I gulped.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t, you know?” she told me.

I nodded gratefully at her. “Thank you, I don’t think I could have asked for a better friend around here.”

“No problem,” she winked, “I’m just going to go get changed.”

“Yeah, I’ll get in right after you.”

She went in changed and not much time later, both of us were on our separate beds, staring at the ceiling.

“Oh, darn it. I completely forgot,” I face-palmed and got out of my bed. I unzipped my suitcase and found what I was looking for. My sleeping pills.

“What is it?” Ceci asked, getting halfway up her bed while rubbing her eyes and turning on the lights to get a better view. Once she saw what it was, she looked at me, startled. “You take sleeping pills?”

“Yeah,” I shrugged. “Can’t sleep without nightmares.”


“I would really appreciate it if you could just keep this between me and you?” I asked uncertainly. “Even about the quarterback thing?”

“Yeah, it’s safe with me,” she replied and lied back down on her bed.

“Thanks,” I told her.

“Don’t mention it.”

“Goodnight,” I said and grabbed a glass of water from the jug on the bedside table. I swallowed up the pill along with the water.

“Goodnight,” she yawned. “Sam? You’d let me talk to your ‘family’ every time you do, yeah? I think I’m in love with them,” she said sleepily.

I laughed, my own voice a bit groggy as I was getting sleepy as well. The sleeping pills affecting me now. “Yeah.”

I think she was asleep by then because she didn’t reply. But who was I to complain? It had been a long day now and before I knew it, I was fast asleep as well.

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