Embrace Of The Lucifer

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He watched her all the time. He felt different and he knew she was different and he was aware that he had to get her. An angel for the devil.. What is it like to be a maid? Tough life, working hard all day and get paid. That's it right? That was what August thought her life was going to be. She had to earn and got a job at Knight's as a maid and that was when her life changed, she thought she was only there to work and get paid. But, instead of that she confronted the devil. Lucifer himself.

Mystery / Romance
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Chapter 1

August’s P.O.V

“Come on August, we’re getting late” said my aunt, Caroline. I nodded my head and walked towards her with a bag in my hand. I handed the bag to the driver and sat in the backseat with my aunt.
Resting my head in the window glass I closed my eyes thinking what my life would be from now on...as a maid. Yes I was going to work as a maid. I had no choice. I used to live in a hostel. Before that I was with my abusive foster parents. They were cruel, they used to beat me a lot. Until one day aunt Caroline found me outside of my old house where my foster parents left me as a punishment in the cold winter night. I was curled up in a ball. She found me and picked me up and took me to her house. She treated me very well like her own child. She is an unmarried woman in her late 50′s, but she looked young because of her beautiful blonde hair and grey eyes. She reported about my abusive parents to the police and took my custody. I lived 5 years with her. I was only 12 when I went to the hostel because it was hard for her to raise me and carry my expenses but she still insisted me to stay with her. I could not do that I saw her working hard just to feed me at least twice a day. She used to sell fruits that’s why it was quite difficult for her to carry my school expenses. So I told her to send me to some government hostel or some orphanage. She told me that she knew someone in some hostel who could help me stay there, at least it would be better than orphanage, I could study. Well that was what I really thought and spent 4 years there. Their education style was quite good...but I was always bullied there. I didn’t know why they did that to me. They just didn’t like me. I used to cry alone in my bed. I had no friends that time.

But suddenly we heard that the hostel will be closed soon as the owner of it was suffering from a big loss so he decided to close it. All of the children were returning home, some of them who were like me, with no parents, were going to their relative’s house. I was really worried about Caroline. How she would manage now? She is old now how can she work? There was one lady in hostel who was my english teacher, Mrs. Will. She was really a nice lady. I talked to her about that and she told me about these all maid things. At first I was afraid and sad. Was I really worth of a maid? It made my eyes teary. I never knew that my life would be so miserable that I had to work as a maid! But I had to do this for me and for aunt Caroline. So I talked about this with her, she got angry and refused. But I somehow managed her to say yes.

“What are you thinking my child?” Caroline’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts.

“Nothing aunt” I said and smiled at her which she returned gladly.

“I’m really sorry my child. I wish I could income enough money so th-” before she could finish it I stopped her.

“No aunt Caroline please don’t say that. You don’t know what you have done for me. You helped me escape my abusive parents. It was you who worked hard so that I can eat properly. Aunt you have done enough for me, you don’t even know that.” I stopped as a tear escaped my eyes. She wiped my tears and kissed my forehead.

“Thank you my child. I really hope you will not be in misery now. I have heard that Knights are very rich. Their servants live in ravish they get good food even.” she said with a relief. I never knew that I was getting a rich owner.

“I also hope the same aunt,” I replied.

The Knights. They were the most rich people in the country. And I was going to work for them. I sighed about the thought. I wonder what kind of people was living there there. I was quite surprised when I heard that they were sending a car to pick their maid?! That was really confusing and surprising. Mrs. Will told me that rich people were like this. They like to ‘show off’ their money to others. I shrugged the thoughts and closed my eyes trying to sleep.

After a few hours

“August, honey wake up we’re here” I heard my aunt call me.

I opened my blurry eyes and rubbed it softly with the back of my hands. Once I was sure my tiredness was gone I picked handbag and got off from the car. I gasped in shock when I saw the scenario. This place is huge!

I wasn’t really expecting that! This was not just a house, this was a castle! It had an attached pool with it and the house was made of marbles. It was really beautiful. I wonder what the inside would look like.

“Its beautiful, isn’t it?” my aunt ask. I nodded my head and responded.

“Yes aunt its wonderful.” A few minutes later two guards came towards us. I flinched when I saw them, they looked really big and scary. They picked my luggage and went inside. I and aunt followed them. I gasped more when I saw the inside of the house. It looked really beautiful and modern.

We stood in the corner of the house until a lady came. “Hello there, are you the new maid?” she asked me politely.

“Oh yes ma’am I am” I replied. “August Elliot” I said my name and shook her hand.

“I’m Martha Steve and I’m also the maid here more like a leader as I have been here for years” she said and chuckled.

I smiled at her.

“Where is Mrs. Knight?” my aunt asked.

“Oh well, she has some important meeting to attend that’s why I came” she replied.

“Let’s go and see your room” she said and motioned us to follow her. God my legs were hurting from walking for so long although it has been only few minutes. She stopped at a room and opened it. The room was quite good, well it was really good and clean for a maid. It had only a single bed, a closet, a study table and a dressing table. It was quite good for me.

“So how do you like your room?” Martha asked with a grin.

“Its really good” I smiled. I turned around to aunt and hugged her tight. I would be missing her a lot.

“Be a good girl my child” she whispered. I could feel the sadness in her voice.

“I will aunt” I muttered. We broke the hug after that.

“Please take care of her Martha, she is everything I got.”

“Don’t worry Caroline she will be alright here.” they both hugged.

After few minutes my aunt left the mansion. I escorted her to the door along Martha. It broke my heart to see her left like this. But I had to do it. It was for her own good. I went back to my room and sat on my bed. Martha told me that I could rest for the day and start my work from evening since I had return from a very long journey. I sighed deeply and changed my clothes into some comfortable one. I laid down in my bed and fell into deep sleep.

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