Hoody And His Gyal 15

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Hoody finds out about James 's accident. Hoody wants to know why there is so much damage to his van, Johnson goes missing and Hoody gets a bag of new weed from his supplier.

Mystery / Thriller
Vaughan Williams
Age Rating:

The Damaged Van


Hoody climbed out the shower around 7 am Thursday morning and could hear his phone ringing in the distance. He wrapped a towel around his waist and walked into the bedroom leaving wet foot marks on the floor tiles. When he looked at the screen he could see it was Harry.

“Yo baby gyal, Wa gwan…?” “Sorry babes I was workin enit…!” “No way, is he OK…?” “Sounds bad enit…?” “What about his phone, Did you tell him to get rid…?” “Well done Babes…!” “You will have to call his photoshop Meriden and ask for Susan enit…!” “Well keep trying and bell me back!”

Hoody put the phone back on the bed and finished getting ready then he made himself a coffee and called Johnson.

“Yo Johnson, I have a job for you and Finn, can you take the van and go grab something for me…?” “What kind of an accident…?” “I always said someone would hit that post one day…!” “Ok, put it in the paint shop enit!” “OK, comin out your wages yeah…!” “Call you back enit!”

Hoody made a few more calls and phoned Johnson again.

“Can you and Finn take the two cars from the lock-ups on Union road, down to Southampton Docks now? They need to be there as soon as. When you get close call me. You need to find a man called Dicko in the gatehouse on the seafront and leave them with him. Dicko or his mate Ali will give yous a lift to the station. Get the train back…!” “OK, let me know when you back at Lime Street Station and I’ll send Harry to come pick yous up enit!”

Hoody finished his coffee, grabbed a spliff and walked onto the balcony and phone Harry while he was lighting it. “Yo, what’s happenin…?” “Oh no, sad news, he was a nice guy enit…!” “Send some flowers to the shop enit with just initials yeah…!”

Hoody was quite upset as he closed the phone and stood resting his elbows on the rails looking down to the car park.

A few minutes past and Hoody’s phone rang. “Yo Mr Steven, its bin a while enit…!” “How bad…?” “Johnson said he scratched it on a post…!” “Leave it with me…!” “Take some picks for me and send them over enit…!” “Black paint…?” “The post he said he hit is Yellow…!” “Call you back!” Hoody was confused and didn’t know what to think. Just then his phoned beeped and some photos appeared of his van. Hoddy was shocked at the amount of damage. He sent the photos to his laptop and studied them closely and saw the black paint marks all down the side. The whole side of the van was rippled. Hoody wasn’t happy and decided to wait till Johnson came back from Southampton and then he would find out what’s happened.

Hoody phoned Harry. “Yo babes come pick me up; I need a lift to the paint shop enit…!” “I’ll be in the car-park in ten!”

Hoody got some things together and went down the stairs and waited. Harry pulled up in her Mini Cooper with a union jack painted on the roof and they drove off. Harry told Hoody about the phone call she had from James when he was trapped in the car. Then Hoody said, “I feel guilty. James only came up to Liverpool to help us find Jennifer.”

When they got there, Hoody went into the reception area and they took him through to the body shop and he inspected the van. He couldn’t understand why Johnson said it was a small scrape. Hoody told them to repair the van as fast as possible and he would pay cash for the work. After a while, they left and Harry took Him back. Hoody ran up the stairs and into his apartment and had another shower and Harry went home.

Hoody sat at his laptop with his boxers and a towel wrapped around his shoulders flicking through different pages, he was waiting for a call to say the two cars had arrived in Southampton.

Hoody hadn’t heard anything from Johnson or Finn and was getting worried so he called Johnson but there was no answer. Then he tried Finn. “Yo Finn, Where you at…?” “So what happened to Johnson…?” “Where…?” “Call me when you see him enit…!” “You know where you is goin ye?” “Talk later bro.” Hoody tried Johnson again, but there was still no answer.

Hoody decided to have a spliff on the balcony. It was a nice sunny day and things were quiet. As he rolled it on the cupboard top he realised his bag was getting low. He lit his spliff as he walked outside and called his supplier. “Yo my man Spence, how’s it growing…?” “Yeah man, all good. What’s on the menu this month…?” “Purple what…?” “Ye sounds good enit, it’s the same as the lemon one before, ye…?” “Hook up soon enit…?” “Same price for cash ye…?” “OK!” Hoody closed his phone and stood with his arms on the rails looking around. As usual, he flicked the last bit of his spliff and watched it drop to the ground.

Hoody’s phone rang out and he pulled it out the back of his boxers and looked at the screen. “Yo Finn, Wa gwan…?” “So where the fuck is he…?” “Where you see him last?” “Are you in Southampton now…?” “OK, stay there, don’t move…!” “No, just sit tight enit!” Hoody closed his phone and then he tried Johnson again but there was still no answer. He was starting to panic as he looked at the time on his phone. Hoody stood leaning on the rails when his phone rang again. “Spence…!” “OK, I’ll come buy soon enit!” Hoody closed the phone again and stood waiting. Eventually, he decided to call Harry. “Yo baby gyal…!” “You heard from Johnson today…?” “I can’t find him…!” “Give him a call enit. See if he talks to you…!” “Call me back enit.” Hoody waited and rolled another spliff. As he approached the balcony again his phone rang “Yo baby gyal, give me some good news enit…!” “So where is he? Finns already landed…!” “OK, keep trying for me enit.” Twenty minutes past and Hoody was getting anxious as his phone rang out. “Yo Finn…?” “Thank fuck for that...!” Ok, tell him to call me as soon as!”

Relieved, Hoody stood waiting for the call as his phone beeped. Hoody looked at the message;

Nothing arrived yet we need to get them on board within the next 30 mins. Can you give me an update please...D?

