Mysterious Identity

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A girl born with a normal background very kind, polite and honest and then wakes up one morning lying, hiding and pretending to be like everyone else but she is not like every one else. she has a secret that will shock every one day, when they find out about it. she does not know if what she choose was right or wrong but she believes love will prevail and everything that seems wrong will become right. Find out what happens to the Jane and her family and all the people she loves.

Mystery / Fantasy
Pamella liza
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The wedding day

The wedding day for Jane and Micheal, so excited about the new beginning of their lives.
Morning Jane did you sleeping well, its the big day the 21st of July and everyone is waiting for you downstairs. Mum, have you spoken to Micheal, yes love I have. was he okay, love he is very nervous as you and he can't wait to marry you so get ready, and I will be with you in the short while. Jane's mother left the room and Jane decided to look out the window, it was very bright and windy at the same time. she looked down and so the cars well prepared and decorated, she then looked at the sky, it was amazing watching its blue and sunny light. she smiled and imagined how the day had arrived so quickly, she said; I got engaged at the end of last year and now, its the day. Jane remarked; do you know what makes this day extra special it is my birthday and wedding day. I love Micheal and so excited to marry him, she continued saying. Jane stepped out of the window and looked at her beautiful mermaid white gown full of diamond beads, and crystals all over it reflecting light blue put properly on the bed. Then she said, I wish mother and father are here with me, but they are still not here. she started thinking what am I going to do, no one knows them, Are mum and dad going to be okay or upset. she wondered. I have been hiding this fact from mum and dad for years now, I have another family that I belong to, they adopted me even with my biological parents around and I accepted because I loved them both. I love my mum and dad but at the same time, I love mother and father. My mother and father have a son called John, he is my big brother, he loves more than anything and treasures me a lot. With my second family here I have three sisters. I have been living with them for all my life as I have constantly spoken with my other family, that I found mysteriously.
Hi mum, it's me, where are you have not yet arrived, and about to go to church, at last, my Jane is going to live with me but you have not arrived, son; I am here already said Mrs. Thomas, I arrived last night but you were already sleeping. Sorry, mum, I was a bit tired, with all the final preparations, I really needed some sleeping. look at the door said Mrs. Thomas, Micheal switched off the phone, went and hugged his mother and asked where is dad, then she replied; he is in the kitchen, you know him with food, we become the last.
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