Don't Be Afraid of the Beast

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The bright light of a full moon calls upon them. Creatures of the night that humans think have disappeared from the world centuries ago, but... What they don't know is that this world is not what we think it is. When the glow of a full moon falls on us, like a shower of dark beauty, it also is a call for them. Them, living among humans, walking around people. Nobody can imagine that the good-looking people are the most dangerous ones. Always silent and reserve but with a mysterious unknown force that pulls us in. That force will also reveal itself when the first ray of full moon rises in the dark skies. Their beauty turns them into what they really are. Fearful monsters hiding in the pitch darkness of the woods. This hidden world of the night that holds the door to their true form. The Werewolves.

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It’s dark, pitch dark but I’m not afraid; my eyes can’t seem to adjust to the gloominess of the forest it feels like I’mswayingaway.

As I’m being carried away, my senses start to fade. I hear a faint rumble in the background, I can smell the dirt and sweat underneath. My sight becomes a blur and something is changing. The exhaustion kicking in as the huffing gets clear.


The intention to make my voice louder seems to be only in my mind. Trying to move, I stop immediately as the acute pain stabs my temple. The thumbing intensifies with the slightest movement of thought but even then, I struggle to stay awake, to keep my voice because deep down I can feel the danger in the background.


“It’s alright, Angel. You will survive.” a husky growl says next to my ear. Is it referring to me? Am I dying?

Getting more aware of the pain expanding through my muscles, my lungs feel tight, making it hard to breathe.

I can’t breathe!

I want to break off and cry out, but the exhaustion is locking my voice numbing my senses.

“Stop struggling! You’re bleeding to death!” a demanding growl shocks me. I stop.

it's right, freshly thick blood is flowing down my face. Warm and salty liquid drying out over my eyes. My stomach revolt with disgust as its gross smell and taste.

Unconsciously I try to lift my hand to touch my wound, but my arm is numb, almost dead. All I feel is a burning pain.

“Angel, don’t close your eyes. Try to keep yourself awake, please...” the growl becomes softer and tender. Desperation growing within every growly word coming from deep in its throat. Trying to reply to this voice I make an effort but it’s worthless. Taking my last breath with all I got. I push through.

“It’s beautiful.” I gathered the last of my energy to compliment the moon. I force my eyes to stay open as I fall into the spell of the hypnotizing moonlight.

Moving at a faster pace, I feel a furry back keeping me steady as it bounces through the dense woods. Focusing on the moon shining through the shadows. Dashing one after another, I can feel something changing, my eyes are tired my sight is fading.

“I’m, I’m sorry Kian. I’m too tired...” I mumble the words out as high pitch howl disturbs the peace in the forest.

“I am sorry my angel, there’s no more time...” his words got lost deep in my injured brain and so did the warmth of its fur.

That was the last time I saw the colorful world.

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