Hoody wanted to talk with Johnson first so he waited before he replied. As he turned to get another spliff his phone rang and when he looked it was Johnson. “Wa gwan Bro…?” “Ok, get that car to Dicko now, he’s waiting enit…!” “Call me back when it’s done!”

Relived Hoody wrote a text back;

Soz D there both there now. Text me when sorted H

Hoody walked back into his apartment and got dressed. Then he put some gloves on and a mask and stepped out on to the landing and locked the door. He looked around and then pulled the hood up over his face and facing the apartments he walked along the landing with his hands in his pockets. He walked through the doors at the end of the landing and went up the Stairs to the top floor and walked up to a door. He stood there banging on it with a gloved fist and as the door opened he stepped in.

“What’s appenin?”

Hoody held his fist up and Spencer did the same and then turned to go upstairs.

“All good Enit!” Hoody said as he followed him.

As Spencer pushed the bedroom door open, Hoody went in and was well impressed with the setup. The plants were all in rows, the windows were boarded up the heat lamps and fans were on. There was a large black tube with warm air blowing on to the landing and up into the open loft. Spencer sat down at a little table in the corner and trimmed, weighed and bagged the weed then held it up. “This is propah good gear, dya no warra mean? It’s really good stuff Mate!”

Hoody took it and pulled some cash out of his pocket and paid him. “Sound mate!” Spencer said counting the money and shoving it in his back pocket. Hoody made his way downstairs and opened the front door to leave and Spencer shouted: “SHUT IT QUICK!“. As Hoody shut the door Spencer peeped around the curtain looking through the window and watched a helicopter hovering in the distance coming towards the apartments. It was quite low as it hovered over the roof. Hoody pushed the bag of weed up his top while he waited and pulled the hood up over his head pulling the sides over his face.

“GO, GO NOW!” Spencer shouted again and Hoody jumped out on to the landing slamming the door. He ran along the landing to the doors at the end holding the bottom of his hoody. Then he ran down the steps and on to his landing as the helicopter appeared again. He could feel a draft from the propellers as it hovered almost above his head. He had to hold the hood on his head so it didn’t blow off. As he got to his door the helicopter turned and flew away. Hoody opened his door went in and shut the door behind him. With a sigh, he placed the big bag of weed in his cupboard then he stripped down, throw his mask and gloves in the bin, put his clothes in the washing machine and had another shower.

After he got dressed again, Hoody rolled himself a spliff with the Purple Kush he just picked up, went out on to the balcony to try it and phoned Johnson. “Yo, what’s happening bro…?” “I’ve been down to see the van it’s a bit of a mess enit!” “Ok, talk to me when you back…!” “Bell me when you are about to land at Lime Street enit!” Hoody put his phone in his boxers as he lit his spliff.

Hoody coughed a little and picked some bits of his tongue as he leaned on the rails. He could tell it was good straight away. He had that tingling feeling like he was on a charge and then he had the ideas coming into his head thick and fast, they were brilliant ideas and as he tried to remember them they disappeared and then he had more coming and going. Yes, he was stoned, happy and on another planet for a while.

It seemed like he’d been out of it for hours, then his phone rang out and brought him back on to his balcony. “Yo Johnson my man what’s happenin...?” “Ok look out for Harry by the taxi’s enit!”

Hoddy closed the phone, opened it again and phoned Harry. “Yo baby Gyal…!” “Can you pick them up from Lime St Station, drop Finn off and bring Johnson here for me in about 15…!” “I just want to ask him how the side of the van got so badly damaged...!” Thanks, enit.”

Hoody closed the phone and got himself a drink of water, his mouth was so dry it was almost stuck together.

It wasn’t long before they pulled up in the car-park. Harry drove off as Johnson walked across the car park. Hoody waited and eventually, Johnson walked through the doors and on to the landing.

“Johnson my main man, how did it go?” Hoody said holding his fist up.

“Yes all done. We found Dicko and he got us a lift to the station as you said. No problems!”

“Nice one. I went up to get some stuff from Spence earlier, fucking good shit ya know.” Hoody said nodding his head. “I’ll give you some to take home enit.”

“So what happened? Why were you late getting down to Southampton?”

”Well, as I was going down the M6 I thought I would pay that James a visit at his shop in Meriden. I wanted to warn him off and tell him to stay away from Harry. But the shop was closed.” Hoody looked at him with a frown. “They spent the night together after we found Jennie and I wasn’t happy about it?” Hoody looked at him.

“Don’t you know?” Hoody said as Johnson shook his head. “Know what?”

“He’s dead enit. He was in a car accident on his way back from here yesterday. He was badly injured and trapped in the car enit.”

“No, I didn’t know.” He said smiling. “That’s saved me a job then.”

Hoody looked at Johnson shaking his head in disbelief and walked into his apartment. “TELL ME ABOUT THE VAN THEN ENIT!” Hoody shouted as he rolled Johnson a spliff on the worktop.

Johnson followed him into the apartment. “Like I said, I hit a post reversing.”

“That was a Post!? But there is a lot of damage bro. The whole of the fucking side is dented and scratched with black paint scratches enit.”

“It was a post, I had the radio on loud and I didn’t realise how far I’d reversed and how much damage I had done because I couldn’t hear. I couldn’t see the post in the mirror because it was to low.”

Hoody turned to give Johnson the spliff he just made as his phone rang. “Yo baby gyal...!” “No, the damage was on the other side of the van babes...!” “Ok, talk soon.” Hoody turned, holding the spliff up in the air. “This is proper good shit. Have it when you get home not while your drivin enit!” With that, they touched fists and Johnson left. Hoody rolled himself another spliff, and after he smoked it leaning on the rails outside, he climbed into bed and into another world.

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