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Bride of The Chosen

By AndyLind All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Mystery

Bride of The Chosen

She came running towards me, half-naked, and screaming. I got out of my squad car and I pulled out my gun. I wanted to shoot but something told me not to do it.  She finally reached me and screamed, “Help me, help me, you’ve got to help me.”

I saw a group of people coming towards us.  They were wearing robes and carrying torches.  “Get in the car,” I said.  We both got in the vehicle and left.  I didn’t take her down to the station.  I didn’t take her to a hospital.  I didn’t take her to see a priest.  I didn’t even take her back to where she lived.  Instead, I took her out for a cup of coffee.

I gave her my jacket so she could cover herself up and look halfway decent before we walked into the restaurant.  We sat down, ordered coffee, and she told me her story.  She told me about how she was sleeping in her own bed and a group of people entered into her home.  They knocked her out and carried her away to some strange place.  When she woke up, people in robes were standing over her.  One of the people in robes spoke.  It was a man’s voice and he said that she was to be The Bride of The Chosen.  The rest of the people in robes kept repeating after the speaker was finished, “The Bride of The Chosen.”

She told me how she managed to break free and she ran away from them.  Then she found me.  “Well, you’re safe now,” I said to her as I touched her hand gently.  I don’t know if I did it out of kindness or to show her affection.  She was a knockout.  I don’t know what attracted me towards her.  Maybe it was her messy jet black hair.  Maybe it was her dark brown eyes.  Maybe it was her look of desperation. Or maybe it was the fact that when I first saw her, she was in a nightgown that was practically torn to bits.  

We left the joint and instead of taking her to the station, a hospital, a church, or even back to her place; I took her back to my house.  I told her she could stay there until I finished my shift.  When I clocked out, I found a note on my car with the words, “YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THAT!” written in red on the folded up piece of paper.  I took the note and stuck it in my pocket.  Whoever knew her, knew me as well.

I got back to my place and I walked through the front door.  Someone had been there alright and they took the doll with them.  I started looking for clues flipping over almost everything that hadn’t been turned over on its side.  Finally, I found a big one.  She stuck a note underneath the lamp.  On it was written, “Thank you for all your kindness.  If I am not here when you get home, here is where I’ll be.”  At the bottom of the note was an address.  This dame was one smart cookie.

I took the note and I hopped into my car.  I drove to the place where the note told me to go.  It was an abandoned warehouse, or so I thought it was abandoned.  The lights I saw coming from the basement told me otherwise.  I managed to crack open a window and crawl through.  I was quickly hit over the head as soon as I was fully inside the basement.

When I came to, I was tied down next to the girl I had left back at my pad.  I was then instructed that I would be the sacrifice for The Chosen and his bride.  That didn’t sit to well with me.  I waited until the group in robes walked away to do something else before I wiggled my way out of the ropes.  The morons didn’t search me before they strapped me down, so they didn’t know I had my gun attached to my ankle.

When they turned around and saw that I was loose, I fired a few shots at them.  This scared them and allowed me to untie the girl.  I knocked over one of their lamps and a fire started.  I took the doll and we ran up the stairs.  The guy who had done most of the talking told me to stop.  He took off his mask.  It was The Chief of Police (aka my boss) and he told me that the girl was his daughter.

He then told me that she was to be the bride for the leader of their cult, and that I had interrupted a marriage ceremony that had been thousands of years old.  I asked him who this leader, this person who they called “The Chosen” was but he said he couldn’t tell me.  He could only tell me that this man was extremely influential in the city where we lived.  Things were getting hot behind us, but he kept right on talking.  He told me that if I didn’t hand over the girl I would lose my job, my house, my livelihood, and possibly my own life.  He then told me that lastly, I would suffer the wrath of his master.  

Kidnapping, arranged marriages, human sacrifice, and occult practices didn’t sit well with me.  So, what did I do?  I shot him in the chest and I sent him straight to his master.

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