Embrace Of The Lucifer

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Chapter 12

Narrator’s P.O.V

He was finally satisfied of what he had done, he finally get to touch her beautiful soft flesh that immediately melted in his touch. He could not resist the feeling that he felt in his heart. He tried to ignore it, he tried to forget it, but he could not. The feeling of not feeling her touch, not seeing her anymore made his heart skip a beat, he soon found himself clenching his jaws, getting angry at the thought of not seeing her anymore. Why is he getting angry? He himself had no answer of his own question.

He ran his fingers all over his hair. The questions were making him go crazy, what is happening to him? Why can’t he resist that small girl? She’s nothing but a mere maid. He still can’t get rid of the boner that the little minx gave him without doing anything. Grabbing a towel he went inside his bathroom and turned on the shower. He let the cold water flow down from his body, but he was sure that even a cold shower could not help him. He couldn’t help but think of her small fragile figure under his mercy. Her whimpers, her cries just turned him on more. He groaned when he felt his member got hard at the thought of that. He began to imagine her little body struggling underneath him, and him pinning her down and eating her beautiful flesh.

“Fuck!” He cursed loudly. If he kept thinking about her, he was unsure that he would be able to control himself from taking her right there. Wrapping a towel around himself he got out of the bathroom only to find his little angel on his room, cleaning his massive room quietly. He was surprised that she was there, well she worked there she couldn’t help but do her job properly. He smirked to himself. She still did not notic him behind her. He decided to say nothing, just rested his body on the wall while watching her work quietly. After few seconds of like this she finally turned around and yelped in surprise when she saw him standing few inches away from her with nothing but a towel around his waist. She gulped, tears were forming in her eyes when she remembered what had happen few hours back. Her hands were shaking and sweaty.

“I-I’m sorry master, I-I will j-just leave.” She stuttered and ran towards the door to leave the devil’s room as soon as possible. But Lucifer was fast enough to close the door, stopping her from leaving. He was getting angry. Why she wanted to leave?

“Did I tell you to leave?” His raspy voice questioned her. She was beyond scared. Not being able to answer she just shook her head.

He grit his teeth more. “Speak up!” He yelled. She let out a small whimper and uttered ‘no’.

“Do not ever disobey me.” He said as he make big steps towards her making her go backwards.

She was scared and shocked. She did not know what she did and when she disobeyed him. She just gulped and nodded her head. He had a satisfied look on his face when he saw her little body shaking in fear. He smirked and started to come more close to her, making her take few steps back until her back hit the wall. Feeling unable to look in his eyes, she lowered her head and prayed that he would leave her alone soon.

He saw her beautiful and unique coloured eyes looking down but not to his own eyes, he was angry he wanted to see her eyes, her beautiful eyes that showed how much scared she was, he wanted to see those scared eyes. His finger unknowingly touched her chin and raised them enough to make her look at his eyes. He was shocked when he saw tears in them. Lucifer felt something weird feeling going on in his chest, he felt like his heart will come out soon. Why he felt that way? He was having an inner battle with himself, something was telling him to let that girl go she is no one but an innocent maid who works in his house but again at the same time his demon wasn’t letting him do that, his inner demon just wanted to rip the dress off of her throwing her on bed and take her right there. He knew it was wrong but he couldn’t control his demon. Without thinking he leaned down and moved closer to her, placing his rough lips on her soft ones. He groaned at the feeling of her soft pink lips on his, he had been waiting for this day, for him to get to touch those pink rose lips, he started to move his lips, slowly placing kisses, not knowing what she had been going through.

August was shocked and was on the urge to cry. She felt him slowly getting rough, slipping his one hand on her waist and pulled her more closer to him, her hands went on his chest trying to push him off her, but it didn’t happen. It only made Lucifer getting angry more and grip both of her hands and pinned them on the wall above her head. She whimpered at the roughness and tried to scream but it was muffled by his lips. He started to kiss her roughly, licking her lips trying to enter inside of her mouth but she was not giving what he wanted. She was trying to kick or hurt him in anyway so that he would leave her but he was way too stronger than her, he let go of her hands only to pick her up and wrap her legs around his waist, she let out a scream and tried to scratch and punch him. He did not let her do anything and instantly twisted both of her hands behind her back and pushed her more on the wall. She was trapped, she couldn’t do anything but to wait for him to end his assault. When she was still not opening her mouth, he bit them hard. She hissed in pain and unknowingly opened her mouth. That gave Lucifer a chance to enter his tongue and explore her mouth. His one hand gripped her wrists tightly and the other one was freely roaming around her body, discovering her every curves and squeezing her hips making her cry more. He was so lost in his own world that he did not notice the girl who was crying so hard.

He pulled back slowly and stared at her face which was full of tears, he kissed her tears and went to her neck to place some wet kisses. She closed her eyes hoping it would over soon and after few minutes which felt like hours, he finally let go of her. She fell on her back, crying to herself. His muscles tensed when he saw her like that. She brought her knees to her chest and hid her face, sobbing loudly. He was shocked when he saw her like that, his body started to shake. He could not believe what he did to her.

He took few steps back not knowing what to do and rushed out of the room. She was still in there, crying to herself. Fixing her dress, she got up and rubbed her tear stained red face and ran out of the room. She stopped when she was in her own room and went into the bathroom closing the door behind her. She burst into tears. She could not believe it happened to her and she couldn’t help herself.

Why I’m so weak? I can’t even protect myself! This thought was roaming all over in her head. She was ashamed of herself. She badly wanted to leave that place but she was helpless, she couldn’t just leave. She was scared that it may happen again but also she knew that she had to be careful and stay away from him.

Lucifer wasn’t aware of what he did to that girl. The only thing he could think on that time was that he had to have her, he had to claim her. But he did not knew why he was so desperate for her. It made him angry and he felt that she might make him weak and he would never let anyone make him weak. He knew that what he did was wrong but he was not ashamed of himself and did not regret a bit. He always got what he wanted and he wanted her and will get her.

He made his way towards the area where all the maids were staying. When he was searching for her room, all of a sudden he heard someone’s muffled sobs. He stopped in his tracks when he felt his heart skipped a beat. He knew it was her. He clenched his fists, he felt some weird sensation like he just wanted to slam the door open and hugged her tight, soothe her and whispered that she belonged to him. But instead of that he stepped back and went out of there. His breathing were heavy which shows that he was angry, angry at himself, angry at that girl who were unknowingly able to grow the feeling from which he was running away.

He was lost in his own thoughts,
while she was lost in her own misery.
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