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What eyes can reveal

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One should not go to the judgement just by what they see until they really SEE what is there inside . Now that i told my story .... Has anyone told you that you have the most beautiful eyes ?

Mystery / Thriller
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The mirror to soul

There is old saying that goes ;

" the eyes are the mirror of soul". Not many have the knowledge to understand how much truth is hidden to that saying .

Ever since i was child i have had gift to know what people are truly inside beyond the image the want to portray outside just by looking into their eyes .

One can call it a gift or a curse , whatever one will. For me the gift has brought both joy when i could have helped person who really needed it but could not bring it to words and stress because not everything one finds out is blessing .

You would be surprised what darkness can lay behind the beautiful face and fancy clothes , it can be sickening .

I have been quiet about it but i thought i would share how outside looks can fool you .

I call it ....finding the wolf dressed in sheeps skin .

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