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The Creature of the Dark

By Mya All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Thriller


"You'll be my Queen for all of eternity." "What if I don't want to be yours?" I say, struggling to get free from the restraints. "You don't have a choice in the matter, my sweet Melody. You can't hide from me, can't run from me. So answer me this, where will you go?" A young teenage girl who gets peer-pressured into a fortune teller and let's just say it goes terribly wrong.


He’s coming,

Coming to get you

He will love you with all his heart

He just won’t let you leave him

Because you’re his...


The Teller’s words echoed in my head, as I ran out of her house and bolted home.

He’s coming, child

He’s coming to take you away

Calm down Mel and just breathe. Maybe this is all a prank... This has to be a prank; there’s no other way that any of this makes sense. This was probably all Katie’s idea. She must be trying to psych me out or something... No, I doubt she’ll go that far.

He will respect you

He will love you

No, no. Shaking my head while dodging trees. This must be my mind playing tricks on me. That’s must be it. I just need to relax and think about something else.

Slamming the door when I got home, everyone was looking at me with confusion, shocked, and fear.

“Melody, where have you been?!” My mom yelled, worry and anger evident in her voice.

He’ll never let you go, dear.

“Honey?” Mom asked, coming towards me still by the door, slowly. “Melody, honey. You okay?”

“Yeah,” I said, breathing heavy. “I’m okay, I’m sorry for coming home late.”

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Mom asked, bringing me over to the table.

“Yes mom, I’m fine. It’s just Katie and I went to see a scary movie.” I said, sitting down at the table, across from my dad and next to my brother and sister.

“Oh, Melody. You know scary movies affect you.” My dad sighed, shaking his head.

“I know dad, I know,” I said, looking down in shame.

“Now,” Mom said, bringing a plate of food back from the kitchen, setting it down in front of me. “Explain the reason as to why you are late.” She said, sitting down next to my dad.


Because you are his...

“Uh... after Kate and I saw the movie, we went to get something to eat. After Kate got a call from her mom wanting her home early and my phone was dead and Kate’s phone was dying, so we ran to the subway.” I said, coming up with an okay lie, still looking down.

“What about Kate’s car?” My brother, Michael, asks leaning back into his chair, crossing his arms just like dad.

“It’s in the shop. There was something wrong with her engine.”

“I told you there was something wrong with her car,” Michael said, looking like he just won the lottery. “Dad, you owe me 20 bucks.”

“Did you guys really have a bet on what the reason was for Kate’s car being messed up?!” Mom asked, shocked as to why they would do something like that.

Dad sighed, pulling 20 bucks and handing Michael the money while ignoring mom’s question. “Melody, what have we told you to bring with you.”

“My backup charger.”

“Exactly,” Dad said, taking a bite of his food.

“It won’t happen again, I promise,” I said, desperately.

“It’s fine sweetie,” Mom said, forgive me. “But you’re grounded for a week,”

“Ha!” Michael laughs, adding more food to his plate. “And plus, Kate’s car is a piece of junk,”

“Michael!” Mom scolded him.

I forgot every Thursday is meatloaf night. I thought, picking at my food, debating whether or not if I should eat.

“Hey Mel, I know meatloaf isn’t all that great, but please eat. You know we worry about you when you don’t eat. Do you really want what happened last year to happen again?”


Sighing, I slightly ate while everyone continued on their mundane conversations.

After dinner, I went to my room; too tired to take my shower, I fell into my soft bed and into a deep sleep.

It was the middle of the night, I heard what sounded like soft creaks coming from the stairwells.

My eyes quickly located my door, which was across from the stairwells, and my hands quickly pulled up my plush blanket.

No, no! It's not midnight. The Teller's fortune was a lie. He's not coming, he's not coming, he's not coming. Whatever you do, don't look at the alarm clock! Don't look!

After a much mental debate, my eyes gave in and zeroed in on the soft glowing number from my nightstand. 12:00 am.

But wait, the Teller didn't say anything about when he's coming. Just breathe Mel, just breathe.

Conflicted raged in my head as I took a few deep breaths and slowly got up from my bed, I grabbed my bat and walked towards the door and silently listened for more footsteps.

Don't try to get yourself killed, Mel.

I took another deep breath, put on a brave face, and opened the door. I walked slowly down the hallway, getting close enough to the stairs, preparing to attack.

Whimpering is what I hear while I'm swinging the bat like a crazy person. Looking down, I see my German Shepherd, Lightning.

I must have scared him, I thought, bending down, patting his head.

"Sorry, Lightning," I said, walking slowly back to my room. "I thought you were someone else."

Lightning gave me a confused look as he was following close behind.

"It probably nothing boy," I said, closing my bedroom door, getting back under the covers.

I tried to fall back to sleep but found it more difficult than the last time. After shuffling in my bed some more, I fell into my deep slumber again.

I woke up again, but this time, it felt like I was being carried.

Was I sleepwalking?.... But I never sleepwalk, ever! There's a first for everything... I guess.

Wait, if someone was sleepwalking then carrying them will disturb them, so why isn't my feet touching the ground?

That's because he has come for you, my dear.

No, no! He didn't kidnap me. It's probably just Dad or Michael. Yeah, but why can't I see them and what is on my face?

Sighing, Katie told me He likes to blindfold his "victims"

It's not Him! It's not Him! I'm praying; hoping that he hasn't come for me, my panic level went from zero to ten in at least ten seconds. Hearing a voice that as almost as sweet as a violin, I realized they sound nothing like my dad or brother.

I have to get out of here! I thought, as I began to squirm in my kidnapper's arms.

Being slammed into what felt like a tree, I hear a vicious growl.

"Stop squirming." The mystery guys said, in a low dangerous voice.

Nodding my head, furiously. I feel myself being in his arms again.

"I'm glad that you're awake."

"W-where are y-you taking me?" I asked, hearing my heart beating in my ears.

"Calm down your heart, take deep breaths." He said, in a gentle voice. "The questions you have will be answered soon. We'll talk in the morning."

He stopped walking and placed me down gently on the ground.

"Can I at least take off the blindfold?" I asked, reaching up to grab the back of the blindfold, but I was stopped by a hand on my wrist.

"No." He said, making this conversation final, taking both of my wrist tying them together with what felt like a rope.

Hearing the sound of leaves crunching and the sound of some of someone laying down, I started to get tense.

"Relax, your muscles , take a deep breath, and just let go." He whispered in my ear, wrapping his arm around me, pulling me close to him.

Feeling my eyes start to close, I start to my flashes of when I went to the Teller's house, wishing at least one of my friends came with me.

I remember that day, the hottest day in Manhattan, New York.

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