Evil Cemetery Monster

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Detective Anthony Logan doesn't know what he's up against when a hideous monster starts killing people right and left. Anthony must use his wit and skill to defeat this seemingly indestructible being The descriptions and actions of the monster are what people in the town are calling pure evil. After a few encounters with the thing the once suspicious Detective Anthony Logan is starting to believe them. A detective that has been assigned the most difficult case of his life. Stopping a seemingly indestructible monster from killing people. He is stifled by many weird and suspicious people in the town. Interesting clues that point him in different directions, Victims and witness are not much help with there puzzled mysterious answers on whats going on. Detective Logan must rely on his wits if he wants to figure out the killer.

Mystery / Thriller
Lord Marcus
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Chapter 1

Stumbling down the dark, empty street late at night a man is holding his stomach trying to keep his balance. His vision is blurry and his balance is off. He just wants to make it home. His black and purple shirt blended in with the night. His gray jacket is the only thing keeping him from freezing in the night air. While running into parked cars and limping step by step the man looks in the distance to see his home. It is so close but felt so far away. He just hopes he can at least make it to the door before collapsing. Right before he gets to the door he hears those creatures. The creatures that only come out when they think everyone is asleep. Those creatures who dare not show there face in the daylight for fear of immediate execution. The man’s will to survive kicks in and he tries to forget about the pain and hurries up to the door. The pain in his stomach is too much to bear. The speed in his walk increases the pain in his stomach and he has to slow down a little. Each step he drags his feet. He doesn’t know where any of the energy is coming from he just knows he has to find the strength somewhere in himself.

“Almost there!” The man says to himself hoping to give himself the encouragement he needs to go the rest of the way there. The man finally reaches his door and pulls out his keys. Then a very loud SLAM! Like someone had just fell to the concrete from the tenth floor of a building. The man jumps with panic and turns around and looks down the long empty street he had just walked down. There is nothing he can see but he still feels uneasy at the fact that there are plenty of places for something to hide. The man looks all around, and down the street there are the same old houses and cars. He lets it go assuming that maybe it was a noise that came from inside one of the houses. As soon as he goes to open the door again SLAM! This time the noise was even closer and louder. The man jumps with fear again but this time he drops his keys. Still holding his stomach from the pain the man reaches down in agony to grab them making a painful grunting sound as he came back up. Frantically the man tries to put the right key in the door. The man has to calm down because his hand is shaking so much. Finally he gets the door, opens it, and falls into his house and kicks the door closed behind him. The man gets up to lock the door and takes a few moments to rest with his back and head leaning up against the door. Stumbling to the back of the house trying to make it up to his room the man is running into coffee tables, couches, chairs, and making a lot of noise knocking things over. Not wanting to turn on a light the man pulls out a flashlight and stumbles up the stairs. Step by step the man is glad he made it this far now he is just hoping he could make it to his room. At the top of the stairs the man flashes his light to the left, there was nothing there. Then the man flashes his light to the right. A man comes rushing towards him full speed with a bat.

“Marcus! No, wait it’s me! Keith”

“Keith? Wow man I almost hit you with a bat what are you doing here so late?” Marcus says.

Still holding is stomach from the pain, Keith didn’t feel like answering any questions so he just gave a short answer. “I just stayed out a little too late. I’m going to go to bed.” Keith says.

“Alright man have a good night.” Marcus says. Marcus then pulls a phone out of his pocket and he says “Hello?”

A female voice on the other end says, “Is everything alright? Do I need to call the police?”

“No that just my roommate he’s super drunk.” Marcus says as his voice starts to fade as he walks down the hallway back to his room.

Keith watches Marcus go back down the hall before entering his room. Keith turns the light on, closes his door, then falls to the floor. When he finally removes his arm from his stomach three huge cut marks are revealed. He is bleeding badly. He wraps himself up then goes to sleep.

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