Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 11

August’s P.O.V

The day finally came to an end and there I was waking up from my bed after a long time rest. Martha had strictly told me to rest as it was an order from master. I jerked up from bed and rushed towards the bathroom closing it behind me. I took a quick shower, brushed my teeth and wore my outfit and the matching heels. Ugh! How these heels irritate me a lot!

I closed the bedroom door behind me and went downstairs. When I reached the kitchen I saw a man standing in front of the kitchen counter. I gasped and looked down in surprise. This caught his attention.

“Well hello there.” He said in his deep tone. I just looked down. I didn’t know else what to do.

“H-hi sir, c-can I help y-you with so-something?” I stuttered. He chuckled and replied.

“You know you can look at me princess.” My jaw almost dropped. What did he just called me? A princess?

Instead I did not reply and bit my lip in nervousness. This made him chuckle more.

“I just wanted a glass of water, if you don’t mind.” I nodded my head and quickly poured him water on a glass and handed him. Our hands touched a bit when I was offering him the glass of water, I quickly pulled away my hand. Although I was not looking at him I could tell he was smirking at my reaction.

“My goodness is that you Ebenezer?” My eyes were wide in shock. He is Ebenezer Knight? I gulped in fear. Oh god what if he complains about me? I looked up to him and recognized. He was the guy from the party! Oh god!

“Hello Martha, how are you?” He said cheerfully before pulling her in a hug. She said to me once that he was a nice person and nice to her as well.

“Oh my dear you don’t know how much I missed you.” She exclaimed.

“I missed you too.” He smiled softly at her. I was shocked actually,there was no doubt he was extremely handsome, but it was always rare in rich persons, being so nice.

“Oh you must have met her.” She said all of a sudden snapping me out of my thoughts.

“Yes I did.” He replied smirking making me go red.

“August meet Ebenezer the second child of Knight family.” I forced a smile on my face.

“H-hello sir.” I greeted quietly.

“Hello August, you have a pretty name.” He said and winked at me. I gulped nervously, he was so weird. Or maybe I wasn’t used to much attention.

“Oh Ebenezer, don’t flirt with her, she is younger than you.” She said and laughed.

“Hey but I am just 25!′

“Yeah and she is just 17.” She replied rolling her eyes. His jaw dropped at the floor.

“What? She is a minor Martha why she is even working?” I nervously shifted on my place.

“Well she has some family problems. Anyways I was going to make your favorite food, now go to your room and freshen yourself, don’t be late you know Mr. Knight and Master Lucifer doesn’t like late comers.” He just nodded his head.

“Fine then see you later Martha.” He said and left.

She turned to me and said. “Okay so August, here’s a list of your work. Finish it quickly and don’t be late for the lunch.” She smiled and I returned it back. I took the list and scanned it.

1) Clean the garden.
2) Clean the library.
3) Make lunch.

I sighed when I saw I had to clean the library again. I put it inside my pocket and rushed towards the garden. I reached at the back of the house and opened the glass door. The sun was shining brightly, as soon as I opened the door, light breeze touched my skin, giving me an intense pleasure. The day was really beautiful. I always loved working in the garden and I was glad that for few days Martha had been making me clean the garden. The trees and the flowers had become my best friends there. I continued plucking the grasses and put them in a bowl. Unlike last time I tied my hair tightly that day so that they wouldn’t disturb me.

When I was done with them, I put a flower plant in a top and set them perfectly. I loved yellow tulips, they just looked perfect in a garden. I was glad Mrs. Knight chose this flower for her garden. I carefully poured water in the tops making the yellow buds shine brightly.

When I was done cleaning the whole garden. I quickly went to the kitchen to cook lunch as it was almost lunch time. I watched carefully what I needed to make and hastily started to work on the starters. I had to say big families like Knight could eat a lot! The food they eat was lot more expensive and lavish. I was placing the food in the plates, and was doing my job carefully so that no one could complain. All of a sudden, I felt a presence behind me. My movements immediately came to a stop. I felt the person was coming close to me, I could hear the slow footsteps. My breathe hitched and my body was glued to the place I was standing. I started to feel sweaty, my heart was beating fast. I wanted to turn around and run as fast as I could but, my mind was screaming at me to stay still. I whimpered when I felt the person standing enough close to me. I gripped my dress tightly. I was beyond scared. I decided to make a move and run. But, the person was cunning enough to grab my arms and held me still. My eyes went wide and I opened my mouth to scream but the person slapped their hand in my mouth stopping me from screaming.

“Sshh princess, don’t scream or make any move. Don’t want anyone to hear u, hmm?” My eyes were wide when I recognised the voice. I squirmed under his grip.

“I told you not to make any move.” He growled and gripped my arm more tightly making me sob in his mouth. I didn’t dare to move anymore and stayed still.

“Good girl.” He said in his deep tone and started sniffing my hair. I gasped loudly and screamed in his hand. Slowly he removed the hair from my neck and put them in my other side. Slowly he made his way towards my neck and seconds later I felt his lips in there. I started to squirm more trying to free myself from his grip. He only tightened it more, he moved his one hand from my arm and placed it on my waist pulling me close to him. I started to move my hands, trying to at least hit him so that he can let me go, but I failed.

He continued to left wet kisses on my neck making my body shiver. I closed my eyes hoping it would be over soon. But, it didn’t happen. He grunted and started to kiss me more roughly. His hands were making circles in my waist and the other one was griping my hand tightly to make me stay still. My sobs were getting louder but no one was there to come and save me. At this time, most of the servants were busy with their work. I was surprised Martha was not there yet. I felt his hands went up and touched my chest. This time I tried remove his hands and I didn’t stop even I heard him clenching his jaws.

“Stop.” He said in his dangerous voice. But that didn’t make me stop. He growled and gave me a squeeze in there. I screamed in pain and humiliation. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I continued to cry whilst he continued to assault my body.

Few minutes later which felt like forever, he stopped his torture and just rested his chin on my neck. Sobs left my body which was still muffled by his hand.

“Now I’m going to remove my hand from your mouth but I need you to behave and not to scream okay?” I nodded my head.

He slowly removed his hand. I wanted to scream but I was too scared that he would hurt me bad. The place was so quiet that my sobs only could be heard. We were standing like that for few minutes, not making a move. I could only hear his breathing. I felt his hands went up to my knee which was a bit revealed because of the dress.

“You are never going to wear this dress again. Understood?” I just nodded my head not understanding what he meant. It was the dress everyone wear. Why I shouldn’t wear this?

“Use your words kitten.” He said in husky voice.

“Y-yes.” I replied in shaky voice. He kissed my head. “Good girl, now do what you were doing, I will see you later kitten.” With that he left my waist and I heard his footsteps faded away from the kitchen.

My knees were weak, making me having difficulties to stand. I fell on my knees, gripping my dress tightly as the sobs left my body making me more weak.

I heard someone coming in this way.
My eyes widen and I quickly got up rubbing my eyes. Martha came and asked me if everything was okay. I gave her a warm smile and told her that I was fine but I knew from her expression that she didn’t believe me but yet didn’t question me further. I just hoped the day will end soon...

So that I did not had to see him.

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